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Bread, Beer, and the Seeds Of Change: Agriculture's Impact On World History

Author: Sinclair, Thomas R.
Call No: S419.S47 2010


IPM For Gardeners: A Guide To Integrated Pest Management

Author: Cloyd, Raymond A.
Call No: SB603.5.C58 2004


Johnny Appleseed: the Man, the Myth, the American Story

Author: Means, Howard B.
Call No: SB63.C46M43 2011


Allied Health

101 Careers in Public Health

Author: Seltzer, Beth
Call No: RA440.9.S45 2011


Angel of Death: The Story of Smallpox

Author: Williams, Gareth
Call No: RC183.W55 2010


Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book

Author: Love, Susan M.
Call No: RG491.L68 2010


Intellectual Disability: A Guide For Families and Professionals

Author: Harris, James C.
Call No: RJ506.M4H375 2010


Pink Ribbon Blues: How Beast Cancer Culture Undermines Women's Health

Author: Sulik, Gayle A.
Call No: RC280.B8S845 2011


Seductive Delusions: How Everyday People Catch STDs

Author: Grimes, Jill
Call No: RC200.G74 2008


Sexually Transmitte Diseases: A Physician Tells You What You Need to Know

Author: Marr, Lisa
Call No: RC200.2.M27 2007



American Wasteland

Author: Bloom, Jonathan
Call No: HD9005.B654 2010


Serving Country and Community: Who Benefits From National Service?

Author: Frumkin, Peter
Call No: HD4870.U6F78 2010


The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective, and Powerful Ways To Use Social Media To Drive Social Change

Author: Aaker, Jennifer Lynn
Call No: HF5415.1265.A25


The Googlization of Everything: (And Why We Should Worry)

Author: Vaidhyanathan, Siva
Call No: HD9696.8.U64G669 2011


Humanities and Communication

33 Revolutions Per Minute: A History of Protest Songs, From Billie Holiday to Green Day

Author: Lynskey, Dorian
Call No: ML3780.L97 2011


American Buddhism As A Way of Life

Call No: BQ732.A44 2010


Art & Physics: Parallel visions in space, time and light

Author: Shlain, Leonard
Call No: N72.S3S56 2007



Author: Eco, Umberto
Call No: PQ4865.C6B3813 2003


Breathing Lessons: A Novel

Author: Tyler, Anne
Call No: PS3570.Y45B74 2005


Cuttin' Up: How Early Jazz Got America's Ear

Author: Carney, Court.
Call No: ML3508.C37 2009


Doris Lessing: Interrogating the Times

Call No: PR6023.E833Z615 2010


How to Succeed At Aging Without Really Dying

Author: Ward, Lyla
Call No: PN6231.A43W37 2010


My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business: A Memoir

Author: Van Dyke, Dick
Call No: PN2287.V335A3 2011


OK: the Improbable Story of America's Greatest Word

Author: Metcalf, Allan A.
Call No: PE2831.M48 2011


Persons and Liberal Democracy

Author: Barrett, Edward
Call No: BX1378.5.B36 2010


Showtime: A History of the Broadway Musical Theater

Author: Stempel, Larry
Call No: ML1711.8.N3S73 2010


The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image

Author: Shlain, Leonard
Call No: P211.7.S57 1999x


The Best American Short Stories of the Century

Call No: PS648.S5B45 2000


The Cambridge Companion to Debussy

Call No: ML410.D28C26 2003


The Cambridge Companion to Stravinsky

Call No: ML410.S932C15 2003


The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. Volume 3

Author: Dante Alighieri
Call No: PQ4315.D87 2010 v.3


The God of Small Things

Author: Roy, Arundhati
Call No: PR9499.3.R59G53 2008 c.2


The Name Of the Rose

Author: Eco, Umberto
Call No: PQ4865.C6N613 1994


The Stone Diaries

Author: Shields, Carol
Call No: PR9199.3.S514S76 2008


Juvenile Collection

The Phantom Tollbooth

Author: Juster, Norton
Call No: PZ7.J98Ph 1989b


Math/Physical Science

101 Quantum Questions: What You Need to Know About the World You Can't See

Author: Ford, Kenneth William
Call No: QC174.13.F67 2011


Calculus For Dummies

Author: Ryan, Mark
Call No: QA303.2.R86 2003


Death in a Small Package: A Short History Of Anthrax

Author: Jones, Susan D.
Call No: QR201.A6J66 2010


Discovering Life, Manufacturing Life: How the Experimental Method Shaped Life Sciences

Call No: QH305.V5413 2010


Evolutionary History: Uniting History and Biology to Understand Life On Earth

Author: Russell, Edmund
Call No: QH366.2.R88 2011


Evolutionary Restraints: The Contentious History of Group Selection

Author: Borrello, Mark E.
Call No: QH376.B67 2010


Galileo: Watcher of the Skies

Author: Wootton, David
Call No: QB36.G2W66 2010


Geology of Illinois

Call No: QE105.G46 2010


Parasities: Tales of Humanity's Most Unwelcome Guests

Author: Drisdelle, Rosemary
Call No: QL757.D75 2010


Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why it's So Hard To Think Straight About Animals

Author: Herzog, Hal
Call No: QL85.H47 2010


Stem Cell Research : Medical Applications and Ethical Controversies

Author: Panno, Joseph
Call No: QH588.S83P36 2010b


Stem Cells For Dummies

Author: Goldstein, Lawrence S.B.
Call No: QH588.S83G65 2010


Super Species: The Creatures That Will Dominate The Planet

Author: Hamilton, Garry
Call No: QH353.H34 2010


The Instant Physicist

Author: Muller, R.
Call No: QC24.5.M848 2011


The Princeton Field Guide To Dinosaurs

Author: Paul, Gregory S.
Call No: QE861.4.P387 2010


The Science and Politics of global Climate Change: A Guide to the Debate

Author: Dessler, Andrew Emory
Call No: QC903.D47 2010


The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism

Author: Capra, Fritjof
Call No: QC6.C277 2010x


When Gadgets Betray Us: The Dark Side of Our Infatuation With New Technologies

Author: Vamosi, Rob
Call No: QA76.9.C66V36 2001 c.2


Social Science & Education

A History of the Philippines: From Indios Bravos to Filipinos

Author: Francia, Luis
Call No: DS655.F733 2010


American Privacy: The 400-Year History Of Our Most Contested Right

Author: Lane, Frederick S.
Call No: KF1262.L36 2009


Children of Incarcerated Parents: Theoretical, Developmental, and Clinical Issues

Author: Harris, Yvette R.
Call No: HV8886.U5C53 2010


Clarence Darrow: American Iconoclast

Author: Kersten< Andrew Edmund
Call No: KF213.D3K47 2011


Cleopatra: A Life

Author: Schiff, Stacy
Call No: DT92.7.S33 2010


Conversations With Myself

Author: Mandela, Nelson
Call No: DT1974.A3 2010


First Ladies: From Martha Washington to Michelle Obama

Author: Caroli, Betty Boyd
Call No: E176.2.C37 2010


Freedom Flyers: The Tuskegee Airmen of World War II

Author: Moye, J. todd
Call No: D790.252 332nd .M69 2010


Habeas Corpus in America: The Politics of Individual Rights

Author: Wert, Justin J.
Call No: KF9011.W47 2011


Humanity On A Tightrope: Thoughts On Impathy, Family, and Big Changes for A Viable

Author: Ehrlich, Paul R.
Call No: HN18.3.E47 2010


In! College Admissions and Beyond: The Experts' Proven Strategy For Success

Author: Luterman, Lillian
Call No: LB2351.2.L88 2010


Inherently Unequal: the Betrayal of Equal Rights by the Supreme Court, 1865-1903

Author: Goldstone, Lawrence
Call No: KF4757.G655 2011


Ireland: A History

Author: Bartlett, Thomas
Call No: DA910.B375 2010


Kennedy v. Nixon: The Presidential Election of 1960

Author: Kallina, Edmund F.
Call No: E837.7.K35 2010


Making Our Democracy Work: A Judge's View

Author: Breyer, Stephen G.
Call No: KF4575.B738 2010


New Rules For Today's Workplace

Author: Lindsell-Roberts, Sheryl
Call No: HM742.L56 2011


Onward Christian Soldiers?: The Religious Right in American Politics

Author: Wilcox, Clyde
Call No: BR526.W53 2011


Our Worlds in Our Words: Exploring Race, Class, Gender, and Sexul Orientation in Multicultural Clasrooms

Author: Dilg, Mary
Call No: LC1099.3.D545 2010


Plain, Honest Men: The Making of the American Constitution

Author: Beeman, Richard R.
Call No: KF4510.B44 2010


Presidential Leadership in Political Time: Reprise and reappraisal

Author: Skowronek, Stephen
Call No: JK516.S56 2011


Privacy in Context: Technology, Policy, and the Integrity of Social Life

Author: Nissenbaum, Helen Fay
Call No: JC596.2.U6N57 2010


Roe v. Wade: The Abortion Rights Controversy in American History

Author: Hull, N.E.H.
Call No: KF228.R59H85 2010


Sex, Time, and Power: How Women's Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution

Author: Shlain, Leonard
Call No: HQ23.S45 2003


Sudden Genius?: The Gradual Path to Creative Breakthroughs

Author: Robinson, Andrew
Call No: BF408.R628 2010


Terrorism and the Ethics of War

Author: Nathanson, Stephen
Call No: HV6431.N3815 2010


The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader: The

Call No: F215.C75 2010


The Dictionary of Fashion History

Author: Cumming, Valerie
Call No: GT730.C86 2010


The Disappearing Center: Engaged Citizens, Polarization, and American Democracy

Author: Abramowitz, Alan
Call No: JK2261.A328 2010


The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth: Popularity, Quirk Theory, and Why Outsiders Thrive After High School

Author: Robbins, Alexandra
Call No: HM753.R63 2011


The Little Book of Economics: How the Economy Works in the Real World

Author: Ip, Greg
Call No: HB171.I69 2010


The Monster Within: The Hidden Side of Motherhood

Author: Almond, Barbara
Call No: HQ759.A436 2010


The Myth of Laziness

Author: Levine, Melvin D.
Call No: LB1062.6.L49 2003


The Myth of Voter Fraud

Author: Minnite, Lorraine Carol
Call No: JK1994.M66 2010


The Third City: Chicago and American Urbanism

Author: Bennett, Larry
Call No: HT177.C5B44 2010


The Trouble With Unity: Latino Politics and the Creation of Identity

Author: Beltran, Cristina
Call No: E184.S75B45 2010


To Kill Another: Homicie and Natural Law

Author: McAleer, G.J.
Call No: K5171.M37 2010


What Should I Do?: Philosophers On the Good, the Bad, and the Puzzling

Call No: BJ1031.W42 2011


Why Conservatives Tell Stories and liberals Don't: Rhetoric, Faith, and Stories on the American Right

Author: Ricci, David M.
Call No: JC573.2.U6R52 2010


Will Rogers: A Political Life

Author: White, Richard D.
Call No: PN2287.R74W45 2011


Winning: Reflections On An American Obsession

Author: Duina, Francesco G.
Call No: HN90.M6D86 2011



Enduring Battle: American Soldiers in Three Wars, 1776-1945

Author: Hamner, Christopher H.
Call No: U22.3.H248 2011


Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo

Author: DeMonchaux, Nicholas
Call No: TL1550.D46 2011


Welder's Handbook: A Guide to Plasma Cutting, Oxyacetylene, ARC, MIG, and TIG Welding

Author: Finch, Richard
Call No: TS227.F5 2007



Author: Geary, Don
Call No: TS228.G425 2000


Welding For Dummies

Call No: TS227.F37 2010


New Media

Allied Health

Deep Depression & Suicide

Call No: RJ506.D4R4355 2008


Leisure Materials

Absence of Malice

Call No: PN1997.A33 1981


Classic Folk Music From Smithsonian Folkways

Call No: M1630.C53495x 2004


Classic Labor Songs: From Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Call No: M1629.C53 2006


Classic Labor Songs: From Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Call No: M1629.C53 2006


Math/Physical Science

Journey To Planet Earth. Future Conditional

Call No: GE140.J68 2009 v.7


Journey To Planet Earth. Hot Zones

Call No: GE2140.J68 2009 v.6


Journey To Planet Earth. Land Of Plenty, Land Of Want

Call No: GE140.J68 2009 v.3


Journey To Planet Earth. On the Brink

Call No: GE140.J68 2009 v.4


Journey to Planet Earth. Plan B: Mobilizing To Save Civilization

Call No: GE140.J68 2009 v.12


Journey To Planet Earth. Rivers Of Destiny

Call No: GE140.J68 2009 v.1


Journey to Planet Earth. Seas Of Grass

Call No: GE140.J68 2009 v.5


Journey To Planet Earth. State of the Planet

Call No: GE140.S73 2009 v.8


Journey To Planet Earth. The State of the Ocean's Animals.

Call No: GE140.J68 2009 v.10


Journey To Planet Earth. The State Of the Planet's Wildlife.

Call No: GE140.J68 2009 v.9


Journey To Planet Earth: The State of the Planet's Oceans

Call No: GE140.J68 2009 v.11


Journey To Planet Earth: Urban Explosion.

Call No: GE140.J68 2009 v.2


Social Science & Education

Beyond F.A.T. City: A Look Back, A Look Ahead

Call No: LC4704.H848x 2005


Golf: The Game That Defined A Century

Call No: GV965.G65 2004


How Difficult Can This Be?: Understanding Learning Disabilities: Frustration, Anxiety, Tension, the F.A.T. City Workshop

Call No: LC4704.H68 2004


Marxism : The Theory That Split A World

Call No: HX39.5.M383 200-?


The Other Side of Immigration

Call No: JV7401.o83 2010




Hoover's Handbook of Emerging Companies 2011

Call No: HF5030.H668 2011


Humanities and Communication

The Concise Dictionary of Art Terms

Author: Clarke, Michael
Call No: N33.C575 2010


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