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Aquaculture to Control Algae Growth
Funding Agency: Illinois Community College Faculty Association
Project Director(s): Joe Tillman, Renewable Energy Instructor/Coordinator
Synopsis: This research project will develop a small experimental floating hydroponic garden designed to draw nutrients from the upper level of pond water to grow useful and/or edible plants. By placing the aqua-garden in the College’s larger western pond, Mr. Tillman and his students will test how well it competes with blooming algae and affects water quality. The widespread use of agricultural chemicals in rainwater runoff contributes to algae growth in many Midwestern lakes and ponds, and the resulting algae blooms greatly reduce the water oxygen levels causing various ecological damage. This project is part of a larger research project about improving water quality through aquaculture, rather than relying on harsh chemical treatments that require significant amounts of energy to produce.
Reducing the Financial Burden of College—Are Open Education Resources a Viable Option?
Funding Agency: American Sociological Association; Illinois Community College Faculty Association
Project Director(s): Dr. Stephanie Medley-Rath, Sociology/Social Sciences and Education Instructor
Synopsis: Funding from two separate awards will support Dr. Medley-Rath's research project to study the effectiveness of open educational resources within four sociology course sections—-two online and two face-to-face-—with one section of each using a traditional textbook and the other section using OERs through the current textbook/tablet rental pilot program.

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