Lake Land College

Library - Lake Land College, Mattoon Illinois


Ask A Librarian

The Reference Librarian at Lake Land College can help you:

  • Find sources for a paper
  • Answer research questions
  • Find general information on a specific topic
  • Cite sources

Here are three ways to get research help:

  • Come to the library and visit us at the Reference Desk.
        The Reference librarian is there from 8 am to 4:30 pm Mon - Fri
        (Mon - Thur. during the summer semester.)
  • Call the Reference Desk at 234-5440.
  • Send us an email at

Please note that the Reference Desk is closed on weekends, holidays and during semester breaks, so emails submitted during these times may not be answered until the college is back in session. Please see the college academic calendar for times when school is not in session.


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