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Student Activity Board
Spring Carnival

This board works to provide LLC students with social and cultural events on Wednesdays at 11 am. There are times during your school week that you need to unwind or relax and this board's function is to help you to do so. They bring national touring comedians, musicians and movies to campus. They also plan the annual Spring Carnival. The best part is that all of these events are FREE to students. Watch bulletin boards and listen to WLKL FM 89.9 for more information on specific acts.Don't forget all events are free to Lake Land students and usually take place in the theater on Wednesdays at 11 am.

Interviews for the Student Activity Board are conducted at the beginning of the fall semester. However, we often conduct interviews throughout the year.To find out if we currently have openings, please call the Student Life Office at 234-5277 or email You may also contact our advisor for more information at

Don't forget to check out our calendar. We have spectacular acts coming to campus for your enjoyment. Take advantage of these FREE events!

Chairperson Janessa Watson
Vice Chairperson Jamie Thompson
Secretary Miranda Myers
Treasurer Kelsey Oakley
Cassandra Ramey
Rillie Kreke
Nick Esslinger
Kaylee Beals
Kayla Gibson
Jessie Macklin
Kelly Keitel
Alexis Dean
Bailey Rueff
Patrick Westendorf

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