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TRiO - Lake Land College, Mattoon Illinois
TRiO Student Support Services

What can TRiO do for you?

Personal Counseling
Get one-on-one, personal support through individual counseling to help motivate you to complete your academic goals!

Assessment and Advising
Receive an individualized education plan provided by TRiO which will assess your needs and refer you to the appropriate services.

Academic Assistance
Reach your academic goals by having TRiO help you choose the right classes for you and connect you with individual or small group tutoring, as needed.

Social and Cultural Enrichment Opportunities
Develop an appreciation for diversity and personal and social development through cultural events and opportunities on and off campus. These cultural events include trips to plays, musicals and other TRiO sponsored events, at no cost to the participating TRiO student.

Financial Aid Advising
Identify the financial resources you need through Lake Land College and other organizations to help you realize your dreams with the help of TRiO.

Career Research and Job Search Assistance
Get advice on decision making skills, career research, writing skills and other job search tasks through TRiO’s added support.

Basic Skills Enhancement
Receive tutoring and instruction set up through TRiO in basic study skills to help achieve academic success.

Skills Courses/Workshops
Attend workshops and round table discussions on a variety of academic and personal topics. TRiO will cover everything from identifying learning styles to building realistic personal budgets. These workshops are designed to provide friendly, personalized assistance on topics like test taking stills, completing FAFSA forms, healthy lifestyles and managing stress.

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Transfer Opportunities
Get the opportunity to visit university campuses and open house events in addition to setting up transfer plans and identifying admissions requirements, academic program offerings and other relevant information through TRiO.

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