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Dental Health - DHY
Dental Histology & Embryology
DHY 066

This course is designed to increase the student's knowledge of the early embryonic development of the face and oral cavity and the process of tooth development. Included is the study of the microscopic structure of the tissues of the dentition and its supporting structures.

Course Outline

Dental Hygiene Seiminar II
DHY 084

This course broadens the dental hygiene student's clinical skills focusing on individual patient needs and assessment.

Course Outline

Pain Management for Dental Hygienist
DHY 091

This course is designed to provide the dental hygiene student with the skills to manage patient discomfort. This includes topical anesthesia, local anesthesia, and nitrous oxide analgesia during dental hygiene services. This course complies with the Illinois Dental Practice Act.

Course Outline

Pit and Fissure Sealants
DHY 035

This course is designed to meet the educational requirements and lab experience necessary for the Dental Assistant to be certified to place pit and fissure sealants in the office.

Course Outline

Coronal Polishing/Dental Asst
DHY 036

This course will meet the legal requirements regarding coronal polishing by Dental Assistants. This course will include a minimum of four hours of didactic study in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, dental emergencies, and two hours of clinical instruction.

Course Outline

Nitrous Oxide-Dental Assistant
DHY 039

The Illinois Dental Practice Act identifies nitrous oxide sedation monitoring as a dental assisting duty. The Dental Assistant will receive didactic and clinical training that will qualify him/her to monitor this form of pain control.

Course Outline

Dental Terminology
DHY 041

Prepares student to enter the dental hygiene program by the introduction of terms commonly used in the practice of dentistry and dental hygiene. The student will also be exposed to basic numbering systems and charting methods.

Course Outline

Dental Hygiene Board Review
DHY 043

Generalized review of dental hygiene curriculum that helps to prepare the student to take the National Dental Hygiene Board Examination.

Course Outline

Admin of Local Anesthetics
DHY 044

This course is designed to educate and give clinical experience to the Dental Hygienist in the administration of local anesthesia, in compliance with the Dental Practice Act.

Course Outline

DHY 045

This course is designed to include the principles and biological effects of radiation and safety measures used in dental radiology. Correct methods of exposing, processing, and mounting intraoral radiographs for diagnostic purposes will be stressed.

Course Outline

Dental Assisting
DHY 060

An 8-week module in Dental Assisting to prepare the student in those areas pertinent for employment in the dental office. Does not qualify for Federal Title VI financial aid or Illinois Monetary Award (MAP).

Course Outline

Dental Anatomy/Hist
DHY 067

Designed to provide a thorough knowledge of the head, neck, teeth, and related structures by following their growth, development and function.

Course Outline

Dental Hygiene I
DHY 068

Designed to acquaint the beginning dental hygiene student with duties and responsibilities in the clinical aspect of the profession and the role the hygienist plays in today's health.

Course Outline

Pre-Clinic Hyg I
DHY 069

An introduction to the duties and basic skills the dental hygienist uses in daily clinical practice.

Course Outline

Dental Hygiene II
DHY 071

A continuation of Dental Hygiene I, advanced instrumentation and evaluation of the patient's oral health are given greater attention. An introduction to emergencies in the dental office and a continuation of preventive dentistry and patient education are included.

Prerequisites: DHY 068

Course Outline

Pre Clinic Hyg II
DHY 072

A continuation of Preclinic I; Preclinic II continues with the development of clinical skills. Emphasis will be placed on prevention through patient education. The student will provide treatment for live patients.

Prerequisites: DHY 069

Course Outline

DHY 080

Gives a brief insight into general principles of pathology with heavy emphasis on specifics of oral pathology. Terminology will be taught in addition to description of oral diseases, lesions and their treatment.

Course Outline

DHY 081

Focuses on the clinical aspects of the different forms of periodontal disease, and philosophy of treatment, the role of the dental hygienist in patient education for the prevention of periodontal problems, and the chairside management of these pathological conditions.

Course Outline

Dental Hygiene Seminar
DHY 082

This one hour credit course further introduces the dental hygiene student to clinical responsibilities required in providing patient treatment.

Course Outline

Clinic I
DHY 083

Requires the student to perform under supervision, a specific number of oral prophylaxis on child and adult patients. Some advanced skills will be introduced and experience is gained in sterilization and reception responsibilities.

Prerequisites: DHY 072

Course Outline

DHY 086

The study of drugs affecting the practice of dentistry.

Course Outline

Dental Hygiene III
DHY 087

This course provides for continuing advancement in clinical and community settings. Content includes treatment of special needs patients, development of a pre-school educational model and designing a community dental health project.

Course Outline

Clinic II
DHY 088

Designed to improve the clinical skills of the dental hygiene student. Focus is on total assessment of individual patient needs, advanced instrumentation procedures and the special needs patient.

Prerequisites: DHY 083

Course Outline

Lab Proced/Dent Hyg
DHY 089

A comprehensive study of the science of dental materials and their application in dental hygiene.

Course Outline

Exp Duties/Dent Hyg
DHY 090

Prepares students to perform expanded duties permitted by the current Dental Practice Act of Illinois.

Course Outline

Dent Public Health
DHY 092

Applications of the dental public health survey, analysis, program plan, program operation, finance and appraisal procedures will be conducted in the nursing care homes and schools of the community.

Course Outline

Dental Hygiene IV
DHY 093

This course is designed to give insight into the applications of dental hygiene practice and stress the development of professionalism. Introduction to the Illinois Dental Practice Act, ethics and jurisprudence and the history and organization of the American Dental Hygienists' Association.

Course Outline

Clinic III
DHY 094

Continued advancement of clinical competency is stressed. The student is required to perform expanded functions in clinical situations to broaden clinical experience; treatment will be provided for patients from selected outside agencies.

Prerequisites: DHY 088

Course Outline

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