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Agriculture in World History

Author: Tauger, Mark B.
Call No: S419.T38 2011


Small Green Roofs: Low-Tech Options for Greener Living

Call No: SB419.5.S63 2011


Allied Health

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Author: Altschiller, Donald
Call No: RM931.A65A54 2011


Cancer: A Very Short Introduction

Author: James, Nicholas
Call No: RC261.J36 2011


Coping With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Guide For Families

Author: Roberts, Cheryl A
Call No: RC552.P67R63 2011


Football Fatalities and Catastrophic Injuries, 1931-2008

Author: Mueller, Frederick O.
Call No: RC1220.F6M84 2011


Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health

Author: Taubes, Gary
Call No: RM237.73.T38 2008


Haiti After the Earthquake

Author: Farmer, Paul
Call No: RA645.7.H2F37 2011


History of Medicine, 2nd Edition.; A Scandalously Short Introduction

Author: Duffin, Jacalyn
Call No: R131.D83 2010


Madness A Very Short Introduction

Author: Scull, Andrew T.
Call No: RC438.S33 2011


Notes on Nightingale: the Influence and Legacy of a Nursing Icon

Call No: RT37.N5N68 2010


Patient Education

Call No: RT1.N77 2011 v.46:3


Sugar Nation : The Hidden Truth Behind America's Deadliest Habit and the Simple Way to Beat it

Author: O'Connell, Jeff
Call No: RC662.18.o36 2010


The Tell-Tale Brain: A Neuroscientist's Quest For What Makes Us Human

Author: Ramachandran, V.S.
Call No: RC351.R25 2011


Vegan For Life: Everything You Need To Know To Be Healkthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet

Author: Norris, Jack, RD.
Call No: RA784.N665 2011


When Someone You Love Suffers From Posttraumatic Stress

Author: Zayfert, Claudia
Call No: RC552.P67Z39 2011



Advertising: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Fletcher, Winston
Call No: HF5823.F54 2010


America's Water and Wastewater Crisis: The Role of Private Enterprise

Author: Solomon, Lewis D.
Call No: HD1694.A5S74 2011


Debtor Nation: the History of America in Red Ink

Author: Hyman, Louis
Call No: HG3756.U54H96 2011


Food Security

Author: McDonald, Bryan
Call No: HD9000.5.M369 2010


One less Car: Bibycling and the Politics of Automobility

Author: Furness, Zachary Mooradian
Call No: HE308.F87 2010


One less Car: Bibycling and the Politics of Automobility

Author: Furness, Zachary Mooradian
Call No: HE308.F87 2010


Sustainable Business and Industry: Designing and Operating For Social and Environmental Responsibility

Author: Jacobsen, Joseph
Call No: HD60.J33 2011


The Social Impact of Sexual Harassment: A Resource Manual For Organizations and Scholars

Author: Markert, John
Call No: HF5549.5.S45M375 2010


Humanities and Communication

Early Music: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Kelly, Thomas Forrest
Call No: ML457.K45 2011


Evolving English: One Language, Many Voices: An Illustrated History of the English Language

Author: Crystal, David
Call No: PE1075.C78 2010


George Gershwin

Author: Starr, Larry
Call No: ML410.G288S73 2011


Grimms' Tales for Young and Old : The Complete Stories

Author: Grimm, Jacob
Call No: PT921.G62 1977


Introducing Pottery: The Complete Guide

Author: Rhode, Dan
Call No: NK4225.R46 2010


Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Culler, Jonathan D.
Call No: PN81.C857 2011


Michael Moore: Filmmaker, Newsmaker, Cultural Icon

Call No: PN1998.3.M665M53 2010


Modernism: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Butler, Christopher
Call No: N6494.M64B88 2010


Muhammad: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Brown, Jonathan
Call No: BP75.B66 2011


Paganism: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Davies, Owen
Call No: BL432.D38P34 2011


Protestantism: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Noll, Mark A.
Call No: BX4811.3.N65 2011


Saints & Sinners: A History of the Popes

Author: Duffy, Eamon
Call No: BX955.2.D84 2006


Secrets & Wives: The Hidden World of Mormon Polygamy

Author: Bhattacharya, Sanjiv
Call No: BX8641.B46 2011


Stop Plagiarism: A Guide to Understanding and Prevention

Call No: PN167.S76 2010


The Cambridge Companion to Malcolm X

Call No: BP223.Z8L5702010


The Origins of Feasts, Fasts, and Seasons in Early Christianity

Author: Bradshaw, Paul F.
Call No: BV35.B73 2011


The Penguin Handbook of the World's Living Religions

Call No: BL82.P46 2010


The Reformation: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Marshall, Peter
Call No: BR305.3.M37 2009


The Secret Lives of Buildings: From the Ruins of the Parthenon to the Vegas Strip in Thirteen Stories

Author: Hollis, Edward
Call No: NA2543.H55H66 2009


The Wave

Author: Strasser, Todd
Call No: PS3569.T69132W38 1981


Why Americans Hate Welfare: Race, Media, and the Politics of

Author: Gilens, Martin
Call No: P96.P842U654 2000


Why Architecture Matters

Author: Goldberger, Paul
Call No: NA2540.G63 2009


Juvenile Collection

The Secret Garden

Author: Burnett, Frances Hodgson
Call No: PZ7.B934Se 2007b


Leisure Materials

The Great Hunt

Author: Jordan, Robert
Call No: Paperback


Math/Physical Science

DNA: A Graphic Guide to the Molecule That Shook the World

Author: Rosenfield, Israel
Call No: QP624.R67 2011


Dreaming: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Hobson, J. Allan
Call No: QP426.H624 2005


Extinction and Radiation: How the Fall of Dinosaurs Led to the Rise of Mammals

Author: Archcibald, J. David
Call No: QE861.6.E95A73 2011



Author: Vitt, Laurie J.
Call No: QL641.Z84 2009



Author: Raffles, Hugh
Call No: QL463.R34 2010


Life On Earth: Portrait of a Beautiful, Middle-Aged, Stressed-Out World

Author: Rice, Stanley A.
Call No: QH366.2.R5236 2011


Mammals of North America

Author: Reid, Fiona
Call No: QL717.R45 2006


Peterson Field Guides : Reptiles and Amphibians : Eastern and Central North America

Author: Conant, Roger
Call No: QL651.C65 1998


Strange New Worlds: The Search For Alien Planets and Life Beyond Our Solar System

Author: Jayawardhana, Ray
Call No: QB820.J39 2011


The Human Genome: A User's Guide

Author: Richards, Julia E.
Call No: QH447.R53 2010


The Laws of Thermodynamics: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Atkings, P.W.,
Call No: QC311.A85 2010


The Net Effect: Romanticism, Capitalism, and the Internet

Author: Streeter, Thomas
Call No: QA76.9.C66S884 2011


The Scientific Revolution: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Principe, Lawrence
Call No: Q125.P75 2011


Viruses: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Crawford, Dorothy H.
Call No: QR364.C73 2000


Social Science & Education

Adventures in Eating: Anthroplogical Experiences of Dining From Around the World

Call No: GT2850.A48 2010


After Tobacco: What Would Happen If Americans Stopped Smoking?

Call No: HV5740.A37 2011


America in the Sixties

Call No: E841.G65 2010


American Immigration: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Gerber, David A.
Call No: JV6465.G47 2011


Amexica: War Along The Borderline

Author: Vulliamy, Ed
Call No: HV5840.M4V85 2010


Antisemitism: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Beller, Steven
Call No: DS145.B394 2007.


China: A Modern History

Author: Dillon, Michael
Call No: DS774.D56 2010


Clarence Darrow: Attorney for the Damned

Author: Farrell, John A.
Call No: KF373.D35F37 2011


Cyber War : The Next Threat to National Security and What to do About it

Author: Clarke, Richard A.
Call No: HV6773.2.C53 2010


Economics: The Basics

Author: Cleaver, tony
Call No: HB171.C655 2011


Egypt: A Short History

Author: Tignor, Robert L.
Call No: DT77.T54 2010


Eleanor Roosevelt: Transformative First Lady

Author: Beasley, Maurine Hoffman
Call No: E807.1.B43 2010


Everyone's A Winner: Life In Our Congratulatory Culture

Author: Best, Joel
Call No: HN90.S6B47 2011


Fame to Infamy: Race, Sport, and the Fall From Grace

Call No: GV583.F35 2010


Gandhi: The True Man Behind Modern India

Author: Adams, Jad
Call No: DS481.G3A49966 2011


Genetic Justice: DNA Data Banks, Criminal Investigations, and Civil Liberties

Author: Krimsky, Sheldon
Call No: HV8073.K668 2011


Genius: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Robinson, Andrew
Call No: BF412.R52 2011


Getting in the Game: Title IX and the Women's Sports Revolution

Author: Brake, Deborah L.
Call No: KF4166.B73 2010


Globalization: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Steger, Manfred B.
Call No: JZ1318.S74 2009


Helping Teens Stop Violence, Build Community and Stand For Justice

Author: Creighton, Allan
Call No: HV1431.C74 2011


How Wars End: Why We Always Fight the Last battle: A History of American Internvention From World War I to Afghanistan

Author: Rose, Gideon
Call No: E181.R677 2010


Humanism: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Law, Stephen
Call No: B821.L39 2011


India: A Portrain

Author: French, Patrick
Call No: DS480.84.F75 2011


Interpreting the Founding: Guide to the Enduring Debates Over the Origins and Foundations of the American Republic

Author: Gibson, Alan Ray
Call No: KF4541.G53 2009


Mothers On Trial: The Battle For Children and Custody

Author: Chesler, Phyllis
Call No: KF547.C465 2011


Never Enough: America's Limitless Welfare State

Author: Voegeli, William J.
Call No: HV91.V59 2010


Now You See it : How the Brain Science of Attention Will transfor the Way We Live, Work, and Learn

Author: Davidson, Cathy N.
Call No: BF321.D38 2011


One Nation Under AARP: The Fight Over Medicare, Social Security, and America's Future

Author: Lynch, Frederick r.
Call No: HQ1064.U5L94 2011


Someone Has To Fail: The Zero-Sum Game of Public Schooling

Author: Labaree, David F.
Call No: LA212.L33 2010


State vs. Defence: the Battle to Define America's Empire

Author: Glain, Stephen
Call No: UA23.G634 2011


The End: The Defiance and Destruction of Hitler;s Germany

Author: Kershaw, Ian
Call No: D757.K38 2011


The Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State

Call No: JC479.O94 2010


The Renaissance: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Brotton, Jerry
Call No: CB361.B73 2005


The Sibling Relationship: A Force For Growth and Conflict

Author: Edward, Joyce
Call No: BF723.S43E39 2011


The Statues That Walked : Unraveling the Mystery of Easter Island

Author: Hunt, Terry L.
Call No: F3169.H86 2011


The World For Ransom: Piracy is Terrorism, Terrorism is Piracy

Author: Burgess, D.R.
Call No: G535.B86 2010


When Abortion Was a Crime : Women, Medicine, and Law in the United States, 1867-1973

Author: Reagan, Leslie J.
Call No: HQ767.5.U5R378 1997


Winner-Take-All Politics: How Washington Made the Rich Richer-and Turned its Back on the Middle Class

Author: Hacker, Jacob S.
Call No: HN89.S6H33 2010


Your Digital Afterlife: When Facebook, Flickr and Twitter Are Your Estate, What's Your Legacy?

Call No: K564.C6C37 2011



Codes For Homeowners: Your Photo Guide to Electrical Codes, Plumbing Codes, Building Codes, Mechanical Codes

Author: Barker, Bruce A
Call No: TH4815.5.B365 2010


Fundamentals of HVAC/R

Author: Stanfield, Carter
Call No: TH7012.S695 2010


Mad Like Tesla: Underdog Inventors and the Relentless Pursuit of Clean Energy

Author: Hamilton, Tyler J.
Call No: TJ808.H36 2011


Meat: A Benign Extravagance

Call No: TS1955.F35 2010


Nuclear Power: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Irvine, Maxwell
Call No: TK9145.I78 2011


Practical Electrical Wiring: Residential, Farm, Commercial, and Industrial

Author: Richter, H.P.
Call No: TK3271.R48 2011


Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology

Call No: TP492.W6 2009


Residential Construction Academy: HVAC

Author: Silberstein, Eugene
Call No: TH7684.D9S53 2012


The Complete guide To Wiring

Call No: TK3284.C65 2011


Wiring Simplified: Based on the 2011 National Electrical Code

Author: Richter, H.P.
Call No: TK3271.R49 2011


New Media

Humanities and Communication

Hank Williams: Honky Tonk Blues

Call No: ML420.W55H36 2004


Kind of Blue

Author: Davis, Miles
Call No: M1630.D385K56 1997


My Favorite Things

Author: Coltrane, John
Call No: M1366.C64M9 1998


The Best of Charlie Parker

Author: Parker, Charlie
Call No: M1366.P374V47 2004


The Essential Bessie Smith

Author: Smith, Bessie
Call No: M1622.S65E87 1997


The Essential Louis Armstrong

Author: Armstrong, Louis
Call No: M1366.A76E87 2004


Leisure Materials

A Clash of Kings

Author: Martin, George R.R.
Call No: PS3563.A7239C58 2011ab


A Game of Thrones

Call No: PS3563.A7239G36 2011ab


Barton Fink

Call No: PN1997.B37 2007


Barton Fink

Call No: PN1997.B37 2007


Before Sunrise

Call No: PN1997.A12B445 1995a


Before Sunset

Call No: PN1995.9.M27B453 2004


Broken Blossoms

Call No: PN1997.B76 2005


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Call No: PN1997.2.E84 2004



Call No: PN1995.9.H6J646 2007


James and the Giant Peach

Call No: PN1997.2.J36 2010


L.A. Confidential

Call No: PN1997.L3 2008


Oliver & Company

Call No: PN1997.O45 2009


The Fox and the Hound; and The Fox and the Hound II.

Call No: PN1997.F69 2011


The General; Cops; Playhouse

Call No: PN1997.A1G46 1995


The Man Who Wasn't There

Call No: PN1997.M36 2002


True Grit

Call No: PN1997.2.T78 2011


Math/Physical Science

Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

Call No: QH545.P4R23 2007


What Darwin Never Knew

Call No: QH375.W43 2010


Social Science & Education

Becoming Human

Call No: GN281.B43 2010


Martin Luther King "I Have a Dream."

Call No: E185.97.K5A5 2005



Social Science & Education

Peterson's How To Get Money For College: Financing Your Future Beyond Federal Aid 2012

Call No: LB2337.2.C65 2012


Peterson's How To Get Money For College: Financing Your Future Beyond Federal Aid 2012

Call No: LB2337.2.C65 2012


Peterson's Scholarships, Grants & Prizes 2012

Call No: LB2337.2.P475 2012


Peterson's Two-Year Colleges 2012

Call No: L901.P448 2012


Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges

Call No: L901.W49 2011


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