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Welcome to the Lake Land College Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) website

Lake Land College is a public community college subject to all applicable state and federal laws and is governed by an elected Board of Trustees. The Freedom of Information Act was created to ensure transparency and accountability of governments at all levels. You can find more information about the Freedom of Information Act by going to the Illinois Attorney General's website:

Please use this website to guide you in the process of making your FOIA request.

Please note we have provided several documents of interest on this website that you can access on your own without having to complete a FOIA request.

After submitting your request via email you can expect to receive confirmation from one of our FOIA officers. The college's regular business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, with the exception of mid-May to mid-August when we observe a four day work week to conserve energy costs. The first 50 pages of black and white, letter-, or legal-sized copies are free.

The following additional fees will be charged and you will be required to pay the fees prior to the processing of your request:

  • Pages 51 and up will be charged 15 cents per page
  • Any CDs, disks or specialized drives required for the copying of electronic files will be charged at cost
  • Any large-sized documents that require specialized copying equipment such as blue prints, etc. will be charged at cost
  • Should you wish to appeal the college's decision, you can contact the Public Access Counselor in the Attorney General's Office:

    Cara Smith
    Public Access Counselor
    Office of the Attorney General
    500 S. 2nd Street
    Springfield, Illinois 62706
    Phone: 312-814-5526 or 1-877-299-FOIA (1-877-299-3642)
    Fax: 217-782-1396

Lake Land College FOIA Officers
Employee and Personnel Information:
Dawn Schlechte, Director of Human Resources, (217) 234-5410

Fiscal, Budget or Financial Information: Madge Bailey, Comptroller, (217) 234-5375

Student and Student Policy Information:
Jon Van Dyke, Dean of Admissions, (217) 234-5378

Media and College Communications:
Kelly Allee, Director of Communications & Creative Services, (217) 234-5215


Custodial Contract 2012-2015
Faculty Contract 2013-2016
Paraprofessional Contract 2014-2017
Charter Bus Service Bid Tab
Charter Bus Service RFP
Commercial Driver Training Simulator Bid Tab
Commercial Driver Training Simulator
Welding Program Electrical Addendum
Welding Program Electrical Bid Tab
Welding Program Electrical Room 108
Welding Program Electrical Site Plan
Welding Program Electrical Specifications
WDC Painting
10006 WDC Painting Bid Tab
10005 WDC Paving
301 East Richmond Parking 2010 05 18
005200 - LLC WDC Paving Bid Tab
10003 Charter Bus Service RFP
10002 - Parking Improvements C1.01R
10002 - LLC Parking Improvements
Public Act 096-0266
10002 Parking Area Improvements Bid Tab
FY 2011 Financial Audit
AFSME Contract
Bid for Fire Pump Replacement
Fire Pump Replacement - Bid Tab
2010-002 Alternative Energy Equipment Bid Tab
2011-003 Anatomical Models Bid Tab
2011-013 Parking Area Improvements Bid Tab
2011-014 ZEB Shell Bid Tab
2011-019 GPS Rover Bid Tab
2012-001 Welders Bid Tab
2012-002 Webb Hall Tables & Chairs Bid Tab
2012-005 Table Top Mills and Lathes Bid Tab
2012-006 Photovoltaic System Bid Tab
2012-007 Parking Area Improvements Bid Tab
2013-005 Ag Tech Electrical Upgrade Bid Tab
2013-008 Parking Area Improvements Bid Tab
2013-014 Soil Finisher Bid Tab
2013-015 Smart Grid Equipment Bid Tab
2014-001 Digital Panoramic X-ray System Bid Tab
2014-002 Photovoltaic Array #3 Bid Tab
2014-004 Wheel Alignment System Bid Tab
2014-008 Mechatronic Laboratory Equipment Bid Tab
2014-010 Photovoltaic Array #4 Bid Tab
2014-013 Fire Pump Replacement - Bid Tab
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About Lake Land College
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Public Record Documents

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