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Volleyball 8/16/14 - LLC vs. Lincoln Land College
Volleyball 8/22/14 - LLC vs. Vincennes University Tournament-Edison (EST)
Volleyball 8/22/14 - LLC vs. Vincennes University Tournament-Rend Lake (EST)
Volleyball 8/23/14 - LLC vs. Vincennes University Tournament-Kalamazoo (EST)
Volleyball 8/23/14 - LLC vs. Vincennes University Tournament-Vincennes (EST)
Volleyball 8/27/14 - LLC vs. Kaskaskia College
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As any cheerleading coach will tell you, this is the one sport that does not have one person who carries the team. We don't have a 'Quarterback' or a 'Center' or a 'Pitcher' Cheerleading, its all for one and one for all! So when one or two of those on the team drop to the wayside, then its time to revamp. We are rolling along but still haven't quite found our complete nitch. We are very close to it, but still have a few bugs to work out. My daughter and I are so proud of the accomplishments of this team! As we have found in the past years, its a challenge when first starting out. Everyone needs to find who is best at what position. We are blessed to have talent all around. Our fliers are great, but they will tell you that they are great because of thier bases! The bases will tell you that thier stunts work because they have awesome back spots! The back spots will tell you that we look great because of our fliers! And that is the way it is supposed to be! At the community college level, we can have some 'fun' on the sidelines while keeping our head in the game! It is our mantra that our cheerleaders better know who has the ball and what is going on at all times! Stop the cheer in the middle and jump and shout when we make a basket! We are looking forward to competition season, but we also know that with nerves and personality conflicts, we will have to just have the cheerleaders learn how to 'roll with it'!



Head Coach: Dessie Boeser
Phone: 217.234.5068

Athletic Director: Bill Jackson
Phone: 217-234-5296

Athletic Trainer: Denise Prather
Phone: 217-234-5374

NJCAA Region 24
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