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Department: Center for Technology and Professional Development

Supervisor: Director of Learning Technologies

Job Summary: : Web Developer/Help Desk Support personnel are required to perform a variety of tasks while working in the Center. Job performance includes the development of tutorials for faculty, staff, and students, knowledge of a variety of software, knowledge of Lake Land College’s course management systems, digitizing video, development of Flash e-cards, and a wide-variety of other development projects assigned to the Center. In addition to those tasks listed, personnel are expected to handle phone calls, emails, and walk-ins from students, faculty, and staff having a variety of issues that need to be administered to.

Description of Essential Functions:
• Develop materials and train the Center for Technology and Professional Development staff in the use of new technologies • Work with the web application designer(s) to create and maintain attractive web-based material that adheres to current web standards. • Develop and conduct training sessions for Lake Land College faculty, staff, and students in the efficient use of technology used by Lake Land College or new technology acquired by Lake Land College • Guide faculty and staff in the best technological means by which they may implement delivery of academic material • Find new ways in which technology may be used in the learning process and on campus • Assist in staff development workshops and activities • Assist faculty and staff with technical issues at their workstations or offices • Be able to learn new software and hardware in a relatively short period of time. • Assist faculty multimedia equipment issues in the classrooms. • Work closely with the Director of Learning Technologies in the development of special projects that will benefit Lake Land College • Work with the Center Support Technician in solving issues dealing with Lake Land College online courses • Travel to conferences and workshops for development and presentations • Answer phone calls, walk-ins, and emails in a help-desk support capacity • Other duties as assigned

Specific Functional Job Requirements

Education: High School Diploma/GED Experience: Previous experience in the use of technological software and hardware. Experience with the use of Internet, CD-ROM technology, email, HTML, and various software packages as an instructional tool including but not limited to:

• Digital Audio • Compressed Video • DVD Technology • Web Page Design Software (FrontPage and Dreamweaver) • Macromedia Flash • Macromedia Director • Macromedia ColdFusion and other database software • Adobe Photoshop

Knowledge: Staff development/training procedures Skills: Superior oral and written communications skills. Personal: Organized and attentive to details; ability to communicate well with faculty, students and professional staff; ability to handle multiple tasks and work well under pressure.

Machines & Equipment Used: Computer platform: multimedia (desktop and notebook); multimedia projectors; video capture program; digital camera equipment; large screen projection TV; scanners; printers; various development software including WebCT, WebBoard, and NetMeeting.

General Employment Statement: • Hours of work week: 20 hours per week on campus • Group Affiliation: Part-time • Conditions of Employment: Board Policy • Position: Nonexempt paid by timesheet • Source of Funding: Regular

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