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Volleyball 8/16/14 - LLC vs. Lincoln Land College
Volleyball 8/22/14 - LLC vs. Vincennes University Tournament-Edison (EST)
Volleyball 8/22/14 - LLC vs. Vincennes University Tournament-Rend Lake (EST)
Volleyball 8/23/14 - LLC vs. Vincennes University Tournament-Kalamazoo (EST)
Volleyball 8/23/14 - LLC vs. Vincennes University Tournament-Vincennes (EST)
Volleyball 8/27/14 - LLC vs. Kaskaskia College
Volleyball 8/29/14 - LLC vs. Lincoln Land Tournament-TBA

Cheerleader Bio

- Sara Carroll


Position: Main base

Year: Sophomore

Height: 5'4

Parents: Brandi & Gary Carroll

Hometown: Sullivan, IL


Major: Elementary Education

Favorite Food: Mac&Cheese

Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Athlete or Team: Top Gun 005

Hobbies: Cheerleading, napping, babysittting and hanging with Andi :)

In 5 years I plan on being: Married #shoutouttotheboyfriend :)

Favorite LLC Athletic Memory: David Tyler Mosier being my fav, freshman year

Favorite Opponent:

Hero growing up: Aladdin

Person(s) I most enjoy spending time with: Wyatt Chase Grohler <3 and Andi :)

People would be surprised that I can: I can make a 3 leaf clover with my tongue

Biggest Fear: Not being able to have children

Proudest Moment: Being born and making it this far!



Head Coach: Dessie Boeser
Phone: 217.234.5068

Athletic Director: Bill Jackson
Phone: 217-234-5296

Athletic Trainer: Denise Prather
Phone: 217-234-5374

NJCAA Region 24
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