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Computer Technology - CIT
Introduction to Computer Technology
CIT 080

This course provides a foundation in computer technology familiarizing the student in computer terminology, fundamentals, hardware and software components, current issues and employability skills.

CIT 081

This course is designed to familiarize the student with the computer keyboard. The student will touch type using the alphabetic keyboard and the numeric tabulator pad. Emphasis will be place on proper keyboarding techniques as well as speed and accuracy.

Prerequisites: CIT 080

Word Processing Software Appl
CIT 082

This course gives the student a good background in word processing software applications. The student will become proficient in formatting, editing, printing, graphics, merging documents, performing mail mergers, using fonts, importing/exporting data.

Prerequisites: CIT 081

Spreadsheet Software Appl
CIT 083

In the course the student will learn how to set-up spreadsheet, enter data, modify spreadsheets, edit, utilize spreadsheets to manipulate data, create graphs, format reports, utilize WYSIWYG.

Prerequisites: CIT 082

Data Base Software Appl
CIT 084

In this course the student will learn utilize data base software to create data files, modify structures, create screen displays, create & print reports, import/export data, modify files to create applications.

Prerequisites: CIT 083

Introduction Operating System
CIT 085

This course gives the student an overview of different operating systems and the Windows Environment. Hands on experiences will be provided in a variety of operating environments.

Prerequisites: CIT 084

Computer Logic & Problem Solve
CIT 086

This course teaches flowcharting and pseudocoding concepts through problem solving techniques.

Prerequisites: CIT 085

Intro to Visual Basic
CIT 087

This course teaches the student how to write, edit, run and debug programs using Visual Basic program language. Students will use object-oriented programming and design concepts in event-driven programs.

Prerequisites: CIT 086

Software Applications
CIT 089

Provides an opportunity for the student to work with various types of software on the microcomputer. These learning activities include MS Windows, Word Processing, Spreadsheet Design, Database Management, and a presentation program.

Intro to Presentation Software
CIT 091

This course is designed to give the student a background in presentation software applications. Students will become proficient in creating, modifying, and saving a presentation with textual and visual elements as well as preparing the presentation for distribution and delivery.

Introduction to Web Page Design
CIT 092

This course teaches basic web page design and HTML concepts as well as screen design techniques and applications.

Computers in the Work Place
CIT 079

This course offers orientation for transitioning from education to careers including interview techniques, resume writing, job search strategies, personal growth, and finance.

Intro to Desktop Publishing
CIT 090

This is an introductory hands-on course to give the student a good background in Desktop Publishing Applications. Topics include creating objects, using various input/output devices, and object manipulation utilizing windows. Various page layouts and templates are used. (Repeatable 1 Time)

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