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Reward & Recognition at Lake Land College

LLC recognizes behavior in accordance with our vision and values by continually acknowledging, rewarding, celebrating and communicating successes, achievements and the dedication of its employees.

What’s the difference between reward and recognition?

Reward = tangible items that are given and received in thanks for kindness, help or a job well done. These are typically larger awards and include a formal nomination process; however it may be as simple as a bag of chocolates given by a co-worker. Shine is an example of a reward.

Recognition = the act of showing appreciation for kindness, help or a job well done. Recognition may or may not include a physical reward. A simple “thank you” in person, on the phone or in writing is a great example of recognition.

Why should we recognize others?

Think about how it feels to receive a quick thank you.  It only takes one person to get this started.  It only takes a few minutes to thank someone for a job well done.   Remember with Helping Hands – recognition is open to everyone for anything.  Feel free to say thanks to a team or your supervisor.  Go for it!

Below we’ve listed a few ways you can recognize others.  Please keep in mind this is only a suggested list.  Feel free to come up with your own ways to show your appreciation for others at Lake Land College.

Recognition Tools

Make it personal & sincere. 

  • Ask your co-workers about…. ANYTHING and LISTEN!
  • Be mindful of how your person/team likes to be recognized.  Something small and personal or a call out during a meeting?

Make it fun!

  • Chocolate/food is always welcome and sends a warm message!

Be specific & timely. 

  • Everyone likes to hear they’ve been noticed.  Send out your recognition as soon as possible and be as specific as possible so they don’t feel like an afterthought!

Focus on the good things! 

  • Remember positive intent!
  • Point out strong points before pointing out the bad.  Always have both positive and negative views.

“Thank you” & “Please”

  • A more gracious workplace is appreciated by all.
  • It only takes a moment.

Suggested Ways to Recognize

  • Helping Hands Card
  • Email
  • Laker Low Down
  • Saying “thank you”
  • Acknowledge accomplishments during meetings
  • Nominate for SHINE
  • Lunch out on the town/any type of food
  • Candy-Gram – “You’re a lifesaver”


Shine is a formal system that acknowledges, rewards and celebrates individuals and/or departments/teams who, through their actions and behaviors, live out the vision and values of Lake Land College.  Up to 5 recipients will be named during the annual Holiday Lunch to the individual/team who displays the following attributes:

Throughout the entire calendar year, this person/team:

  • Displays good judgment when faced with a crisis
  • Shows initiative by engaging in process improvements across the entire campus
  • Exceeds the level beyond which is expected
  • Recognizes the efforts of others and shows gratitude on a consistent basis
  • Lives out all five values of the college consistently
  • Gives others credit for all they do
  • Respects and shows compassion for all employees
  • Brings a positive attitude to all situations
  • Constantly looks for new and better ways to improve the college
  • Practices high ethical standards
  • Empowers others to think critically, take action and take risks
  • Accepts no less than the highest levels of integrity in themselves and others
  • Is a constructive member of committees and effective in meetings, etc.
  • Assumes positive intent at all times


  • Nominations are open annually from October 1st – November 7th.  
  • Reminders are sent out on October 1st and November 1st.
  • All employees qualify yearly. 
  • The nomination form is available through IRIS.
  • When submitted:
    • The nominator receives an automatic notice stating the form was received or that it was not on time and should be resubmitted the following year.
    • The system ensures that all required fields are completed upon submission.
    • Date and time are stamped by the system and it has to be SUBMITTED by 4:00pm.
  • Nominations are archived on the web with recipients being flagged in their employee file.
  • When nominations are closed, they will be submitted to CCS to begin the poster/photo display.
  • The committee chair checks to see if committee members have been nominated.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands cards are available in each building on campus and through Communication & Creative Services (CCS). These cards are an easily accessible and recognizable way to show appreciation to others at LLC. Just grab one, write a quick note of appreciation and drop it on their desk or in interoffice mail. This quick, simple act is one of the most appreciated acts of kindness.

Service Salute

Lake Land College honors those who have dedicated significant years of their career to the education and development of students. Formal recognition begins at five years for full-time, uninterrupted service and continues each five years thereafter. Formal recognition for part-time service begins at 10 years.

Additional Support

The Reward & Recognition (R&R) Team meets regularly throughout the year to develop and foster a culture of recognition at LLC. A list of current members can be found in the college’s formal list of committee assignments. Please contact any of the members for more information.

In addition, don’t forget about the Internet. Simply search “reward and recognition” for an endless list of opportunities and possibilities!


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