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Welcome to the Criminal Justice program at Lake Land College!

If you are looking for an exciting career in the field of criminal justice, you have just taken the first step to making your goal a reality!  The criminal justice program at Lake Land College is an intensive two-year course of study, which will prepare you for employment with a criminal justice agency or for transfer to a four-year college or university.

One great aspect about the criminal justice program at Lake Land College is the fact that the instructors are not only well educated but also have professional experience in the fields they are teaching.  This gives you, the student, realistic experiences from each instructor in their field of expertise – because they have been in the field they are teaching (policing, corrections, law, etc.) and are not just lecturing from a textbook.

While working toward your Associate degree in criminal justice at Lake Land College, you will experience classroom training, hands-on demonstrations, and presentations from criminal justice professionals in our community. All of these aspects help you achieve your goals of graduation and successful employment after graduation.

The Criminal Justice program at Lake Land College will set the stage for a rewarding career in fields such as policing, corrections, law, crime scene investigation, probation, parole, private security, and many other careers found in the criminal justice system.

We look forward to seeing you in the criminal justice program at Lake Land College!



Lake Land College is offering a variety of courses for Illinois concealed carry courses! Here are the classes we have scheduled right now (more are expected):

16-hour courses:

CJS056:  Saturday, July 18 & Sunday, July 19, 2015 from 8am - 5pm each day

CJS056:  Saturday, October 18 & Sunday, October 19, 2015 from 8am - 5pm each day

8-hour courses:

CJS057:  Saturday, July 18 from 8am - 5pm

CJS057:  Saturday, October 18 from 8am - 5pm


Here is information on the concealed carry courses, including  how to register for the courses and which course you should take (16-hour vs. 8-hour):



Fall 2015 Kluthe Cohort Information

In the upcoming fall semester, the criminal justice program will again offer an innovative endeavor involving a cohort of new CJS majors. Students will have the option of starting Lake Land College in the cohort, which will provide a core group of students with the same course schedule and classes, allowing both a rewarding and a convenient experience in their educational goals!

The cohort will allow students to take all of their classes for an Associate's Degree focusing in Criminal Justice at the Effingham Kluthe Center. It is anticipated students will attend classes four days a week, typically between the hours of 9am - 3pm each day (some exceptions may apply). This criminal justice-focused curriculum will allow students to complete their Associate in Arts degree in two years.

This link provides more details:  

Interested students should speak with their Lake Land College Counselor about this opportunity at their first visit. Students who have not yet applied to the College will be assigned a Counselor.

Criminal Justice Kluthe Center Cohort

Criminal Justice Program Curriculum

The Criminal Justice Program offers two associate's degrees and two certificates. Click on the links below for more information about each program.

Associate in Arts (AA) in Criminal Justice (Transfer degree)

Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) in Law Enforcement (Career/Technical degree)

Certificate in Law Enforcement Operations

Certificate in Criminal Justice Leadership

Though all of these courses are offered on the main Lake Land College campus, a variety of CJ classes are also offered at the Effingham Kluthe Center, online, and at other various off campus locations throughout the Lake Land College district, making obtaining your education very affordable and convenient!


Making the Decision...

Making the decision to go to college is a big one. It is true that some departments do not require college credit, however most are evolving to require either college credit or military experience. If you have a specific department in mind to work for, it is important to find out what type of educational requirement they have for hiring.

You will NEVER go wrong with going to college. If you are under 21 years old, your possibilities are limited in the field of criminal justice anyway. If you are 21 years old or older, you might as well advance your education while testing and applying at criminal justice agencies!

Below you will find information about our curriculum, as well as contact information if you have any questions about the program at Lake Land College.


Internship Opportunity (CJS104)

Internships can be scheduled by contacting the Criminal Justice Program Coordinator at 217.234.5310. Internships are typically scheduled one semester in advance (e.g., fall internships are scheduled in the spring semester prior).

A variety of internships are available and it is suggested any student wanting to go into a criminal justice field directly after obtaining their Associate's degree should participate in an internship.


Employment Opportunities

 For general employment opportunities in our community, visit the webpage of Career Services at


Don't really care where you work? These two cites are focused on the recruitment of criminal justice professionals:


Contact Information

For more information regarding the criminal justice program at Lake Land College, contact:

Dr. Dustin D. Heuerman
Lake Land College
5001 Lake Land Blvd.
Mattoon, IL 61938


Phone:  217-234-5310


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