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21 Keys - Pacific Institute training that provides you with a set of tools to set and reach goals in the areas of your life you choose to concentrate on.
Affirmation - A statement written in the first person and in the present tense that positively states the goal you are going to reach.
Assessment - As it relates to education, detmines the progress that students make toward educational goals. Basically, when conducting assessment in an educational setting, the questions to ask and address include: A) Are students learning? and B) How do we know they are learning?
Blue Culture - In a "blue" Constructive Culture, there are high levels of:
  • Achievement: People explore alternatives, set goals, take risks, learn from mistakes, and truly experience that success is the result of performance and accountability (not luck or power or who you know).
  • Self-Actualizing: People demonstrate strong desire to learn and experience new things, display creative yet realistic thinking, and have balanced concern for people and ideas.
  • Humanistic Encouraging: When people are interested in growing and developing our own people and we devote the time and energy to coaching, counseling, supporting, and encouraging each other.
  • Affiliative: Where people share thoughts and feelings with each other, are friendly and cooperative, and make others feel a part of things.
Bold Goal - A goal that stretches your skills and allows you to grow.
Circumplex - Provides a snapshot of what drives performance in an organization including individual contributors, leaders, and work teams. It breaks the factors underlying performance down into 12 styles of thinking, behaving, and interacting. Some styles are effective and productive; some are not. Whether effective or not, they all describe what's happening inside the organization and provide a direction for change and development.
Credit Hours - Total number of hours all Lake Land students are enrolled in for credit per a specific time frame.
Culture - Refects what people feel they must do to "fit in" at an organization in order to succeed.
Employee Life Cycle - The stages in which an employee moves through in a workplace from recruitment to retirement.
Evaluation - Examines the effectiveness and/or impact of a product, process or program in terms of carefully defined and agreed on objectives or values. Evaluation results are used to identity what aspects of a product, process, or program need to be improved in order to develop recommendations for enhancing or improving the product, process, or program. It is not concerned with generalizations that may be extended to other settings. Evaluation questions frequently ask: A) How well are we meeting our goals? and B) To what degree are we succeeding?
Implementation Teams - Teams focused on the four priorities that will develop strategies for each goal and then lead the college through the implementation of those strategies.
Individual Relevance/Value Statement - Short statements that describe how you contrinute to the colelge's success.
OCES - An online survey tool used to assess an organization's culture. Lake Land has taken two.
Pacific Institute - An international company founded by Lou Tice that provides 21 Keys training materials and assists organizations in implementing cultural shifts.
Priority - Areas of strategic focus.
STEP or Strategic Enrollment Plan - A team formed to create a targeted enrollment plan.

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