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32 - Shayna Gamm


Position: C

Year: Sophomore

Height: 5'7

Parents: Christine Anderson

Hometown: Calabasas/Sherman Oaks, CA


Major: Criminal Justice

Favorite Food: Sloppy Joe, Sushi, and Pulled pork

Favorite TV Show: Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, and Bates Motel

Favorite Athlete or Team: Crystal Bustos

Hobbies: Surfing, golfing, volunteering at a retirement home, and recycling.

In 5 years I plan on being: In the law enforcement and have a degree in Criminal Psychology.

Favorite LLC Athletic Memory:

Favorite Opponent:

Hero growing up: My Mom and Uncle Sam

Person(s) I most enjoy spending time with: My whole family, and my 3 best friends.

People would be surprised that I can: Play guitar, and crack almost every bone in my body.

Biggest Fear: Anything that prohibits me from playing, something happening to my family and spiders.

Proudest Moment: Ending my high school career with a homerun, and also getting the best grade in math that I have ever been able to achieve.



Head Coach: Nic Nelson
Phone: 217.234.5332

Assistant Coach: Steve Simmonds
Phone: 217.234.5332

Athletic Director: Bill Jackson
Phone: 217.234.5296

Athletic Trainer: Brian Morris
Phone: 217.234.5374

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