Lake Land College

Alumni Association Alumni Association

Alumni Board of Directors

Karen Nofke Karen Noffke, Sullivan
Nancy Pals Nancy Pals, Effingham
Vice President
Madge Bailey Madge Shoot
Chris Swing Chris Swing, Mattoon


David Cox David Cox
Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
CEO, Lake Land College Alumni Association
David Cox Jaqueline S. Joines, CRFE
Executive Director for College Advancement
Marki Kemper Marki Millsap
Corresponding Secretary


Randy Adkins Randy Adkins, Mattoon Mindie McManaway Mindie McManaway, Altamont
Dyke Barkley Dyke Barkley, Paris Stepheny McMahon Stepheny McMahon, Sullivan
Hannah Crnkovich Hannah Crnkovich, Windsor Janet Meyer Janet Meyer
Danielle Downs Danielle Downs, Charleston Carla Neal Carla Neal, Charleston
Austin Frank Austin Frank, Mattoon Mike Sullivan Mike Sullivan, Mattoon
Rudy Huber Rudy Huber, Sullivan TammyRentschler Tammy Rentschler
Jenny Lange Jenny Lange, Mattoon Brandon Wright Brandon Wright, Effingham
Terry McConnell Terry McConnell, Mattoon    


Honorary Directors
Lisa Cole Lisa Cole
Toledo, IL
Tim Sanders Tim Sanders
Pam French Pam French

For further information or if you are not currently receiving alumni newsletters contact: Lake Land College Alumni Association 5001 Lake Land Blvd Mattoon, IL 61938
Marki Millsap 217-234-5363

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