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Print Technology - PMT
Print Technology I
PMT 050

This course provides a basic overview of the printing industry and the printing process from small job shops to large employer.

Course Outline

Print Technology II
PMT 052

Using Print Technology I as a basis for information this course outlines the overview of the industry but with emphasis on the various print processes.

Course Outline

Electronic Prepress
PMT 054

This course provides a basic overview with a working understanding of the printing industry and the printing process and the knowledge it takes to go from idea to reality using Electronic Prepress techniques.

Course Outline

Print Technology Seminar
PMT 074

Designed as an introduction to Print Technology and Desktop Publishing apprenticeship. Consists of an overview of print process and techniques used in the print industry. Focuses on print terminology and hands-on experience.

Course Outline

Print Tech Apprenticeship
PMT 075

Designed to provide employment experience in a position that will utilize and develop print technology skills.

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