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Dual Credit Program

Message to Parents

Hello Parents! We know that this process can be overwhelming for you too. While the language may be directed to your children, this site is prepared with you in mind as well. We hope it answers all of your questions about eligibility, enrollment, expectations, procedures, and available services for dual credit students. But if you need more information, please contact us. We’re more than happy to help in anyway we can!


Cost and Billing

  • The only cost of taking a high school dual credit course is the "dual credit fee" (no tuition or other fees).  Once your high school guidance counselor signs you up for a dual credit course, Lake Land College will bill your high school the course's dual credit fee and then the high school will in turn bill you as the student.  Please check with your high school's dual credit coordinator (usually the guidance counselor) as to the exact cost of a course before you register for it.  The dual credit fee covers your textbook rental and potential software and library usage; in some instances of the necessity of consumable items (handbooks, tools, etc.), there may be an additional cost to the course if a material is not meant to or cannot be returned.
  • Dual enrollment (a course taken on LLC campus, at an extension center, or online) means you will be charged as a traditional college student and will receive a bill.  The individual student will have to pay tuition and all traditional fees.  If the high school chooses to pay for dual enrollment courses in full, Lake Land College will send the bill directly to the high school; however, the Dual Credit Program must be notified of this before the first day the class meets.  The most recent information about Lake Land College tuition and fees can be found in the College Catalog and at



Students enrolled in dual credit courses will use college textbooks. To reduce the cost of higher education, Lake Land College rents textbooks for dual credit classes to our partner high schools. Lake Land College bills the high schools for these books, not the students.

Students enrolled in courses on campus, at an extension center, or online who are paying regular tuition and fees will pay the textbook rental fee as part of the college’s service fee. Consult the Dual Credit Coordinator at your high school to find out if you are responsible for tuition and fees for your dual credit class.

There are a few courses that require textbooks to be purchased in both dual credit and dual enrollment courses. Automotive, basic nurse assisting, and medical terminology courses are a few examples that require textbook purchase. The Dual Credit Coordinator at your high school will notify you if textbook purchase is necessary. The coordinator can also schedule for the books to be delivered to the high school. Check with the Dual Credit Coordinator at your high school for more information.


Accounting Blocks

If you have an unpaid bill to Lake Land College, a block will be placed on your account. This will prohibit you from registering for both dual credit and dual enrollment courses. You will also be prohibited from receiving academic transcripts and making schedule changes.


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