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Course Reserve Policy

What are course reserves?

Course reserves are a convenient way for faculty to make supplemental course readings available for an entire class or classes. The reserve shelves are located in the Library behind the Circulation Desk. If you would like to put materials on reserve, please contact the circulation staff at 234-5367 or

Please Note: Your students must have a valid Lake Land College library card in order to check out reserve materials.

Do you have an Electronic Reserve System?

We do not as yet have the capability to set up electronic reserves; however, some of the full-text databases that the Library subscribes to have persistent URLs, which means that the URL can be stored on a web page that you might set up for students. Please note that students will need to have Lake Land email accounts set up to access these items from off campus. Also note that such articles should be checked regularly to make sure that the database has not withdrawn the content.

What may I put on reserve?

A faculty member may place on reserve personal or library copies of books, sound recordings, and music scores. Items borrowed from another library may NOT be placed on reserve. Any library copies that are put on reserve must be approved by the Library Director.

Generally, an instructor may place on reserve his/her copy of a photocopied article for student use, with the understanding that the copy was lawfully made and does not infringe upon the copyright holder's rights. A photocopied article, book chapter, etc., can only remain on reserve for 1 semester unless the instructor obtains permission in writing from the copyright holder. All photocopied materials will be stamped with a copyright stamp to indicate that they are subject to the copyright law (unless they are in the public domain).

Under no circumstances will the library place on reserve a professor-created anthology or course pack of readings, unless the anthology has been created with the permission of the copyright holders or the materials are no longer subject to copyright law. Anthologies may also be defined as video clips from various copyrighted works placed on one videotape and audio recordings of various copyrighted works placed on one cassette, CD, or other storage medium.

The Library will not place course textbooks on reserve except for emergency situations. Please consult the Director if this arises.

If an item to be placed on reserve exceeds fair use guidelines, the library and the instructor will determine together whether to purchase an authorized copy or seek copyright permission for the unauthorized copy. The instructor will seek the permission and pay the associated fees. If the copyright holder denies permission, the library will remove the copy from reserve immediately.

What is NOT permitted for Reserve?

Items that are considered to be "consumable" may not be placed on reserve without prior written copyright permission. For example, workbooks, standardized tests or test answer sheets, printed exercises, or printed items that are designed to be removed from their bindings for course work can be considered "consumables".

How many copies may I put on reserve?

Multiple photocopies may be placed on reserve subject to the following guidelines:

  1. The amount of material should be reasonable in proportion to the total amount of material assigned for one term of a course, taking into account the nature of the course, its subject matter and level.
  2. The number of copies should be in proportion to the number of students enrolled, the difficulty and timing of assignments. In general, the library will place no more than three (3) copies of a photocopied work on reserve. If a class has large enrollment or there are multiple sections of a class, the following guidelines may be waived, at the discretion of the Library:
  0-20 students not more
than two copies
  21+ students not more
than three copies

The effect of photocopying the material should not harm the market for the work. No more than one chapter from the same book, or one article from a single periodical issue will be accepted for the reserve collection. The Library or the instructor MUST own a legal copy of the work being copied.

All photocopied items or electronic versions must contain the proper notice of copyright on the first page of each reproduction. All photocopied items or electronic versions must contain proper bibliographic citation. This must consist of enough information so that the reader could locate the work in its original.

May I put audio or video recordings on reserve?

Authorized (i.e., legally purchased) copies of videocassettes, DVDs, audiocassettes, and compact disks can be placed on reserve.

However, off-air recordings of television broadcasts will not be placed on reserve for more than 2 weeks unless the producer has granted permission in writing.

The Library will not place on reserve unauthorized copies (i.e. instructor-produced) of audio cassettes or compact discs, including instructor created anthologies, unless the instructor has written permission from the copyright holder for each recording and each piece of music.

How long can items remain on reserve?

As a general rule, instructor- or library-owned items can remain on reserve for 3-5 years. However, photocopied articles or chapters from books can remain on reserve for no more than 1 semester without written permission of the copyright holder. The Library must receive a copy of this written permission, which will be kept on file as long as the item is on reserve

The Library staff will send out letters annually to each instructor who has items on reserve. A listing of the items the instructor has on reserve, along with the number of times that the item has been checked out, will be provided. The instructor will then notify the Circulation Clerk(s) which items should be retained on reserve or removed. If there is no response from the instructor, the reserve items will be removed from Reserve and returned to the instructor or to the Library collection as appropriate.

If you have any questions about the Reserve policy, please contact the Director of Library Services via email ( or at 234-5338.

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