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Partnerships for College and Career Success

Taking specific courses in high school, may mean fewer courses you have to take at Lake Land College, because you already have the knowledge and skills.

Lake Land College / EIEFES Tech Prep
Looking for a way to earn college credits while still in high school?

 What is PCCS?
  • Educational initiative to prepare students for high skilled/high wage careers that require technical skills
  • Programs of study linking high school and college
  • PCCS students begin their training in the 11th grade and continue the pathway to an associate‚Äôs degree or higher

What is the 2+2+2 Formula for Success?

   2 years High School
2 years education at Lake Land College
= An Associate’s Degree
+ 2 (optional) more years of education at a 4 year university
= A Bachelor’s Degree

What Pathways are available? Click here to find out!

Why should you choose the Partnerships Pathway?

  • Nearly 80% of jobs require education beyond high school *
  • Majority of jobs will require technical education
  • Many of the ten fastest growing occupations entry level positions require an Associate’s Degree. **
  • PCCS students get a head start on college because of formal links between high school and college
  • Earn while you learn – skills learned in high school can be used for part time work while attending school
  • Time and Money saved
  • Earn college credit in high school
  • Eligible for proficiency testing to waive college courses
  • Preferred admission in some competitive college programs

How do I access the Partnerships Pathway?

  • Talk to your high school Guidance Counselor about your career plans to see if the PCCS pathway is included.
  • Check Programs of Study on this website to see what classes are needed to prepare for your college career.
  • Submit your PCCS Certificate to Lake Land College Perkins Office for program eligibility and evaluation.
  • Perkins/PCCS office will contact you regarding your eligibility for proficiency for waived courses.
  • Upon graduation, have your counselor submit your final transcript to Lake Land College Perkins/PCCS office for final evaluation.

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