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Associate Degree in Nursing (AAS.ADN)

Associate Degree in Applied Science

Nursing Lake Land College

The Associate Degree in Nursing(ADN) program is an intensive, two-year academic program that includes classroom, skills laboratory and clinical experience in various healthcare agencies. The student is awarded an Associate in Applied Science degree upon completion of the program and may apply to complete the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Upon successful completion of the NCLEX-RN, the graduate may apply for RN licensure. Completion of the ADN program does not guarantee RN licensure. The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) may refuse to issue a license, if a candidate has a criminial history. Please consult with the director of ADN program to avoid license application hindrances. The program is approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), 3343 Peachtree Rd NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326; Phone:  404-975-5000, Fax:  404-975-5020.

ADN brochures, admission requirements/information sheets, program competencies/handbook and intent forms are available through Counseling Services and/or the Allied Health division.

Note: State regulations require that qualified in-district residents must be accepted before any consideration can be given to out-of-district applicants.

Applicants seeking admission into the ADN Program must have a completed nursing  application file in the nursing department by February 1, or the preceding business day if February 1 falls on a weekend.  Applicants will be notified in writing of acceptance/denial within six weeks following the deadline.

The following admission criteria and procedures are in accordance with Illinois law. If there are more qualified applicants than spaces available in the program, admission is competitive and selective using an objective formula approved by the Nursing Department. Selection criteria includes the date on the nursing intent form, academic achievement in pre-requisite and co-requisite courses; and pre-RN assessment composite raw score.  Optional admission points are available to students who have completed a healthcare degree or work in direct patient care settings.  The admission's rubric may be found in all admission's packets. Program policies are consistent with all College policies and are found in the ADN program handbook.

Download the ADN checklist for the complete application procedure.
Download the ADN Checklist—PCCS if you are an high school student in Health Occupations class or plan to pursue this class
Download the LPN-RN Checklist if you are currently an LPN

Admission Criteria
The following procedures and prerequisites must be satisfied before admission to the Lake Land College Associate Degree Nursing program can be considered.

  1. Complete an intent to enroll at Lake Land College and submit to the Admissions and Records Office. (Note: Acceptance to the College does not guarantee admission into the ADN program.)
  2. Obtain an ADN program Intent Form and return it completed to the Nursing department.
  3. Submit an official transcript from all colleges and/or nursing schools attended, to the Admissions and Records Office.
  4. Provide documentation that the following prerequisites have been completed (Courses must be completed within five years of program application deadline with a grade of "C" or better.  High school applicants may provide high school transcript demonstrating progress towards completion of prerequisites.):
    1. One year of high school biology, or BIO100 at Lake Land College, or equivalent college-level course.
    2. One year of high school chemistry, or CHM101, CHM111,  or CHM120 at Lake Land College, or equivalent college-level course.
  5. Demonstrate satisfactory scores in two of the the three categories on the Lake Land College placement tests: Compass Reading, 83; Compass English, 81; and Compass Math, 39. (Eligibility to take the pre RN test is determined by these tests.). ACT scores may be submitted instead of taking the placement exam. ACT scores should be reported directly to the college from ACT.  Contact nursing director for comparable scores to LLC test.
  6. Demonstrate satisfactory scores on the pre-RN assessment test. A pre-RN composite raw score below 90 is not acceptable. Test scores more than three years preceding the February 1 deadline are not acceptable.If the pre-RN assessment test is repeated, the most recent score is used.  Pre-RN assessments are offered at least two times a year. Dates for pre-RN assessments  are available from the Nursing Department.
  7. High school students who successfully complete Partnership for Career and College Success (PCCS) curriculum should consult with the director regarding enrollment requirements and procedures.
  8. The ADN curriculum is outlined in this catalog. Co-requisite courses may be taken prior to or during the semester designated but, not after. Co-requisite courses are only accepted with a "C" or better. Prior completion of science courses required in the ADN program must be current within five years of the program application deadline.
  9. Licensed Practical Nurses may apply in writing to the Nursing Department for a waiver of ADN 040, ADN 042, BIO100 and HED 102. Please see the director for waiver criteria; also contact the nursing director/nursing advisor for additional nursing application criteria. LPN’s with a certificate from a non-accredited,vocational school will be required to take HED 102. If you are already an LPN and want to apply to the ADN program, please contact the Director of Nursing.
  10. LPN applicants must complete (with a "C" grade or higher) PSY279, Human Development; BIO225, Human Anatomy and Physiology I; AHE055 Math for Meds, BIO226, Human Anatomy and Physiology II; HED290 Disease Process or BIO235 Microbiology (required for BSN Degree); and ADN051 Transition to ADN, or equivalent college-level courses no later than the summer before beginning ADN076.

The following admission requirements must be completed after notification of acceptance.

  1. Complete the Lake Land College ADN Program Physical Examination, immunizations and Background Check forms. These forms are provided by the nursing department.
  2. Obtain and/or maintain current CPR certification (not older than one year).  Submit a copy of certification to the LLC Nurse's office.  Students must maintain current certification for the duration of the ADN program.
  3. Attend the nursing program orientation during the summer semester preceeding ADN040. Students will be notified by mail of the orientation date.
  4. Maintain an overall grade point average of 2.00 (i.e. good academic standing).   This is a requirement to progress/graduate from the ADN program.

In addition to tuition and fees, costs for nursing program include: textbooks, uniforms, supplies, physical examination and immunizations, background check, a comprehensive assessment test , and transportation to hospital clinical experiences.  Additional expenses upon completion of the program will include licensure application fees, NCLEX-RN test fees, and RN license fees, upon successful completion of the NCLEX-RN exam.

For more information contact:
Cheryl Beam, Director of Nursing
(217) 234-5452

* There are prerequisites or course requisites for this course
** Electives must be approved by Program Coordinator or Division Chair
one cross Course only offered fall semester
Footnote 2 Course only offered spring and summer semester
Footnote 3 Course only offered spring semester
Footnote 4 Courses offered in odd numbered years only
Footnote 5 Courses offered in even numbered years only
Footnote 6 SOS 050 Human Relations and PSY 271 Introduction to Psychology cannot be used as a social science elective
Footnote 7 Consult Academic Advisor for appropriate course
1 N/A
2 N/A

First Year
First Semester
ADN 040 Nursing I +
PSY 279 Human Development
BIO 225 Human Anatomy and Physiology I *
  Total Semester Hours:
Second Semester
ADN 042 Nursing II * +++
BIO 226 Human Anatomy and Physiology II *
HED 102 Nutrition
  Total Semester Hours:
Summer Term
HED 290 Disease Processes or *
BIO 235 Microbiology *
2 - 4
  Total Semester Hours:
2 - 4

Second Year
First Semester
ADN 076 Nursing III * +
ENG 120 Composition I
PSY 271 Introduction to Psychology
ADN 052 Nursing Process and Pharmacology *
  Total Semester Hours:
Second Semester
ADN 078 Nursing IV * +++
ENG 121 Composition II *
SPE 111 or Public Speaking  
Social Science Elective two rr
ADN 060 Senior Seminar * +++
  Total Semester Hours:

For more information, contact the Nursing Department.

Total Program Hours: 69 - 71
Last Updated: 06/27/12

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