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Perkins Program - Lake Land College, Mattoon Illinois

The Perkins Program - Student Assistance

The Perkins Program provides services to help students enrolled in career programs successfully complete an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree or Certificate in their chosen career field and enter the workplace in that field immediately afterward.

It is intended for students who are academically or economically disadvantaged. This may include students who are:

Students meeting the qualifications may be eligible for:   

  • Tutoring at no cost 
  • Transportation assistance to and from school (single parents and displaced homemakers)
  • Assistance with the purchase of supplies, supplemental texts, workbooks and/or uniforms (specific programs)

Students who feel they may qualify for the Perkins Program may call the Perkins Office at 217-234-5372. Qualification and eligibility can usually be determined within a few minutes. 

Leslie DeVore
Associate Vice President for Instruction

Ginger Voegel
Perkins Specialist

Chris Strohl
Workforce Development Specialist

More information regarding the Perkins Program is available by calling Leslie DeVore at (217) 234-5211 or


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