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The Lake Land College Mentor Program helps empower TRiO students to make positive school, career and life choices that will maximize their options for the future. The mentor program was established to use Lake Land College faculty and staff who volunteer to commit to supporting, guiding, and being a friend to the participants of the TRiO Student Support Services Program for at least one year. Mentors may help their mentees by connecting them to possible research opportunities, helping them network within their field, giving advice on transfer schools and programs, and sharing experiences in the area. This program can help the mentees set positive career, academic and personal goals.

If you would like to participate in the TRiO Mentor Program, please contact Amory Porter, TRiO Learning Skills Specialist at 234-5260 or

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Your Future is up to you...

The mission of the TRiO program is to provide an environment that promotes academic, social and personal growth for first generation, low income, and/or students with disabilities. To accomplish this mission, TRiO will:

  • Provide academic, social, and cultural support.

  • Increase retention and graduation rates.

  • Assist students in the admissions process and completion of all necessary forms.

  • Develop relationships with external and internal entities to provide referrals and collaborative services.

  • Assist in developing short and long term goals for each academic semester based on students' needs, including: graduating with an associate's degree, job search for employment in a chosen field, and transferring to an institution of higher education.

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