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Student Accommodations

Classroom Strategies
Language Disorders
Difficulty understanding/interpreting what one hears or reads
Possible Disabilities
  • Learning Disability
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
Observable Behavior
  • Poor vocabulary
  • Difficulty with idiomatic language and double meaning of words, learning meaning of new words
  • Very concrete thinker (i.e., literal interpretation of literature, etc.)
  • Difficulty with abstractions, generalizations
  • Difficulty with following events in a novel, seeing cause and effect
  • When talking, difficulty organizing materials, flow of ideas poor or disjointed
  • Difficulty with subtleties of language (i.e. humor)
  • Written language very poor
  • Does better on multiple choice test, poor on essay exams, needs extra time
  • Difficulty with classification and categorization
What to do
  • Use dictionary constantly; check confusion with another student
  • Be careful in selection of courses; preview text before signing up for class
  • Try studying with other members of the class
  • Do several rough drafts
  • Use a pre-reading routine for text reading
  • Create concept maps of the material to be learned
  • Use word processor with "spell check" software
  • Use a tutor to review assignments with you
For additional information please contact Andy Gaines
Counselor/Coordinator of Student Accommodations at 217-234-5259/ or Meghan McGreevy- Graduate Assistant at 217-234-5062/

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