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Practical Cataloguing: AACR, RDA and MARC21

Author: Welsh, Anne
Call No: Z694.W425 2012



Juvenile Collection

The Last Olympian: Percy Jackson & the Olympians; Book 5

Author: Riordan, Rick
Call No: PZ 7.R4829La 2011


The Sea of Monsters: Percy Jackson & the Olympians Book 2

Author: Riordan, Rick
Call No: PZ7.R4829Se 2008


New Book Shelf


Fear Of Food: A History of Why We Worry About What We Eat

Author: Levenstein, Harvey A.
Call No: TX360.U6L47 2012


Mild Money: Cash, Cows, and the Death of the American Dairy Farm

Author: Kardashian, Kirk
Call No: SF232.A1K368 2012


Out of Nature: Why Drugs From Plants Matter to the Future of Humanity

Author: Rogers, Kara
Call No: RS160.R64 2012


The World According To Monsanto: Pollution, Corruption, and the Control of the World's Food Supply

Author: Robin, Marie-Monique
Call No: HD9482.U64M6613 2010


Allied Health

Breast Cancer Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information About the Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Call No: RC280.B8B6887 2012


Diabetes Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information About Type 1 and type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Gestational Diabetes, Monogenic Forms of Diabetes, and Insulin resistance, With Guidelines For Lifestyle Modifications and the Medical Management of Diabetes, Including Facts About Insulin, Insulin Delivery Devices, Oral Diabetes Medications, Self-Monitoring FOf Blood Glucose, Meal Planning, Physical Activity Recommendations, Foot Care, and Treatment Options For People With Kidney Failure

Call No: RC660.4.D5 21011


Immune System Disorders Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information About Disorders of the Immunee System, Including Immune System Function and Response, Diagnosis of Immune Disorders, Information About Inherited Immune Disease, Acquired Immune Disease, and Autoimmune Diseases

Call No: RC582.I4626 2005


Pediatric Dentistry

Call No: RK1.D368 2013 V.57:1


Prescribed: Writing, Filling, Using, and Abusing the Prescription in Modern America

Call No: RM139.P74 2012


The Hunger Fix: The Three-Stage Detox and Recovery Plan For Overeating and Food Addiction

Author: Peeke, Pamela
Call No: RC552.C65P44 2012



Digital Wars: Apple, Google, Microsoft and the Battle For the Internet

Author: Arthur, Charles
Call No: HD9696.8.U62A78 2012


Financial Planning For Your First Job

Author: Brandeburg, Matthew
Call No: HG179.B73 2012


First Principles: Five Keys To Restoring America's Prosperity

Author: Taylor, John B.
Call No: HG230.3.T395 2012


Is China Buying The World?

Author: Nolan, Peter
Call No: HG4538.N627 2012


Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power

Author: Coll, Steve
Call No: HD9569.E95C65 2012


The Age of Deficits: Presidents and Unvalanced Budcgets From Jimmy carter to George W. Bush

Author: Morgan, Iwan W.
Call No: HJ2051.M653 2009


The Federal Government and Urban Housing

Author: Hays, R. Allen
Call No: HD7293.H394 2012


The Great Railroad Revolution: the History of Trains in America

Author: Wolmar, Christian
Call No: HE2751.W73 2012


Humanities and Communication

News On the Internet: Information and Citizenship in the 21st Century

Author: Tewksbury, David
Call No: PN4784.C615T48 2012


Putting the Arts In the Picture: Reframing Education in the 21st Century

Call No: N87.P88 2004


Representative American Speeches 2011-2012

Call No: PS668.2.R47 2013


The God Problem: Expressing Faith and Being Reasonable

Author: Wuthnow, Robert
Call No: BT50.W88 2012


Writers of the Black Chicago Renaissance

Call No: PS285.C47W75 2011


Juvenile Collection

The Battle of the Labyrinth: Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Book 4

Author: Riordan, Rick
Call No: PZ7.R4829Bat 2009


The Lightning Thief:Percy Jackson & the Olympians Book 1

Author: Riordan, Rick
Call No: PZ7.R4829Li 2006


The Titan's Curse: Percy Jackson & the Olympians Book 3

Author: Riordan, Rick
Call No: PZ7.R4829Ti 2008


Leisure Materials

Business Law

Author: Emerson, Robert W.
Call No: KF889.85.E46 2009


City of fallen Angels

Author: Clare, Cassandra
Call No: Paperback


Clockwork Angel

Author: Clare, Cassandra
Call No: Paperback


Rule of Thumb: Ebert at the Movies

Author: Rendleman, Todd
Call No: PN1995.R43 2012


Math/Physical Science

Atmosphere, Clousd, and Climate

Author: Randall, David A.
Call No: QC981.R36 2012


Citizen Science: Public Participation in Environmental Research

Call No: GE70.C543 2012


Digitized : The Science of Computers and How It Shapes Our World

Author: Bentley, Peter
Call No: QA76.B3753


The Case of Galileo: A Closed Question?

Author: Fantoli, Annibale
Call No: QB36.G2F2613 2010


The Rise of Nuclear Fear

Author: Weart, Spencer R.
Call No: QC773.W44 2012


The Rocks Don't Lie: A Geologist Investigates Noah's Flood

Author: Montgomery, David R.
Call No: QE39.5.P3M66 2012


Why Cats Land On Their Feet: and 76 Other Physical Paradoxes and Puzzles

Author: Levi, Mark
Call No: Q173.L545 2012


Social Science & Education

A Concise History of U.S. Foreign Policy

Call No: E183.7.K36 2010


Afghanistan : A Cultural History

Author: Simpson, St John
Call No: DS357.5.S56 2012


Boilerplate: The Fine Print, Vanishing Rights, and the Rule of Law

Author: Radin, Margaret Jane
Call No: KF808.R25 2013


Brierly's Law of Nations: An Introduction To The Role of International Law in International Relations

Author: Brierly, J. L.
Call No: KZ3225.B75A36 2012


Bully: An Action Plan For Teachers and Parents To Combat the Bulllying Crisis

Call No: LB3013.32.B847 2012


Colombia: A Concise Contemporary History

Author: LaRosa, Michael
Call No: F2273.L37 2012


Con Game: Bernard Madoff and His Victims

Author: Lewis, Lionel S.
Call No: HV6692.M33L495 2012


Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies

Author: Chemerinsky, Erwin
Call No: KF4550.C427 2011


Death: Antiquity and Its Legacy

Author: Erasmo, Mario
Call No: GT3251.A2E73 2012


Entrepreneurship: An Evidence-Based Guide

Author: Baron, Robert A.
Call No: HB615.B366 2012


Equal: Women Reshape American Law

Author: Strebeigh, Fred
Call No: KF4758.S77 2009


From the Closet To The Altar: Courts, Backlash, and the Struggle For Same-Sex Marriage

Author: Klarman, Michael J.
Call No: KF539.K58 2013


Gay Rights At the Ballot Box

Author: Stone, Amy L.
Call No: HQ76.8.U5S76 2012


Gender, Heterosexaulity, and Youth Violence: The Struggle For Recognition

Author: Messerschmidt, James W.
Call No: HQ799.2.V56M474 2012


Generations X: Americans Born 1965 to 1976

Call No: HC110.C6G46 2012



Author: Utley, Robert Marshall
Call No: E99.A6G3276 2012


Hollywood's Copyright Wars: From Edisont to the Internet

Author: Decherney, Peter
Call No: KF3070.D43 2012


How They Got Away With It: White Collar Criminals and the Financial Meltdown

Call No: HV6768.H69 2013


International Politics: Enduring Concepts and Contemporary Issues

Call No: JZ1242.I574 2013


Kenya: A History Since Independence

Author: Hornsby, Charles
Call No: DT433.58.H67 2012


Korea: A Cartographic History

Author: Short, John R.
Call No: GA1251.S56 2012


Legal Traditions of the World: Sustainable Diversity in Law

Author: Glenn, H. Patrick
Call No: K559.G545 2010



Author: Von Mises, Ludwig
Call No: JC585.V66 2012


Nolo's Encyclopedia of Everyday Law: Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Legal Questions

Call No: KF387.N65 2011


Nolo's Plain-English Law Dictionary

Call No: KF156.N654 2009


Racial Profiling: Research, Racism, and Resistance

Author: Glover, Karen S.
Call No: HV7936.R3G56 2009


Royal Cities of the Ancient Maya

Author: Coe, Michael D.
Call No: F1435.3.A6C64 2012


So Rich, So Poor: Why It's So Hard To End Poverty in America

Author: Edelman, Peter B.
Call No: HC110.P6E34 2012


The Amistad Rebellion: An Atlantic Odyssey of Slavery and Freedom

Author: Rediker, Marcus
Call No: E447.R44 2012


The Educated Parent 2: Child Rearing In the 21st Century

Author: Sclafani, Joseph D.
Call No: HQ755.8.S362 2012


The Last Lion, Winston Spencer Churchill

Author: Manchester, William
Call No: DA66.9.C5M26 1983 v.2


The Maary Lincoln Enigma: Historians On America's Most Controversiall First Lady

Call No: E457.25.L55M37 2012


The People's Courts: Pursuing Judicial Independence in America

Author: Shugerman, Jed Handelsman
Call No: KF8776.S54 2012


The Second World War

Author: Beevor, Antony
Call No: D743.B385 2012


The Woman Who Dared to Vote

Call No: KF223.A58H85 2012


This Machine Kills Secrets: How WikiLeakerss, Cypherpunks, and Hacktivists Aim to free the World's Information

Author: Greenberg, Andy
Call No: HV6773.G74 2012


Winds of Change: Declaring War On Education

Author: Leiding, Darlene
Call No: LA217.2.L446 2012


Women and the Law Stories

Call No: KF478.A5W645 2011


Women's figures: An Illustrated Guide to the Economic Progress of Women in America

Author: Furchtgott-Roth, Diana
Call No: HQ1426.F885 2012



Electric Vehicles: Technology, Policy, and Commercial Development

Author: Serra, Joao Vitor Fernandes
Call No: TL220.S465 2011


Energy Myths and Realities: Bringing Science to the Energy Policy Debate

Author: Smil, Vaclav
Call No: TJ808.S639 2010


Robot Ethics: The Ethical and Social Implications of Robotics

Call No: TJ211.49.R62 2012


The Conundrum: How Scientific Innovation, Increased Efficiency, and Good Intentions Can Make Our Energy and Climate Problems Worse

Author: Owen, David
Call No: TD148.O94 2012


The Silent Epidemic: Coal and the Hidden Threat to Health

Author: Lockwood, Alan H.
Call No: TD195.C58L63 2012


Tomorrow's Energy: Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and the Prospects For A Cleaner Planet

Author: Hoffmann, Peter
Call No: TP359.H8H633 2012


Understanding the Nanotechnology Revolution

Author: Wolf, E. L.
Call No: T174.7.W65 2012


New Media


Small Farm Rising

Call No: S501.2.S63 2011


Allied Health

Viral Outbreak : The Science of Emerging Diseases

Call No: RA643.V57 2011



Food, Inc.

Call No: HD9005.F66 2009


Money, Power and Wall Street

Call No: HG181.M66 2012


The World According To Monsanto

Call No: HD9482.U64W67 2008


Humanities and Communication

The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo

Call No: ND259.K33L54 2010


Leisure Materials

American Experience Jesse Owens

Call No: GV697.O9J47 2012


Bleak House

Call No: PN1992.77.B54 2009


The Dark Knight Rises

Call No: PN1997.2.D37 2013


Math/Physical Science

Kalahari The Great Thirstland and The Flooded Desert

Call No: QH195.A323 2003


Space, Time and the Universe

Call No: QB981.S63 2012


Social Science & Education

Hell and Back Again

Call No: DS371.43.H37H4553 2011



Call No: DS371.4123.K67R47 2010


Stronewall Uprising

Call No: HQ76.8.U6A447 2011



Who Killed the Electric Car?

Call No: TL220.W46 2006



Social Science & Education

The World Almanac and Book Of Facts

Call No: AY67.N5W7 2013


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