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Career Day. Your choice, your future. Friday March 18, 2016
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What's it all about? Kluthe College Day

About the Kluthe Center

As local residents, you are fortunate to have access to the Lake Land College Kluthe Center, a community college extension center in Effingham County. Opened since the fall of 1995, the Kluthe Center is one of the largest extension centers in the state.  Potentially many of your parents and grandparents played a part in the process to fund this facility for higher education for the citizens of the southwestern part of Lake Land College District. The Kluthe Center offers most General Education transfer courses and houses the Physical Therapist Assistant and Massage Therapy programs. Other programs include Practical Nursing, Associate Degree in Nursing and a Criminal Justice transfer cohort program.  All classes for the cohort are offered at the Kluthe Center on a Mon-Thu schedule. With five computer labs available, the Center is often used for company training sessions.

As high school juniors and soon to be seniors, you may have already taken, or soon will experience taking a LLC dual credit class through your high school. Taking a LLC dual credit class allows you to take a college level class and receive college credit for the class, while also using the credits to satisfy high school graduation requirements. While some of you have already been a LLC student, we now invite you to visit your LLC Effingham facility and become acquainted with other LLC faculty and staff. 

About Kluthe College Day

All high school juniors from your school are invited to attend a special event at the Lake Land College Kluthe Center for Higher Education and Technology on Friday, March 20. During the event you will be able to receive information about programs offered at Lake Land College and the Kluthe Center, dual credit classes, transitioning to college, possible careers, plus many more choices!  We will answer your questions about the entire college process.

On March 20, Lake Land College staff will either greet students at their high schools to distribute student Kluthe College Day schedules or you will pick up your schedules in the lobby when you arrive. After you arrive at the Kluthe Center you will attend two standard sessions and two or more student choice sessions. The standard sessions will give you valuable information about the entire college enrollment process-no matter which college you choose. 

Standard Sessions

1. Paying for college: Do you know what it costs to attend college? Have you thought about how you’re going to pay for it? Our financial aid experts will discuss current programs and resources available to assist you and your family with paying for college and how to apply for them.

2. The enrollment process: So you are almost ready for college! How do you get started? What’s the first step? Learn about the process for applying to Lake Land or any other college or university.

Student Choice Sessions

The will be 22-23 student choice sessions to choose from, depending upon whether you are in the morning or afternoon session.  So please read the descriptions carefully and choose the sessions that interest you the most. Sessions will vary from careers in Criminal Justice, Agriculture or Health Fields to discussions with a student panel or what happens in the day of a college athlete. Please note that several sessions are offered multiple times. You will be able to add and delete sessions until you get the schedule you desire.
You will register for the sessions online at the instruction of your guidance counselor.

Additional Features of the Day

  • All students attending will be eligible to win prizes!
  • Over 40 Lake Land College faculty, staff and students are hosting the event and would love to answer your questions!
  • Students who are considering completing a degree at LLC and then transferring will have the opportunity to speak to transfer coordinators from Eastern Illinois University-Charleston, University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, and Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville.  Please register for the “Transferring” session to do this.

As you begin to ponder your future, this is just one step that will help answer questions, and open your mind to many career choices and opportunities you were not aware of.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Karen Kull, Director of the Kluthe Center
Paula Carpenter, Director of Financial Aid and Veteran Services
Emily Hartke, Chair of Counseling and Judicial Affairs Advisement
Lisa Shumard-Shelton, Director New Student Admissions
Kris Reider, Dual Credit Specialist
Pam French, Student Support Specialist
Aubrey Crozier, Student Support Specialist

A complete list of presentations with a brief description.

Kluthe Center College Day

March 20, 2015

Description of Student Choice Sessions

Please note, several sessions are offered multiple times.



Session Title

Session Description

Growing Success.  Consider a career in Agriculture

Learn about the amazing career opportunities that await you in Agriculture as well as the related fields that now employ 24% of the Illinois workforce.

Being an Art Major:  How does that work? 

An overview of the educational paths and potential career opportunities students can expect when pursuing an art degree


The day and life of a college athlete

Business program at LLC-Technology is where we Excel!

Discover the many career options for business majors, learn about transfer opportunities, and find out which classes you should take to meet the requirements for business degrees at LLC (Accounting, Administrative Assistant, Graphic Design, Information technology, Management, Marketing, Medical Coding, and more).

The Career Crunch

Are you still on the search for the “perfect” career or area to study in college? No worries! Come and learn which careers best suits your skills and interest! Then, we will investigate education requirements, how much money you can expect to earn and other important career facts. 


GIS: Mapping your World

Learn how geospatial technology is being used to physically map the region, state, nation, and global environment. Specific examples will highlight how the military, law enforcement, businesses, and regional employers are using the technology with current and projected employees for the future.  

Interested in Law Enforcement?  Learn how you can earn a Criminal Justice degree at the Kluthe Center!  

Consider a degree in Criminal Justice and discover the many related career opportunities available. Also learn about a new way to earn your criminal justice degree in just two years entirely at the Kluthe Center, attending only four days a week! This session will be facilitated by an officer who served more than 10 years in law enforcement, including working as a deputy sheriff, Illinois State Police narcotics investigator, and Chief of Police.

Why pass up the opportunity to save $$$ with Dual Credit courses?

Did you know that you can earn college credit while still in high school?  Lake Land College offers multiple opportunities for you to earn college credit while still in high school.  Attend this presentation to learn about the qualifications, how to enroll, and what will be expected of you.  Dual credit can potentially save you thousands of dollars in college expenses!

Preparing "the Future    of our Nation" with careers in Education

Attend this session and learn about education degree requirements you can take at LLC to ensure a smooth transition to an education program

Explore Other Health Care career opportunities (not nursing)

Know you want a career in health care, but not sure which specific field is for you?  Learn about the many opportunities Lake Land College has to offer and what it takes to get into such competitive programs.  Specific information about Dental Hygiene, Respiratory Care, Fire Science, and Radiology will be provided.

Hobnobbing with the Faculty

What is expected of college students in the classroom? How will these expectations differ from high school? A group of LLC faculty members are excited to share their experiences and views

Humanities 101

Discover careers in English, Journalism, Literature, and Philosophy

What LLC offers

Can I get a degree from LLC if I want to be a doctor, fashion designer, or engineer?  Find out what degrees LLC offers and just how versatile a LLC degree can be.

Are you good at math or science?  Wondering what kind of career you can achieve                   (AM only)

Visit this session to learn more about what majors Lake Land College has to offer, including biology, engineering, math, pre-professional and more!  Information will include job outlook and career related information

Careers in Mathematics

(PM only)

Are you looking for a career with faster than average job growth potential and a high salary?  Look no further, in this session we will explore several career opportunities in Mathematics that satisfy both of these requirements.

Manicure Your Future With a Career in Cosmetology, Esthetics or Nail Technology

This session will inform students about the requirements to enter the Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Nail Technology programs. Details regarding each certificate, program costs, duration, career opportunities, potential salaries, and curriculum will be discussed. A description of state licensure requirements for each program will also be covered.

Break into the Music industry

Twenty year music business veteran Bill Passalacqua will discuss careers in the music business from the perspective of a manager, agent, musician, and songwriter.  

Nursing programs at LLC

The nursing programs at Lake Land College are special admission and very competitive.  This session will highlight ways to increase your chances of being accepted, the application process, what coursework in high school will prepare you for the program.  Starting salaries and nursing employment opportunities will also be discussed.

Physical Therapist Assistant/Massage Therapy

This session will provide an overview of the responsibilities of PTA’s and a MT’s, an overview of the requirements needed to enter these programs, and identify classes that would be beneficial to take prior to attending LLC.   We will also discuss salaries and the excellent job opportunities that are available.

Preparing "the Future     of our Nation" With Careers in Education

Attend this session and learn about education degree requirements you can take at LLC to ensure a smooth transition to an education program.

Psychology, Sociology and Social Work

Attend this session to discover a career with many options and dimensions.  

Student Clubs and Activities at LLC

Attend this session to chat with current LLC students who are involved in Student Life activities, the campus newspaper, Student Activity Board, Student Government Association, and Ambassadors.  Get some insight into what it really means to be a student at Lake Land College.  Take this chance to ask... What is there to do between classes? What is different about high school and college? What can I become involved in while at LLC? (

Construction Technology (AM only)

This session will focus on careers in Building Construction, CAD, Residential Wiring, and HVAC.

Engineering Technology (AM only)

Learn about Civil Engineering Technology, Computer Aided Drafting, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy careers in this session.

Technology programs (AM only)

Learn about Automotive Technology, Welding, Industrial Maintenance, and Electronics in this session.

Technology careers   (part 1) (PM only)

Interested in technology?  Learn more about Automotive Technology, Welding, Industrial Maintenance, Civil Engineering Technology, and Electronics at Lake Land College

Technology careers   (part 2) (PM only)

This session will focus on careers in Building Construction, Residential Wiring, HVAC, Welding, Computer Aided Drafting, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy

Attend Community College then Transfer?  Learn what these universities have to offer.

Considering a bachelor degree?  Starting at Lake Land College saves you thousands of dollars!  Speak individually with transfer coordinators to discuss the reasons you should pursue that four-year degree and how taking classes at LLC can get you there. Participating will be EIU-Charleston, SIU-Carbondale, SIU-Edwardsville, U of I-Champaign/Urbana and LLC-Mattoon.  


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