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General Check List for Education Majors


Note: Each institution will have specific admission requirements to the College of Education and specific requirements for the major. Transfer checklist guides for education majors can be found in the links below or in LLC Counseling Services.

  • Apply to the four-year institution at least 9-12 months in advance of the semester you wish to enroll.
  • Identify the specific college transfer admission requirements for the institution you wish to transfer to.  Information about transfer requirements can be found at, Current Students, Services, Counseling Services and College Transfer Info.
  • Identify the specific admission requirements for the College Education at the institution you wish to transfer to.  The following websites will link you directly to the College of Education.
    Eastern Illinois University:  College of Education
    Illinois State University:  College of Education
    Millikin University:School of Education
    Southern Illinois University-Carbondale: College of Education
    Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville:  School of Education
    University of Illinois:  College of Education
  • Complete the Illinois Basic Skills Test (reading, language arts and math) at least one year prior to the term you wish to enroll in at the four-year institution.  You may be delayed in the selection process if not completed prior to transfer.  The Illinois Basic Skills Test may be taken up to 5 times.
    Register for the exam at  Cost for test is $89 ($30 additional late registration fee).  An Illinois Certification Testing System Basic Skills Diagnostic Practice Test is available at the registration website.  The diagnostic practice test is an interactive computer program that contains a full-length practice test form for the ICTS Basic Skills test.  Additional resources for the Illinois Basic Skills test are available on the back of this document.
  • Complete other requirements to be accepted into the College of Education at the institution you wish to transfer to.  Many institutions require an intent letter, attendance to a teacher education meeting, completion of technology proficiency, etc.
  • Maintain a C or better in all courses.  To meet Illinois state licensure requirements for education certification, students must have a C or better in all courses that count toward their teacher certification degree.  This would include all general education courses, lower level education courses, and any elective courses that count toward their certification requirements.
  • Review Illinois State Certification requirements for teacher certification.  Information regarding state certification requirements is available at
  • Review Salary Information by district.  Information regarding salaries is available at www.
  • Join the Lake Land College Future Education Association (FEA).  FEA is the internationally recognized professional education association.  Contact Kim Davis for more information.

  Kim Davis
Coordinator of Education Programs
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Cindy Lanman
Academic Counselor
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