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Radio Broadcasting (CRT.RBRD)


Students will learn how to be a multi-skilled broadcaster capable of performing a wide variety of tasks performed at a radio station by participating in an intensive, hands-on program. Students will gain knowledge of sales, announcing, radio operations, and the practical/theoretical aspects of radio broadcasting. All coursework in the Radio Broadcasting certificate can be applied to an associate in applied science degree in Radio/TV Broadcasting.

Program requirements may change over time. Specific degree/graduation requirements are determined by the student's degree audit.

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* There are prerequisites or course requisites for this course
** Electives must be approved by Program Coordinator or Division Chair
one cross Course only offered fall semester
Footnote 2 Course only offered spring and summer semester
Footnote 3 Course only offered spring semester
Footnote 4 Courses offered in odd numbered years only
Footnote 5 Courses offered in even numbered years only
Footnote 6 SOS 050 Human Relations and PSY 271 Introduction to Psychology cannot be used as a social science elective
Footnote 7 Consult Academic Advisor for appropriate course
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First Year
Suggested Electives
RTV 150
Emphasis is placed on all aspects of the broadcasting industry including history, digital radio, high definition television, programming, the FCC, advertising, and responsibility to society. A brief explanation of the technical operations of a station is presented.

Course Outline

Introduction to Broadcasting
RTV 155
The principles of broadcast announcing are discussed and are applied to reading commercials, news, voice tracking, sports, and on-air music announcing. Interviewing techniques and the relationship between the announcer and the public are included.

Course Outline

Radio-TV Announcing
RTV 160
A practical demonstration course to begin "on air" work. In addition to air time, other duties such as news gathering, production, programming, etc. are assigned. Reading meters, filling out operating logs and editing audio are also incorporated.

Course Outline

Radio Operations
RTV 165
The principles of broadcast journalism and copy writing are presented along with oral style, editing, rewriting stories, and writing commercials that sell. The legal aspects of libel and slander are discussed.

Course Outline

Broadcast Writing
RTV 070
The further application of the techniques of good broadcasting is covered including announcing, writing, managing, and working for a station image. Operation of various automation systems, along with air work on the college radio station is emphasized.

Course Outline

Radio Production Lab *
RTV 175
Broadcast selling principles from the Radio Advertising Bureau are presented. Conducting a client needs analysis and servicing an account are stressed. Analysis of surveys is included. The Radio Marketing Professional national exam is given as part of the course.

Course Outline

Broadcast Sales
RTV 185
In this course students polish the skills and techniques of boardwork, announcing, voice tracking, news and sports writing, and production. The importance of promotion, management of station personnel, and programming a station for profit are stressed.

Course Outline

Advanced Radio Production *
SPE 111
Focuses on the fundamental principles and methods of selection, analyzing, organizing, developing and communicating information, evidence, and points of view to audiences.

Course Outline

Introduction to Speech Communication
No description available

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Total Program Hours: 33

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