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New Items in Our Collection - February 2012

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Annuals and Perennials : A Gardener's Encyclopedia

Author: Bryan, Geoff
Call No: SB422.B792011


USDA-NASS Illinois Field Office

Call No: HD1775.I3U733 2011


Allied Health


Call No: RC552.A5A5474 2010


Can Diets Be Harmful?

Call No: RM222.2.C27539 2011


Conscientious Objection In Health Care : An Ethical Analysis

Author: Wicclair, Mark R.
Call No: R725.5.W53 2011


Nursing Care Plans : Diagnosis, Interventions, and Outcomes

Call No: RT49.N87 2011 C.1 & 2


Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions and Classitications

Call No: RT48.6N67 2012x


Obesity: Cultural and Biocultural Perspectives

Author: Brewis, Alexandra A.
Call No: RC628.B657 2011


Our bodies, Ourselves

Call No: RA778.N49 2011


Should Vaccinations Be Mandatory?

Call No: RA638.S53 2010


Smart Medicine : How the Changing Role of Doctors Will Revolutionize Health Care

Author: Hanson, C. William
Call No: RA418.5.M4H36 2011


The Ethics of Medical Testing

Call No: R724.E247 2012


The Science of Yoga : The Risks and the Rewards

Author: Broad, William J.
Call No: RA781.7.B757 2012


Understanding Anesthesia : What You Need To Know About Sedation and Pain Control

Author: Orebaugh, Steven L.
Call No: RD81.O74 2012



Are Executives Paid Too Much?

Call No: HD38.2.A74 2012


Cheese Factories on the Moon : Why Earmarks Are Good For American Democracy

Author: Frisch, Scott A.
Call No: HJ7537.F76 2011


Corporate Corruption

Call No: HF5387.C66792 2011


Does Outsourcing Harm America

Call No: HD2368.U6D64 2010


Lost Decades; the Making of America's Debt Crisis and the Long Recovery

Author: Chinn, Menzie David
Call No: HJ7537.C45 2011


The Handy Personal Finance Answer Book

Author: Tucci, Paul A.
Call No: HG179.T817 2012


Working Without Committments: The Health Effects of Precarious Employment

Author: Lewchuk, Wayne
Call No: HD5858.C2L49 2011


General Interest

American Plastic: Boob Jobs, Credit Cards, and Our Quest For Perfection

Author: Essig, Laurie
Call No: HG3755.8.U6E87 2010


Cell Phones and Driving

Call No: HE5620.D59C45 2011


Drunk Driving

Call No: HE5620.D72D785 2011


Teen Driving

Call No: HE5620.J8T438 2008


War Horse

Call No: PZ10.3.M71577War 2010ab


Humanities and Communication

Christ to COKE: How Image Becomes Icon

Author: Kemp, Martin
Call No: N72.S6K32 2012


Elvis Presley, reluctant Rebel: His Life and Our Times

Author: Jeansonne, Glen
Call No: ML420.P96J36 2011


Eminent Outlaws : The Gay Writers Who Changed America

Author: Bram, Christopher
Call No: PS153.G38B73 2012



Author: Wood, Michael
Call No: PN1994.W643 2012


Gustav Mahler

Author: Fischer, Jens Malte
Call No: ML410.M23F45 2011


Kurt Vonnegut The Last Interview: and Other Conversations

Author: Vonnegut, Kurt
Call No: PS3572.O5Z754 2011


Media Bias

Call No: P96.O242U654 2011


Modern Latin American Literature: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Gonzalez Echevarria, Roberto
Call No: PQ7081.G6315 2012


Music of the 1980's

Author: Harrison, Thomas R.
Call No: ML3477.H37 2011


Music of the 1990's

Author: Harrison, Thomas R.
Call No: ML3477.H38 2011


Oxford Collocations Dictionary: for Students of English

Call No: PE1464.O94 2009



Call No: PN1997.R24 1984



Call No: PN1997.R24 1984


Reading the Qur ' an : The Contemporary Relevance of the Sacred Text of Islam

Author: Sardar, Ziauddin
Call No: BP130.4.S376 2011


The Church of Scientology

Author: Urban, Hugh B.
Call No: BP605.S2U73 2011


The English Patient

Call No: PN1197.E6431 2004


The Tempest

Call No: PZ1997..2.T46 2011


Through the Storm, Through the Night : A History of African American Christianity

Author: Harvey, Paul
Call No: BR563.N4H3783 2011


Leisure Materials

City of Bones

Call No: Paperback


Crime And Punishment

Call No: PG3326.P73C75 1991


Downton Abbey (Season Two)

Call No: PN1992.77



Author: Jose Carreeras
Call No: M1611.C377P73 1996


Taming of the Shrew

Call No: PR2832.A2T34 1999


Teen Driving

Call No: HE5620.J8T438


Teen Driving

Call No: HE5620.J8T438


Math/Physical Science

A History of the Earth in 100 Discoveries

Author: Palmer, Douglas
Call No: QB631.2.P35 2011


Alone in the Universe: Why Our Planet is Unique

Author: gribbin, John r.
Call No: QB632.G75 2011


Brain Culture : Neuroscience and Popular Media

Author: Thornton, Davi Johnson
Call No: RC343.T563 2011


Cosmic Biology: How Life Could Evolve On Other Worlds

Author: Irwin, Louis N.
Call No: QH326.I78 2011


Evolution : A View From the 21st Century

Author: Shapiro, James Alan
Call No: QH447.S53 2011


Field Notes on Science & Nature

Call No: QH318.5.F54 2011


Human Embryo Experimentation

Call No: QH588.S83H832 2011


Inventing the PC: The MCM/70 Story

Call No: QA76.8.M39S733 2011


Letters to a Young Chemist

Call No: QD39.5.L58 2011



Author: Baker, Simon
Call No: QR41.2.B34 2011


Polar Bears: The Natural History of a Threatened Species

Author: Stirling, Ian
Call No: QL737.C27S7266 2011


Stem Cells: Scientific Facts and fiction

Call No: QH588.S83S84 2011


Stephen Hawking : An Unfettered Mind

Author: Ferguson, Kitty
Call No: QC16.H33F465 2012


The Cell A Very Short Introduction

Author: Alen, Terence D.
Call No: QH582.5.A45 2011


The Periodic table A Very Short Introduction

Author: Scerri, Eric R.
Call No: QD467.S34 2011


Who's In Charge? : Free Will and the Science of the Brain

Author: Gazzaniga, Michael S.
Call No: QP360.5.G396 2011


Zoos and Tourism: Conservation, Education, Entertainment?

Call No: QL76.Z754 2011


Social Science & Education

A History of Finland

Author: Meinander, Henrik
Call No: DL1032.M4513


A History of Korea : An Episodic Narrative

Author: Hwang, Kyung Moon
Call No: DS907.18.H9 2010


A History of the Birth Control Movement In America

Author: Engelman, Peter
Call No: HQ766.5.U5E54 2011


A Private Sphere: Democracy in a Digital Age

Author: Papacharissi, Zizi
Call No: HM851.P35 2010


Behind the Backlash: Muslim Americans After 9/11

Author: Peek, Lori A.
Call No: E184.M88P4402011


Best Practices in Literacy Instruction

Call No: LB1576.B486 2011


Beyond Borders: A Concise History of Mexican Migration to eht United States

Author: Henderson, Timothy J.
Call No: JV6895.M48H46 2011


Bloggerati, Twitterati : How Blogs and Twitter are Transforming Popular Culture

Author: Cross, Mary
Call No: HM851.C75 2011


Borderless Economics : Chinese Sea Turtles, Indian Fridges, and the New Fruits of Global Capitalism

Author: Guest, Robert
Call No: HM846.G84 2011


Closure: The Rush to End Grief and What It Costs Us

Author: Berns, Nancy
Call No: BF575.D35B47 2011


Copyfraud and Other Abuses of Intellectual Property Law

Author: Mazzone, Jason
Call No: KF2994.M399 2011


Copyright Law For Librarians and Educators: Creative Strategies and Practical Solutions

Author: Crews, Kenneth D.
Call No: KF2995.C74 2012



Call No: HV6773.15.C92C93 2012


Do Children Have Rights?

Call No: HQ789.D622 2011


Extreme Weather : A Guide to Surviving Flash Floods, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Heat Waves, Snowstorms, Tsunamis, and Other Natural Disasters

Author: Schneider, Bonnie
Call No: HV551.2.S393 2012


Glock : The Rise of America's Gun

Author: Barrett, Paul
Call No: HD9744.P584G563 2012


How Deaf Children Learn: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know

Author: Marschark, Marc
Call No: HV2391.M257 2012


Identity Theft

Call No: HV6675.I34 2012


Illegal Immigration

Call No: JV6483.I524 2012


Immigrant Nations

Author: Scheffer, Paul
Call No: JV6033.S4413 2011


Indian Voices : Listening to Native Americans

Author: Owings, Alison
Call No: E98.E85O85 2011


Let the Students Speak! A History of the Fight For Free Expresssion in American Schools

Author: Hudson, David L.
Call No: KF4772.H83 2011


Lost Kingdom : Hawaii's Last Queen, the Sugar Kings , and America's First Imperial Adventure

Author: Siler, Julia Flynn
Call No: DU627.S55 2012


Manana Forever? : A Mexico and the Mexicans

Author: Castaneda, Jorge G.
Call No: F1210.C425 2011


Margaret Sanger: A Life of Passion

Author: Baker, Jean H.
Call No: HQ764.S3B35 2011


Medgar Evers:Mississippis Martyr

Author: Williams, Michael Vinson
Call No: F349.J13W55 2011


Millennial Momentum : How a New Generation is Remaking America

Author: Winograd, Morley
Call No: JK1764.W636 2011


Nolo's Essential Guide to Child Custody & Support

Author: Doskow, Emily
Call No: KF547.D67 2011


Poor Economics : A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty

Author: Banerjee, Abhijit V.
Call No: HC59.7.B323 2011


Promise and Peril : America at the Dawn of a Global Age

Author: Nichols, Christopher McKnight
Call No: E744.N497 2011


Rule and Ruin : Teh dowqnfall of Moderation and the Destruction of the Republican Party

Author: Kabaservice, Geoffrey M.
Call No: JK2356.K33 2012


Sex Fiends, Perverts, and Pedophiles : Understanding Sex Crime Policy In America

Author: Leon, Chrysanthi S.
Call No: HV6592.L46 2011


Situations Matter: Understanding How Context Transforms Your World

Author: Sommers, San
Call No: BF714.S66 2011


The Ethics of Voting

Author: Brennan, Jason
Call No: JF1001.B742 2011


The Instant Economist : Everything You Need to Know About How the Economy Works

Author: Taylor, Timothy
Call No: HB171.T36 2012


The Most Controversial Decision : Truman the Atomic Bombs, and the Defeat of Japan

Author: Miscamble, Wilson D.
Call No: D767.25.H6M47 2011


The Persuasive Power of Campaign

Author: Ridout, Travis N,
Call No: JK2281.R54 2011


The Sudan Handbook

Call No: DT154.6.S935 2011


The Swing Vote : The Untapped Power of Independents

Author: Killian, Linda
Call No: JK1967.K56 2012


The Willpower Instinct : How Self-Control Works, Why it Matters, and What You Can do to Get More of it

Author: Mcgonigal, Kelly
Call No: BF632.M363 2012


Understanding Poverty in the Classroom : Changing Perceptions for Student Success

Author: Templeton, Beth Lindsay
Call No: LB1062.6.T46 2011


Voter Fraud

Call No: JK1994.V68 2010


What Environmentalists Need to Know About Economics

Author: Scorse, Jason
Call No: HC79.E5S347 2010


What Is the Impact of Emigration?

Call No: JV6035.W33 2011


Why Taiwan Matters : Small Island Global Powerhouse

Author: Rigger, Shelley
Call No: DS799.625.R54 2011



Book Banning

Call No: Z657.B735 2011


Book Banning

Call No: Z657.B735 2011


Food Safety

Call No: TX355.F57 2011


From Snapshots To Social Media: The Changing Picture of Domestic Photography

Author: Sarvas, Risto
Call No: TR183.S27 2011


Leonardo to the Internet : Technology & Culture From the Renaissance to the Present

Author: Misa, Thomas J.
Call No: T15.M575 2011


Passive Solar Architecture : Heating , Cooling, Ventilation, Daylighting and More Using Natural Flows

Author: Bainbridge, David A.
Call No: TH7413.B345 2011


Sustainable Energy--Without the Hot Air

Author: MacKay, David J. C.
Call No: TJ808.M335 2009


Switching to Solar: What We Can Learn From Germany's Success in Harnessing Clean Energy

Author: Johnstone, Bob
Call No: TK1087.J64 2010


The Energy Problem

Author: Stein, Richard S.
Call No: TJ808.S74 2011


Windfall : Wind Energy In America Today

Author: Righter, Robert W.
Call No: TJ820.R54 2011


New Media

General Interest

Beauty Mark

Call No: RC552.A5B43 2009


Recovering Bodies: Overcoming Eating Disorders

Call No: RC552.E18R43 2002


Humanities and Communication

Leonardo's Dream Machines

Call No: PQ4627.L38L46 2005


Leisure Materials

A Little Bit Wickced: [Life, Love and Faith in Stages]

Call No: PN2287.C532A3 2009ab



Author: Fey, Tina
Call No: PN2287.F4255A3 2011ab


Explosive Eighteen

Call No: PS3555.V2126E97 2011ab


Sizzling Sixteen

Call No: PS3555.N2126S59 2010ab


Smokin' Seventeen

Author: Evanovich, Janet
Call No: PS3555.V2126S66 2011ab


The Maya Angelou Poetry Collection

Call No: PS3551.N464M3 1999


Will Rogers: America's Legendary Humorist

Author: Rogers, Will
Call No: PS3535.O45A61 2006



Call No: PN1997.Z4438 2001


Math/Physical Science


Call No: QE523.K73K735 2005


Social Science & Education

Athens: The Dawn of Democracy

Call No: DF277.A84 2007


Plunder: The Crime of Our Time

Call No: HB3722.P58 2010


Quite: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

Author: Cain, Susan
Call No: BF698.35.I59C35 2011ab


The War of 1812

Call No: E354.W37 2011


Zero Regrets: [Be Greater Than Yesterday]

Author: Ohno, Apolo Anton
Call No: GV850.O45O45 2010ab


Reference Reserve

Allied Health

Nursing: the Ultimate Study Guide

Call No: RT51.S56 2012 c.1



Allied Health

Nursing: The Ultimate Study Guide

Call No: RT51.S56 2012 c.2


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