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Lake Land Community College is a partner school of the National Geospatial Technology Center, funded in part by the National Science Foundation.   


 Geospatial Technology at Lake Land College

Lake Land College at the forefront of increasing the use and awareness of Geospatial Technology in east-central Illinois. As a partner school of the National Geospatial Technology Center (a National Science Foundation Center of Excellence), the college is expanding course offerings, providing workshop training, and spearheading outreach efforts in high schools across the region. The U.S. Department of Labor recently highlighted Geospatial Technology as one of the fastest growing technology sectors in the country, with job demand in this field expected to experience greater than average growth in the coming years. Geospatial knowledge and tools are increasingly playing a larger role within many disciplines and industries, and Lake Land College looks forward to training and educating members of the 21st century workforce.

Click here to watch a presentation about Geospatial Technology by Dr. Rudibaugh


About The National Geospatial Technology Center

In 2008, Lake Land College became a founding partner school of a 4-year, 5 million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation. The Center is the only one of its kind in the nation devoted to geospatial education at two-year institutions. Seven other community colleges and two universities (see map) are working together to achieve the stated goals of the NGTC:

•  Create a national clearinghouse exemplary geospatial curriculum materials, resources and national services.

  Increase the capacity to educate geospatial technicians through new partnerships and collaborations.

  Increase the quantity, quality and diversity of geospatial technicians to meet U.S. workforce needs.

  Provide a unifying voice for geospatial technology education interests in organizations, industry and government.

  Increase the number of community and technical college geospatial faculty and secondary school teachers participating in geospatial professional development.

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