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Dual Credit
Students who have taken or are taking dual credit classes with Lake Land College are considered continuing Lake Land College students, not new freshmen. Thus, there are some differences in how to assist this special population of students when starting at Lake Land College.

Does a dual credit student need to fill out a new application?

Lake Land dual credit students do not need to fill out a new admissions application to Lake Land College unless there is a lapse of a year or more between the time that the student’s dual credit classes ended and when the student wants to start at Lake Land College.

Does a dual credit student need to change his major before coming to Orientation? Yes.

.. Click here to get to the site to change majors
.. Click here for a list of Lake Land College Transfer Majors
.. Click here for a list of Lake Land College Technical Majors

How do students obtain a copy of their transcripts?

They can obtain an unofficial listing of the courses they have taken through Lake Land College by using the Internet Registration and Information System (IRIS). They can request an official copy from the Record's Office by clicking here.

How do dual credit students register for their first semester on campus?

Through Dual Credit Orientation and Registration sessions, dual credit students have a unique opportunity to register weeks before the new incoming freshmen during special orientation and registration sessions held in April. Students will receive an invitation letter in March of their senior year regarding the process. Unlike new freshmen, dual credit students will not be assigned a specific date and time to come to orientation. They will need to call to make a reservation for the date of their choosing. Prior to attending orientation, all students will need to have test scores on file with us and have officially indicated their intended major by filling out a change of major form.


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