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Successful Enquiry Answering Every Time

Author: Buckley, Owen
Call No: Z711.B83 2012


New Book Shelf

Allied Health

Bad Boys, Bad Men : Confronting Anitsocial Personality Disorder

Author: Black, Donald W.
Call No: RC555.B555 2013


Clean : Overcoming Addiction and Ending America's Greatest Tragedy

Author: Sheff, David
Call No: RC564.S497 2013


Evidence-Based Women's Oral Health

Call No: RK51.5.E95 2013


General and Oral Pathology for the Dental Hygienist

Author: DeLong, Leslie
Call No: RK307.D43 2013 C.2


Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy

Call No: RB113.P3636 2013


Proof of Heaven

Author: Alexander, Eben
Call No: RD592.9.A54A3 2012


Saving Normal

Author: Frances, Allen
Call No: RC469.F696 2013


The Autistic Brain

Author: Grandin, Temple
Call No: RC553.A88G725 2013


The Book of Woe

Author: Greenberg, Gary
Call No: RC455.2.C4G74 2013


The Citizen Patient

Author: Hadler, Nortin M.
Call No: RA395.A3H3315 2013


The Little Dental Drug Booklet

Call No: RK701.L56 2012


The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy

Call No: RC55.M4 2011



Austerity : The History of a Dangerous Idea

Author: Blyth, Mark
Call No: HJ8015.B59 2013


Firm Commitment

Author: Mayer, C.P.
Call No: HG4026.M382 2013


The Last Gun

Author: Diaz, Tom
Call No: HD9744.F553U628 2013


U.S. National Debate Topic 2012-2013 The Future of US Economic Relations

Call No: HF1456.5.M6F88 2013


Humanities and Communication

Dr. Seuss, The Cat Behind The Hat

Author: Geisel, Theodore Seuss
Call No: PS3513.E2Z7945 2012


Reservation Blues

Author: Alexie, Sherman
Call No: PS3551.L35774R74 1995b


The Lone Ranger adn Tonto Fistfight in Heaven

Call No: PS3551.L35774.L66 2005


Leisure Materials

Apocalypse Cow

Author: Logan, Michael
Call No: Paperback


Battle of the Fang

Author: Wraight, Chris
Call No: Paperback



Author: Cast, P.C.
Call No: Paperback


Call the Midwife

Author: Worth, Jennifer
Call No: Paperback



Author: Cast, P.C.
Call No: Paperback


Clockwork Fairy Tales

Call No: Paperback


Clockwork Prince

Author: Clare, Cassandra
Call No: Paperback


Daughter of Smoke & Bone

Author: Taylor, Laini
Call No: Paperback


Dragon Wing

Author: Weis, Margaret
Call No: Paperback


Elven Star

Author: Weis, Margaret
Call No: Paperback



Author: Kate, Lauren
Call No: Paperback


Fire Sea

Author: Weis, Margaret
Call No: Paperback


Gangster Squad : Covert Cops, The Mob, and The Battle for Los Angeles

Author: Liberman, Paul
Call No: Paperback


Gunslinger Girl : Omnibus Collection 3

Author: Aida, Yu
Call No: Paperback


Halo : Cryptum

Author: Bear, Greg
Call No: Paperback


Halo : First Strike

Author: Nylund, Eric
Call No: Paperback


Halo : The of Reach

Author: Nylund, Eric
Call No: Paperback


Home to Holly Springs

Author: Karon, Jan
Call No: Paperback


I Hunt Killers

Author: Lyga, Barry
Call No: Paperback


In The Company of Others

Author: Karon, Jan
Call No: Paperback



Author: Cast, P.C.
Call No: Paperback



Call No: Paperback


The Alchemyst : The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

Author: Scott, Michael
Call No: Paperback


The Band Perry

Author: Band, Perry
Call No: M1630.18.B36B36 2010


The Catcher In the Rye

Author: Salinger, J.D.
Call No: Paperback


The Host

Author: Meyer, Stephenie
Call No: Paperback


The Magician

Author: Scott, Michael
Call No: Paperback


The Murder Room

Author: Capuzzo, Mike
Call No: Paperback


The Newcomber

Author: Scott, Michael
Call No: Paperback


The Shambling Guide to New York City

Author: Lafferty, Mur
Call No: Paperback


The Sorceress

Author: Scott, Michael
Call No: Paperback


Thirteen Reasons Why

Author: Asher, Jay
Call No: Paperback



Author: Kate, Lauren
Call No: Paperback


Touist Season

Author: Hiaasen, Carl
Call No: Paperback


World War Z

Author: Brooks, Max
Call No: Paperback


Math/Physical Science

Complexity : A Guided Tour

Author: Mitchell, Melanie
Call No: Q175.32.C65M58 2011


Introducing Tectonics, Rock, Structures and Mountain Belts

Author: Park, R.G.
Call No: QE601.P346 2012


Nature's Blocks Blocks : An A-Z Guide to the Elements

Author: Emsley, John
Call No: QD466.E52 2011


Reactions : The Private Life of Atoms

Author: Atkins, P. W.
Call No: QD501.A86 2011 C. 2


Social Science & Education

A Perfect Moral Storm : The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change

Author: Gardiner, Stephen M.
Call No: GE42.G37 2011


Color Blind

Author: Dunkel, Tom
Call No: GV863.N92B57 2013


Finding History : Research Methods and REsources for Students and Scholars

Author: Bombaro, Christine
Call No: D16.B693 2012


Give and Take : A Revolutionary Approach to Success

Author: Grant, Adam M.
Call No: BF637.S8G6855 2013


Gun Guys : A Road Trip

Author: Baum, Dan
Call No: HV8059.B38


Guns, Grenades, and Grunts : First - Person Shooter Games

Author: Voorhees, Gerald
Call No: GV1469.34.V56G86 2012


Henry VIII and the English Reformation

Author: Rex, Richard
Call No: DA332.R48 2006


In the Kingdom of the Sick

Author: Edwards, Laurie
Call No: RA644.6.E38 2013


Shrink : A Cultural History of Psychoanalysis in America

Author: Samuel, Lawrence R.
Call No: BF173.S2793 2013


Speaking Treason Fluently : Anti-Racist REflections from an Angry White Make

Author: Wise, Tim
Call No: E184.A1W57 2008


The Forgotten President's

Author: Gerhardt, Michael J.
Call No: KF5051.G47 2013


The Founding Fathers Reconsidered

Author: Bernstein, Richard B.
Call No: E302.5.B47 2011


The Gifts of Imperfection

Author: Brown, Brene
Call No: BF575.S37B76 2010


The Last Indian War : The Nez Perce Story

Author: West, Elliott
Call No: E83.877


The Reactionary Mind

Author: Robin, Corey
Call No: JC573.R63 2013


The Real North Korea : Life and Politics in the Failed Stalinist Utopia

Author: Lan'kov, A. N.
Call No: DS935.774.L36 2013


The Slow Fix

Author: Honore, Carl
Call No: BF449.H65 2013


The Tea Party and the Remaking of Repulican Conservatism

Author: Skocpol, Theda
Call No: JK2391.T43S56 2013


White Like Me

Author: Wise, tim J.
Call No: E185.615.W565 2011



Make It A Green Peace : The Rise of Countercultural Environmentalism

Author: Zelko, Frank S.
Call No: TD169.Z45 2013


The Modern American Military

Call No: UA23.M5854 2013


The New American Militarism : How Americans are Seduced by War

Author: Bacevich, Andrew J.
Call No: UA23.B14 2005


The Power Surge : Energy, Opportunity, and the Battle for America's Future

Author: Levi, Michael A.
Call No: TJ807.9.U6L48 2013


New Media

Allied Health


Call No: RJ506.H9A335 2013


Frontline Sick Around America

Call No: RA418.3.U6S53 2009



Call No: RM332.N86 2011


Professional Boundaries in Health Care

Call No: R725.P76 2012


Raising Cubby

Author: Robison, John Elder
Call No: RC553.A88R6355 2013ab


Step-by-Step Instruction for Infants & Children

Call No: RC87.9.S74 2010


Humanities and Communication

10 Buildings That Changed America

Call No: NA705.A13 2013


In Search of Myths & Heroes

Call No: BL313.I57 2005


Mel Brooks : Make A Noise

Call No: PN2287.B76A44 2013


Leisure Materials


Author: Beyonce
Call No: M1630.18.B49A15 2011


All time Greatest Hits

Author: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Call No: M1630.18.L96A45 2000


Back to Black

Author: Whinehouse, Amy
Call No: M1741.18.W56B33 2006


Battle Studies

Author: Mayer, John
Call No: M1630.18


Call the Midwife Season 1

Call No: PN1992.77.C35 2012


Call the Midwife Season 2

Call No: PN1992.77.C35 2013


Cinema Paradiso

Call No: PN1997.A2C56 1989



Author: Mayer, John
Call No: M1630.18.M39C66 2008


Crazy Love

Author: Buble, Michael
Call No: M1630.18.B83C73 2009



Author: Pink Floyd
Call No: M1741.18.P565E34 2001



Author: Whinehouse, Amy
Call No: M1630.18.W5758F73 2003



Author: Antebellum, Lady
Call No: M1630.18.L33G65 2013


Greatest Hits

Author: John, Elton
Call No: M1630.18


Greatest Hits Cars

Author: Cars
Call No: M1630.18.C37C66 2002


Greatest Hits Styx

Author: Styx
Call No: M1630.18.S8G7 1995


Greatest Hits ZZ Top

Author: ZZ Top
Call No: M1630.18.Z98G74 1992


Importance of Being Ernest

Call No: PN1997.2I44 2011



Author: Brown, Dan
Call No: PS3552.R685434I54 2013d



Author: Whinehouse, Amy
Call No: M1741.18.W56L56 2011


Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Rings

Call No: PN1997.2.L673 2002


Love is a four Letter Word

Author: Mraz, Jason
Call No: M1630.18.M76L68 2012


Need You Now

Author: Lady Antebellum
Call No: M1630.18.L33N44 2010



Call No: PN1995.9.M86N497 2002


No Country For Old Men

Call No: PN1995.9.S87N6 2007


One of the Boys

Author: Perry, Katy
Call No: M1630.18.P47O54 2008


Own The Night

Author: Lady Antebellum
Call No: M1630.18.L33 O96 2011



Author: Bocelli, Andrea
Call No: M1630.18.B63P371 2013


Rise of the Guardians

Call No: PN1997.2.R57 2013


Shake Hands with the Devil

Call No: PN1997.2.S53 2011


Swing Kids

Call No: PN1997.S9665 2002


Teenage Dream

Author: Perry, Katy
Call No: M1630.18.P47T44 2010


The Essential Billy Joel

Author: Joel, Billy
Call No: M1630.18.J64E88 2001


The Essential Bruce Springsteen

Author: Springsteen, Bruce
Call No: M1630.18.S77E87 2003


The Essential Michael Jackson

Author: Jackson, Michael
Call No: M1630.18.J33E87 2005


The Music of Smash

Call No: M1527.8.M87 2012


The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Call No: M1500.H65M97 2013


The Planets

Call No: M1003.H75P6T4 1986


The Very Best of Jackson Browne

Author: Browne, Jackson
Call No: M1630.18.B76V47 2004


The Very Best of Nat King Cole

Author: Nat King Cole
Call No: M1630.18.C65 2006


The Way

Call No: PN1997.2.W39 2011


There Will Be Blood

Call No: PN1995.9.M45T4474


Viva La Vida

Author: Coldplay
Call No: M1630.18.C65V58 2008


Waiting For My Rocket to Come

Author: Mraz, Jason
Call No: M1630.18.M729 2002


Wrecking Ball

Author: Springsteen, Bruce
Call No: M1630.18.S67W74 2012



Author: Coldplay
Call No: M1630.C65X11 2005


Math/Physical Science

Cuba : The Accidental Eden

Call No: QH109.C9C833 2013


Sleepiness : When Your Brain Has a Mind of It's Own

Call No: QP425.S679 2012


Unlocking the Code : Genetics and Medicine

Call No: QH430.U55 2011


What Plants Talk About

Call No: QK45.2.N38 2013


Social Science & Education


Call No: DA660.C37 2006


Mind of a Rampage Killer

Call No: HV6515.M56 2013


The Distracted Mind

Call No: BF637.T5D57 2012


The Future

Author: Gore, Albert
Call No: HM831.G685 2013ab


The Man Who Saved The World

Call No: D848.S43 2012


Twentysomething: Why Do Young Adults Seem Stuck?

Author: Henig, Robin Marantz
Call No: HQ799.7.H46 2012ab



Allied Health

The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy

Call No: RC55.M4 2011


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