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Softball 4/19/14 - LLC 2 vs. John A. Logan College 1
Softball 4/19/14 - LLC 9 vs. John A. Logan College 0
Softball 4/21/14 - LLC 13 vs. Kaskaskia College 8
Softball 4/21/14 - LLC 1 vs. Kaskaskia College 4
Baseball 4/22/14 - LLC 2 vs. St. Louis Community College 15
Baseball 4/24/14 - LLC vs. Shawnee Community College
Softball 4/25/14 - LLC vs. Region 24 Tournament - VS - TBA
Baseball 4/26/14 - LLC vs. Shawnee Community College
Baseball 4/26/14 - LLC vs. Shawnee Community College
Baseball 4/29/14 - LLC vs. St. Louis Community College
Baseball 4/30/14 - LLC vs. Parkland College (Strike Out to Cancer Game)
Baseball 5/2/14 - LLC vs. Sectionals
Baseball 5/3/14 - LLC vs. Sectionals
Baseball 5/4/14 - LLC vs. Sectionals
Baseball 5/9/14 - LLC vs. Regionals
Baseball 5/10/14 - LLC vs. Regionals
Baseball 5/11/14 - LLC vs. Regionals
Baseball 5/16/14 - LLC vs. Districts
Baseball 5/17/14 - LLC vs. Districts
Baseball 5/18/14 - LLC vs. Districts
Baseball 5/23/14 - LLC vs. World Series

Women's Basketball Bio

3 - Blair Stephenson


Position: Guard

Year: Sophomore

Height: 5'7

Parents: Richard and June Stephenson

Hometown: Cardinal Ritter/St. Louis, MO

Awards: AAA-All Conference 2nd Team, MVP, St. Louis Post Despatch 2012 Scholar 2013 Freshman of the Year Juco Journal Showcase Partcipant

Major: Undecided

Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite TV Show: The First 48

Favorite Athlete or Team: Trey Burke

Hobbies: hanging out with friends, watching movies, being with my family.

In 5 years I plan on being: Graduated from college and living a successful life.

Favorite LLC Athletic Memory: Playing in the Regional Championship game.

Favorite Opponent: Illinois Central College

Hero growing up: My big brother, Chase.

Person(s) I most enjoy spending time with: My family

People would be surprised that I can:

Biggest Fear: snakes

Proudest Moment: Receiving the freshman of the year award



Head Coach: David Johnson
Phone: 217.234.5446

Assistant Coach: Tom Titus

Assistant Coach: J.R. Hodges
Phone: 217.234.5339

Athletic Director: Bill Jackson
Phone: 217-234-5296

Athletic Trainer: Denise Prather
Phone: 217-234-5374

NJCAA Region 24
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