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Summer Hours (May 18-Aug. 14): Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Dual Credit Program - Lake Land College, Mattoon Illinois

Dual Credit Program

Career Academy

Structure: Students are required to attend classes on the Lake Land College (LLC) campus Monday thru Friday from 8-11am.  Career Academy class are dedicated classes that will follow the Lake Land College calendar.  All instructors will be employed and evaluated by the College.  Lake Land College will not be providing student transportation, and it will be up to each participating high school to determine student transportation requirements and regulations (school bus or student's own vehicle).

Cost: The Career Academy is a partnership between LLC, the Eastern Illinois Education for Employment Systems (EIEFES), and area high schools to provide high cost programming in career and technical education to area students at affordable costs.  The established annual fee for 2015-16 will be $1,500 per student, which will cover tuition, fees and book rental.  Lake Land College will bill each particpating high school and it is up to the high school to charge their student(s) accordingly.

Curriculum: LLC faculty will provide instruction for all Career Academy courses.  The Career Academy will initially focus on three program areas; automotive, construction occupations and manufacturing skills. Each program will offer a 1-year and 2-year certificate option that can lead into a traditional LLC career certificate. The curriculum for each program follows:   


  • Year 1- Fall (8 credits hours)
    • AUT 048 Intro to Automotive (2)
    • AUT 049 Intro to Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks (2)
    • TEC 055 Special Topics in Technology (1)
    • TEC 048 Applied Shop Computation (3)
  • Year 1- Spring (8 credits hours)
    • AUT 052 Engine Performance I (5)
    • ENG 050 Writing for Industry (3)
  • Year 2- Fall (8 credit hours)
    • AUT 051 Electrical Systems I (4)
    • TEC 043 Industrial Safety (1)
    • SFS 103 Life Strategies (3)
  • Year 2- Spring (8 credit hours)
    • AUT 053 Brake System (4)
    • TEC 055 Special Topics in Technology (4)

Construction Occupations:

  • Year 1- Fall (10 credits hours)
    • SFS 103  Life Strategies (3)
    • TEC 048 Applied Shop Computation (3)
    • COC 051 Introduction to Construction Occupations (4)
  • Year 1- Spring (8 credits hours)
    • COC 052 Blueprint Reading (4)
    • ENG 050 Writing for Industry (3)
    • TEC 043 Industrial Safety (1)
  • Year 2- Fall (7 credit hours)
    • COC 054 Basic Carpentry I (4)
    • TEC 055 Special Topics in Technology (3)
  • Year 2- Spring (6 credit hours)
    • COC 055 Basic Carpentry II (4)
    • TEC 055 Special Topics in Technology (2)

Manufacturing Skills:

  • Year 1- Fall (7 credits hours)
    • TEC 046 Manufacturing Skills I (2)
    • TEC 047 Manufacturing Skills II (2)
    • TEC 048 Applied Shop Computation (3)
  • Year 1- Spring (7 credits hours)
    • TEC 049 Manufacturing Skills III (2)
    • TEC 051 Manufacturing Skills IV (2)
    • ENG 050 Writing for Industry (3)
  • Year 2- Fall (7.5 credit hours)
    • IND 044 Fluid Power (3)
    • TEC 055 Special Topics in Technology (2)
    • MET 040 DC Circuits (2.5)
  • Year 2- Spring (7.5 credit hours)
    • MET 042 AC Circuits (2.5)
    • MET 045 Mechanical Drive (2)
    • TEC 043 Industrial Safety (1)
    • TEC 055 Special Topics in Technology (2)




Learn all about ClassE on their website:
  • Is an experiential learning experience that teaches skills in entrepreneurship, job readiness and leadership
  • Is a year-long high school course where students start a business
  • Is a dual-credit class through Lake Land College that will transfer as an elective to Eastern Illinois University and other four year institutions
  • Is open to Coles County high school juniors and seniors
  • Meets Monday through Friday during early bird and first hour class
  • Meets in local businesses and has a home base in the LifeSpan Center
  • Students must apply by writing an essay to gain admittance to the class

This year:

  • Taught by Mrs. Jeanne Dau, MBA (Dau Consulting)
  • 17 students (MHS, CHS, Neoga HS) are signed up
  • 9 credit hours (3 Fall, 6 Spring)
    • Fall: BUS-142 (Intro to Business)
    • Spring: BUS-141 (Business Communications) and BUS-247 (Principles of Marketing)

Student, Parent, and Business Partner Orientation Dinner:

  • Mon, Aug 17 2015
  • 5:30-7:30pm
  • Lake Land College- theater and Laker Point


Health Occupations

Accrording to the Eastern Illinois Education for Employment System (EIEFES), "the health occupations program is a health science technology program designed primarily for high school seniors who are interested in pursuing a career in a health care field.  The class meets for 2 hours a day in a medical setting.  The curriculum includes the study of health care careers, basic anatomy and physiology and hands-on clinical experiences with facility patients.  We follow Basic Nurse Assistant training Program guidelines as set forth by the Illinois Department of Public Health.  This course is a dual credit course with Lake Land College. AHE 040 Basic Nurse Assistant, 8 credits and AHE 051 Health Careers, 3 credits.  Students who demonstrate knowledge of the content taught will have the opportunity to sit for the State Competency Exam (CNA test).  Class sites include: Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center in Mattoon, St. Anthony Memorial Hospital in Effingham, Paris Community Hospital in Paris, Shelbyville Manor Nursing Home in Shelbyville, and Casey-Westfield High School in Casey."


WYSE Academic Challenge

  • The Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) is a divison of the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  WYSE sponsors the Academic Challenege, which is a competition between high school students who compete as indiviuals and as teams.
  • There are typically 24 schools who participate, but all in-district high schools are welcome.
  • Students complete written examinations in seven different areas of study: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Graphics, English, Mathematics and Physics.  Each student participates in two tests and the highest scores by members of each team determine the composite team score.  Depending on availability of funds, LLC typically will award $1000 tuition waivers to the top two individuals who excel in each subject area.
  • There are three competitions: Regionals (LLC), Sectionals (EIU), and State (U of I).
  • Regionals are typically held on the first Friday in Feb.
    • The 2016 competition will be at Lake Land College on Fri, Feb 5 2016.
    • Check out the 2015 winners


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