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Follow-up Letter

Download a sample follow up letter

Well, you built a solid resume, researched the company, and breezed through the interview. You’re sitting back thinking about how wonderful you have done. But guess what - you can’t stop now! What occurs, or does not occur, after the interview often determines who gets the job.

That’s right, even if you’ve done everything incredibly well up until now, not following-up with a thank you letter can kill your chances of getting the job. Employers often interview several people for each position and you can get lost in the pile if you don’t follow-up and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

This is not an impossible task. It’s really a simple thing compared to the hours you spent preparing the perfect resume and researching answers to interview questions. You simply need to write a letter to the interviewer(s) to thank him/her for their time and restating why you are the perfect candidate. Here’s a basic follow-up letter outline.

  1. Address line: Use the full name of the interviewer, his or her title, and the company name and address.
  2. Subject line: “Re: Interview for the position of XXX on XX X, 2003”
  3. Salutation: Dear Mr./Ms (Don’t use Miss or Mrs.)
  4. Opening: “It was a pleasure…” “I appreciated meeting with you…”
  5. Body: Develop something you discussed in the interview that emphasizes how your qualifications will help the employer or add a point or two that did not occur to you during the interview.
  6. Closing: “I look forward to hearing from you.” “I look forward to the opportunity to work for your company.”
  7. Complimentary closing: “Sincerely,” or “Best regards,”

And don’t forget these other basic tips concerning the follow-up letter.

  1. Each letter should be an original. Never send photocopied or mass-produced letters.
  2. It should be signed in black ink.
  3. Print the letter on the same paper used for your resume and cover letter.
  4. A follow-up letter should not be more than one page long.
  5. Send the follow-up letter the same day or the day after the interview.

This may seem like a trivial, even menial, task - but it is important. A follow-up letter is a step in the job-search process that many people overlook or take for granted. Show your follow through abilities, initiative, and respect by taking the time to craft a strong letter. It could be what wins you a job.

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