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Lake Land College announces part-time fall semester honors list

The Lake Land College 2012 fall semester academic honors list for part-time students has been released by the college.

To qualify for the president’s list, a student must have completed at least six to 11 credit hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.8 – 4.0.  

To qualify for the dean’s list, a student must have completed six to 11 credit hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.65 – 3.79.  

To qualify for the honor’s list, a student must have completed at least six to 11 credit hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.5 – 3.64. 

A grade “A” is four points, a “B” is three points, a “C” is two points, etc.

The following part-time students have achieved these academic honors:


Name                         City             Honor's Code          

Michala Fischer               Allenville       President's List

Amy Roedl                     Altamont         President's List

Tabatha Lemke                 Altamont         President's List

Kyle Higgs                     Altamont         President's List

Hayden Winters                 Altamont         President's List

Darcie Hammer                 Altamont         Dean's List     

Sandra Falk                   Altamont         Honor's List    

Rebecca Kelly                 Altamont         Honor's List    

Kassie Bullard                 Altamont         Honor's List    

Molly Verdeyen                 Altamont         Honor's List    

Erin Victor                   Arcola           President's List

Leah Keagle                   Arthur           President's List

Taylor Stone                   Arthur           Dean's List     

Jacob Cohan                   Arthur           Honor's List    

Nathan Goodman                 Arthur           Honor's List    

Neal DeLude                   Ashmore         President's List

Cory Logan                     Ashmore         President's List

Carmen Spencer                 Beecher City    President's List

Chelsie Duckwitz               Beecher City    President's List

Jeffrey Benes                 Berwyn           Honor's List    

William Craig                 Bethany         President's List

Jessica Leatherwood           Bethany         Dean's List     

Jennifer Cazel                 Bethany         Honor's List    

Nathan Scott                   Bethany         Honor's List    

Jessica Cooper                 Brocton          Dean's List     

Sarah Everett                 Brownstown   President's List

Shelby Rine                   Brownstown   President's List

Theresa Carmin                 Brownstown   President's List

Glenda Dufaux                 Brownstown   Dean's List     

Agapito Alvarez               Canton           President's List

John Grays                     Canton           President's List

Luis Maldonado                 Canton           President's List

DeNorris Meekins               Canton           President's List

Denuawn Johnson               Canton           President's List

Jose Vazquez                   Canton           President's List

Sammy Gresham                 Canton           President's List

Lawrence Howard               Canton           President's List

Matt Edmonds                   Canton           President's List

Jose Rodriguez                 Canton           President's List

Anthony Kentner               Canton           President's List

Jose Garcia                   Canton           President's List

Victor Galicia                 Canton           President's List

Michael Williams               Canton           Dean's List     

Nicholas Petty                 Canton           Dean's List     

Royal Cooper                   Canton           Dean's List     

Shawn Skinner                 Canton           Dean's List     

Eric England                   Canton           Dean's List     

James Riordan                 Canton           Dean's List     

Hector Orozco                 Canton           Dean's List     

Arturo Peinado                 Canton           Dean's List     

Quentin Hamilton               Canton           Dean's List     

Damir Beogradlija             Canton           Dean's List     

Anthony Rosario               Canton           Honor's List    

Keith Barnes                   Canton           Honor's List    

Gregory Wilkins               Canton           Honor's List    

Antonio Johnson               Canton           Honor's List    

Gerrell Tucker                 Canton           Honor's List    

Earl Travis                   Canton           Honor's List    

Dion Andrews                   Canton           Honor's List    

Eric Hunt                     Canton           Honor's List    

Oscar Grissette               Canton           Honor's List    

Anthony Coppoletta             Canton           Honor's List    

Joshua Green                   Canton           Honor's List    

Shawn Swearingen               Canton           Honor's List    

Brian Romain                   Canton           Honor's List    

Larry Hagerman                 Canton           Honor's List    

Stephen Sutton                 Canton           Honor's List    

Brian Morgan                   Canton           Honor's List    

Leonard Davis                 Canton           Honor's List    

Nancy Lefever                 Casey           President's List

Crystal Stout                 Casey           President's List

Amber Brooke                   Casey           President's List

Brandi Coffey                 Casey           President's List

Michelle Humel                 Casey           Dean's List     

Jeffrey Cross                 Casey           Honor's List    

Roxine Genthner               Champaign     Dean's List     

Jill Fickes                   Charleston       President's List

Steven Malehorn               Charleston       President's List

Candace Spence                 Charleston       President's List

Logan Herbert                 Charleston       President's List

Adam Hall                     Charleston       President's List

Veronica Edwards               Charleston       President's List

Eric Swango                   Charleston       President's List

David Schaefer                 Charleston       President's List

Marcus Roach                   Charleston       President's List

Ashley Patrick                 Charleston       President's List

Brandi Furry                   Charleston       President's List

Ella Walters                   Charleston       President's List

Emily Simpson                 Charleston       President's List

Matthew Johnson               Charleston       President's List

George Besch                   Charleston       President's List

Orkhan Abdullayev             Charleston       President's List

Clayton Kauffman               Charleston       President's List

Erica Webster                 Charleston       President's List

Zachary Jenkins               Charleston       President's List

Jacqueline Rainey             Charleston       President's List

Aaron Hite                     Charleston       President's List

Shannon Mavi                   Charleston       President's List

Heather Wilkey                 Charleston       President's List

Trevor Bradley                 Charleston       President's List

Sara Toberman                 Charleston       President's List

Aneesah Harris                 Charleston       President's List

Wisdom Anku                   Charleston       President's List

Aaron Stewart                 Charleston       President's List

Kimberly Wargo                 Charleston       President's List

Tyler Terrell                 Charleston       Dean's List     

Ellyn Barber                   Charleston       Dean's List     

Kathleen Dunlap               Charleston       Dean's List     

Miriam Zethmayr               Charleston       Dean's List     

Cassidy Arthur                 Charleston       Dean's List     

Shanteal Harris               Charleston       Honor's List    

Amy Bright                     Charleston       Honor's List    

Katlyn Vandermeer             Charleston       Honor's List    

Mariah Kissell                 Charleston       Honor's List    

Lindsay Haaland               Charleston       Honor's List    

Terry Sanders                 Charleston       Honor's List    

Cynthia Niamoutie             Charleston       Honor's List    

Rafael Rommel Monjardin     Charleston       Honor's List    

Adam Atchason                 Charleston       Honor's List    

Cierra Bough                   Charleston       Honor's List    

Makenzie Rakow                 Charleston       Honor's List    

Shelby Gilbert                 Charleston       Honor's List    

Anna Goddard                   Charleston       Honor's List    

Hannah Hargesheimer           Charleston       Honor's List    

Johnathon Kelly               Chicago         Dean's List     

Ashley Gore                   Chrisman         Honor's List    

Charles Hawes                 Claremont       President's List

Kate Fletcher                 Columbia         Honor's List    

Shalyn Thompson               Cowden           President's List

Elisabeth Novak               Cowden           President's List

Sara Headrick                 Cowden           President's List

Amanda Evans                   Cowden           President's List

Haley Delgado                 Decatur         Honor's List    

Morgan Campbell               Dieterich       Dean's List     

Stacy Rudolphi                 Dieterich       Honor's List    

Angie Flinn                   Dieterich       Honor's List    

Darren Ruffin                 Dixon           President's List

Robert Browning               Dixon           President's List

Earl Johnson                   Dixon           President's List

Miguel Gonzalez               Dixon           President's List

Charles Davis                 Dixon           President's List

Darrin Dorsey                 Dixon           President's List

Erick Hines                   Dixon           President's List

Darrell Winston               Dixon           President's List

Simione Dunn                   Dixon           President's List

Martin Hoffman                 Dixon           President's List

Michael Thompson               Dixon           President's List

Mario Navarro                 Dixon           President's List

Edolo Gary                     Dixon           President's List

Samuel Feffer                 Dixon           President's List

Ralph Pollock                 Dixon           President's List

Michael Watkins               Dixon           President's List

Gregory Robinson               Dixon           President's List

Marvin Alexis                 Dixon           President's List

Clinton Young                 Dixon           President's List

Jeffrey Ware                   Dixon           President's List

Richard Poole-Long             Dixon           President's List

Johnny Ruffin                 Dixon           President's List

Jaime Sepulveda               Dixon           President's List

Larry Brooks                   Dixon           President's List

Hasan Qazi                     Dixon           President's List

Pedro Alamillo                 Dixon           President's List

Joseph Meyer                   Dixon           President's List

Nicholas Labordeta             Dixon           President's List

Adam Kouba                     Dixon           President's List

Carmen Farmakis               Dixon           President's List

Damion Catledge               Dixon           President's List

Christopher McClain           Dixon           President's List

Frank Hale                     Dixon           President's List

Justin Bartlett               Dixon           President's List

Yudel Campos-Castro           Dixon           Dean's List     

Alexander Davila               Dixon           Dean's List     

Anthony Chestnut               Dixon           Dean's List     

Adrian Martin                 Dixon           Dean's List     

Jian Tan                       Dixon           Dean's List     

Gabriel Ramos                 Dixon           Dean's List     

James West                     Dixon           Dean's List     

Irving Aviles                 Dixon           Dean's List     

Harvey Cruz                   Dixon           Dean's List     

Michael Permanian             Dixon           Honor's List    

Darryl Fleming                 Dixon           Honor's List    

John Homatas                   Dixon           Honor's List    

David Lembke                   Dixon           Honor's List    

John Egelston                 Dixon           Honor's List    

Robert Kozel                   Dixon           Honor's List    

Robert Eagan                   Dixon           Honor's List    

Carl Michaels                 Dixon           Honor's List    

Michael Young                 Dixon           Honor's List    

John McAhren                   Dixon           Honor's List    

William Thomas                 Dixon           Honor's List    

William Lesley                 Dixon           Honor's List    

Marseilles Redmond             Dwight           President's List

Amanda Fisher                 Dwight           President's List

Cathleen Miller               Dwight           President's List

Ollie Daily                   Dwight           President's List

Kristal Lafferty               Dwight           Dean's List     

Paris Knox                     Dwight           Dean's List     

Joan Sanchez                   Dwight           Dean's List     

Julie Feger                   Dwight           Dean's List     

Karyssa Liggett               Dwight           Honor's List    

Victor Salto                   East Moline     President's List

Robert Hornbuckle             East Moline     President's List

Thomas Rasheed                 East Moline     Honor's List    

Mark Porter                   East Moline     Honor's List    

Daniel Wekenmann               East Moline     Honor's List    

Lamonte Brown                 East Moline     Honor's List    

Cory Robinson                 East Moline     Honor's List    

Joshua Ernat                   East Moline     Honor's List    

Justin Harmon                 East Saint Louis President's List

Kenny Gardner                 East Saint Louis President's List

Carl Carter Jr.               East Saint Louis President's List

Jessie Hill                   East Saint Louis President's List

George Calfas                 East Saint Louis President's List

David Edwards                 East Saint Louis President's List

Daniel Allen                   East Saint Louis President's List

Dominic Cooks                 East Saint Louis President's List

Dwight Looney                 East Saint Louis President's List

Brian Merrifield               East Saint Louis President's List

Deandre Stribling             East Saint Louis President's List

Marcus Hunter                 East Saint Louis President's List

John Hitch                     East Saint Louis President's List

Garrett Chrzastek             East Saint Louis President's List

Jacob Powell                   East Saint Louis President's List

James Humbard                 East Saint Louis President's List

Samuel Reynolds               East Saint Louis President's List

Ryan Corso                     East Saint Louis President's List

George Kostas                 East Saint Louis President's List

Larry Parks                   East Saint Louis President's List

Allen Wallman                 East Saint Louis President's List

Cody Newton                   East Saint Louis President's List

Abe Silas                     East Saint Louis President's List

Jeffrey Danekas               East Saint Louis President's List

Larry Garrison                 East Saint Louis President's List

Robert Webb                   East Saint Louis President's List

Bruce Mormon                   East Saint Louis President's List

Derek Newton                   East Saint Louis President's List

Larry Lingo                   East Saint Louis President's List

Ronald Evans                   East Saint Louis President's List

Matthew Whitman               East Saint Louis President's List

Louis Drummer                 East Saint Louis President's List

Monterius Thomas               East Saint Louis President's List

Craig Tuttle                   East Saint Louis President's List

Shane Hall                     East Saint Louis President's List

Terrence Honan                 East Saint Louis President's List

Benjamin Hedtkamp             East Saint Louis President's List

Scott Morinec                 East Saint Louis President's List

Lowell Grissom                 East Saint Louis President's List

Michael Dyce                   East Saint Louis President's List

Jerry Partee                   East Saint Louis President's List

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Lake Land College to host Mobile Veterans Center

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Lake Land College hosts Adult Week, honoring adult students

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Lake Land College Foundation to hold 17th annual golf classic

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Lake Land College names Grunloh executive assistant to the president

Lake Land College’s Daugherty awarded EIBEA Teacher of the Year Award

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