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The year is 1991, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The year is 1991, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Tuesday, April 2 in the year 1991.

Tax referendum fails (April 2, 1991): The College asked voters to approve a 17 cent tax rate increase (12.5 cents for the Educational Purposes Fund and 4.5 cents for the Operation and Maintenance of Facilities Purposes Fund). The proposed increase would not have actually increased a person’s tax rate, however, because 18.66 cents of the then current tax levy was set to end in 1991, a fact the College underscored when the issue was raised by concerned voters. The campaign’s unrelenting efforts—which included flyers, mailings, phone banks, newspaper ads, informational speeches, and a “Referendum Review” newsletter paid for by Citizens for Lake Land College Tax Transfer Referendum Committee, all of which were designed by Public Relation’s 100-plus page manual titled Tax Referendum Action Plan—ultimately failed by a 5-3 margin due to a grass roots movement organized only a few weeks before the election.

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Members of the Lake Land College Tax Transfer Citizens Committee met with Lake Lake President Robert Luther to discuss the upcoming tax transfer referendum


From left to right: Gene Bauer, Robert Luther, Bob Moore, and Henry Potaucher (sp)


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