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Physical and Mobility Disability ADA Requirements
The ADA requires that students with physical and mobility disability be provided with the following support services: (appropriate support services will depend on the documented type and severity of physical and mobility disability)
Mobility Impairments:
  • Installing ramps
  • Repositioning shelves & equipment
  • Rearranging desk & chairs
  • Installing wheelchair accessible desks & work stations
  • Widening of doors and entrances
  • Modification of rest rooms

Manual Impairments:
  • Notetakers
  • Taped lectures
  • Oral or extended test time (based upon the severity of manual impairment)
  • Extended time for assignments
Source: Garrett III, Frank B. Presentation: "Providing Educational and Services to Students with Disabilities Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act." Community College Administrators' Conference. September 20, 1994.
For additional information please contact the Counselor/Coordinator of Student Accommodations at 217/234-5259 or email Jordan Hicks at

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