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Lake Land College recognizes students at annual banquet

May 15, 2014
Lake Land College honored its students’ achievements at the annual Student Recognition Banquet held recently in Mattoon. 
More than 130 students were officially recognized at the event, hosted by the Student Government Association. 
Students were recognized for their academic achievements, elected offices and organizational roles for the academic year.  
Seven students received the Outstanding Student Award for their academic division. The awards are given to a student from each academic division who has displayed excellence within his/her division as well as contributed to Lake Land College and the community. 
The Outstanding Award Recipients include: Kolten Postin, Moweaqua, Agriculture Division; Jessica Richardson, Hume, Allied Health Division; John Tilghman, Lerna; Business Division; Sarah Burch, Shelbyville, Humanities and Communication Division; Alicia Waller, Mattoon, Math and Science Division; Emily Stuemke, Altamont, Social Science and Education Division; and  Ryan Camp, Kansas, Technology Division. 
The criteria of the award include: graduation from a program with 30 or more hours during the 2013-2014 academic year, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, outstanding contributions to the division and outstanding contributions to Lake Land College and the community.
The following students were also recognized for their participation in the organizations listed:
Student Representatives to the Board of Trustees
Kolten Postin, Moweaqua for 2013-2014 
Christopher Walk, Neoga for 2014-2015
Who’s Who Among American Junior College Students
Daniel Amman, Mattoon 
Hollie Austin, Brocton 
Jacob Barnett, Mattoon
Heather Began, Altamont 
Connor Biehler, Shelbyville
Anita Bierman, Effingham 
Joseph Bongungu, Champaign
Judy Brown, Toledo
Georgeanna Callow, Mattoon 
Aaron Crawford, Raymond 
Courtney Croy, Charleston 
Tori Daniels, Strasburg
Kathleen Dunlap, Charleston
Brian Holt, Arthur 
Blake Huelskamp, Mattoon
Becky Inman, Mattoon 
Cannon Lambert, Erie 
Kenneth Laws, Neoga
Nancy Lefever, Casey
Marie Lock, Avon 
Craig Minor, Shelbyville
Michaela Montgomery, Casey 
Rachel Porter, Mattoon
Kolten Postin, Moweaqua  
Sarah Ray, Shumway 
Susan Reed, Mode 
Hilary Rhode, Hume 
Jeffrey Robison, Charelston
April Scott, Sullivan 
Jeri Shoultz, Mattoon 
Blake Shuemaker, Windsor 
Crystal Stout, Casey 
Krysta Tish, St. Elmo
Gary Trepanier, Mattoon
Dana Westendorf, Teutopolis 
4.0 Grade Point Average
Wendy Antrim, Altamont 
Heather Began, Altamont 
Anita Bierman, Effingham 
Ronna Butt, Bethany 
Georgeanna Callow, Mattoon 
Amanda Craig, Toledo 
Melissa Davis, Dieterich
Valerie Deters, Teutopolis 
Holly Dust, Dieterich 
Kerry Frazier, Charleston
Mico Gaines, Mattoon
Heather Glenn, Shelbyville 
Todd Goeckner, Effingham
Naomi Gray, Effingham 
Anna Grimes, Dieterich 
Anthony Holloway, Paris 
Jill Klingler, Mason
Sarah Kramer, Farina
Jacob Lachapelle, Charleston 
Ryan Meinhart, Wheeler 
Laura Oehmke, Effingham 
Bailey Pals, Effingham
Matthew Pruemer, Effingham
Jenalee Reardon, Effingham 
Amber Rice, Pana 
Sarah Roddy, Martinsville 
Jaci Rothe, St. Peter 
Stephanie Ruholl, Teutopolis
Barbara Satterfield, Shelbyville 
Kyle Szabo, Estes Park, Colo.  
Christa Tibbs, Toledo
Shadow Wallace, Martinsville 
Travis Weber, Newton
Shelby Will, Sigel
Krista Zerrusen, Effingham 
Student Ambassadors
Daniel Ammann, Mattoon 
ConnorBiehler, Shelbyville
Tori Daniels, Strasburg
Kelsie Hinds, Mattoon
Brooke Homann, Charleston 
Kubra Iqbal, Mattoon
Kallie Koester, Effingham
Briley Lloyd, Mattoon 
Marie Lock, Avon 
Cody Morris, Lerna
Ashley Probst, Stewardson  
Hilary Rhode, Hume 
Tyson Schulte, Mattoon 
Felicity Shoultz, Mattoon 
Amanda Tucker, Windsor
Christopher Walk, Neoga
Kory Stone-Business Manager, Charleston
Beth Koehler-Copy Editor, Marshall
Tanner Garren-Layout/Design, Effingham 
Kaitlyn Conrad-Photo/Web, Charleston
Adam Hostetter-Sports/Entertainment, Windsor 
Shelby Mitchell-News/Opinion, Sullivan 
Brice Simmons-Campus/Features, Westfield
Navigator Writers: 
Tori Daniels, Strasburg 
Nathan Goodman, Arthur 
Frances Hebron, Mattoon 
Matt Miller, Shelbyville
Dakota Pruemer, Shelbyville
Lucas Thomas, Charleston
Nick Yamamoto, Charleston  
Navigator Staff Photographer
Elizabeth Schaub, Mattoon
Student Activity Board
Lucas Thomas- Chair, Charleston
Nate Bible-Vice Chair, Louisville
Leah Wellbaum-Secretary, Greenup 
J J Blazich-Treasurer, Neoga
Danielle Cohen, Casey 
Kaitlyn Conrad, Charleston 
Jared Gordon, Mattoon 
Leah Johnson, Greenup 
Brittney McFarland, Mattoon 
Noah Oberlink, Brownstown  
Brice Simmons, Westfield
Student Government Association
Courtney Carver-President, Charleston 
Ian Keith-Vice President, Effingham 
Hilary Rhode-Secretary, Hume 
Kristopher Kersey-Treasurer, Arcola
Dylan Rardin-Parliamentarian, Kansas 
Sara Carroll-PR, Sullivan 
Jacob Adams, Sullivan 
Andrea Gardner, Windsor
Adriene Lane, Sullivan 
Trey Leasher, Windsor
Chelsy Lorance, Lerna 
Brady McDowell, Brownstown 
Bailey McQueen, Windsor  
Cheyenne Neal, Charleston
Kolten Postin, Moweaqua  
Felicity Shoultz, Mattoon 
Courtney Wall, Ramsey
Krista Zerrusen, Effingham
Cutline:  At the Lake Land College Student Recognition Banquet, seven students received the Outstanding Student Award for their academic division.  In the front row, from left are: Sarah Burch, Humanities and Communication Division, Shelbyville; Jessica Richardson, Allied Health Division, Hume; Alicia Waller, Math and Science Division, Atwood; and Emily Stuemke, Social Science and Education Division, Altamont. In the back row, from left are: Ryan Camp, Technology Division, Kansas; John Tilghman, Business Division, Lerna; and Kolten Postin, Agriculture Division, Moweaqua. 


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