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The year is 2007, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Friday, June 1 in the year 2007.

Scott Lensink named interim President (June 1, 2007): Lensink, who had been serving as Vice President of Academic Services since 2002, assumed temporary duties as the school’s president. Seven months later (January 1, 2008), the Board offered—and he accepted—the position to become LLC’s 6th standing president. Before his administrative duties as a vice president, Lensink taught in the Business Division (1992) where he served, in addition to his teaching duties, as the director of management and business, as well as serving as its Division Chair after the departure of Max Jaeger. Prior to coming to LLC, Lensink had taught in the Lumpkin School of Business at EIU, and had been a part of many business ventures in the private sector before that. His educational background included a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota, and a master’s from EIU.

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