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Automotive Technology - AUT
Intro Med/Heavy Truck Mainteance
AUT 049

This course is an introduction to medium and heavy duty truck repair. It will focus on safety, hand tools, and general knowledge on how to inspect and do basic maintenance services on trucks and trailers.

Course Outline

Intro to Automotive Technology
AUT 048

This course is a study of chemicals, shop safety and operations, tools and equipment, and careers in automotive technology. Techniques associated with electrical/electronics, heating and air conditioning, engine repair, brakes, steering and suspension, and engine performance will be discussed.

Course Outline

Engine Repair
AUT 050

This course is a study of engine design, diagnosis, removal, cylinder head and valve train repair. Short block repair, lubricating systems, cooling systems will be discussed and hands on reassembly of the engine is included.

Course Outline

Electrical Systems I
AUT 051

This course is a study of the principles of electricity and electrical circuit design and diagnosing. Covers battery diagnosis and service. Starting Systems diagnosis and repair will be discussed.

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Engine Performance I
AUT 052

This course is a study of ignition systems beginning with and building on basic ignition systems and culminating with computerized ignition systems.

Course Outline

Brake Systems
AUT 053

This course is a study of the hydraulic principles of drum, disc, and ABS brake systems. Diagnosis and repair of power assisted, drum, disc, and antilock brake systems will be discussed.

Course Outline

Heating and Air Conditioning I
AUT 054

A study of heating and air conditioning fundamentals as used on current automobiles, trucks and farm equipment. Practical experience will be provided in diagnosis, repair and service of various types of components.

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Electrical Systems II
AUT 059

This course is a study of diagnosis and repair of the charging and lighting systems. A discussion of accessories, including air bags, gauges, will also be covered.

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Supervised Occupational Experience
AUT 075

Designed to promote on the job experience in automotive technology and applying skills & knowledge learned in the program. The employers & supervising instructors work closely with the student in an off campus job site during the summer session.

Course Outline

Auto Transmissions/Transaxles
AUT 076

This course is a study of automatic transmissions/transaxles maintenance, diagnosis and adjustment. On board and off board hydraulic control operations and repair are discussed.

Course Outline

Steering and Suspension
AUT 080

This course is a study of steering systems, front and rear suspension systems. It also covers basic wheel alignment, diagnosis and repair culminating in complete four wheel computerized alignment.

Course Outline

Engine Performance II
AUT 081

This course is a study of fuel and exhaust systems, including carburetion, fuel injection, and computer-controlled fuel systems. Diesel fuel injection and turbo-chargers will also be discussed.

Course Outline

Manual Dr Train and Axles
AUT 082

This course is the study of the diagnosis and repair of clutches, manual transmissions, transaxles and differentials. CV joints, drive shafts, front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive operations will be discussed.

Course Outline

Engine Performance III
AUT 083

This course is a study of positive crankcase ventilation and emission control systems. Individual emission control devices including EGR, catalytic converters, and spark timing controllers are discussed.

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ASE Test Review
AUT 089

Review of subject material covered by National Institute Automotive Service Excellence Certificate Tests. Assists the technician in psychology of how to take the tests.

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