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Political Science - POS
American National Government
POS 160

The fundamental principles of the American Government are summarized. Such topics as federalism, civil liberties, citizenship, parties and elections, the Presidency, Congress, Judiciary, and national policies and politics are discussed within the framework of the American Constitutional system.

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Modern Britain
POS 161

Introduction political and social structure of Modern Britain. Survey of the monarchy, British class system, political parties, Parliament, local government, legal system, and pressure groups. Survey the relationship between Britain, European Union, America, Northern Ireland, New Right and Prime Ministers. (Canterbury Program Only)

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State/Local Govern
POS 162

Focuses on legal authority, structure, leadership and functions of state, county, city, township, and special district governments. The Illinois State Constitution is analyzed.

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Political Theory: Hitlers Germany
POS 163

The course explores the rise of National Socialism in terms of it's ideological and historical roots, the means used for seizing and consolidating power, and the social, cultural, and foreign policies of the Third Reich.

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Intro/Interntnl Rel
POS 264

An examination of the nation-state system and the sources of conflict in the international community. Comparative political economic systems are studied, as well as the rise of multi-national corporation and international organizations.

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