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Conversion Tables

Author: Scott, Mona L.
Call No: Z696.U4S36 2006


New Book Shelf

Allied Health

Breakthrough!: How the 10 Greatest Discoveries in Medicine Saved Millions and Changed Our View of the World

Author: Queijo, Jon
Call No: R852.Q45 2010


Cancer Sourcebook For Women: Basic Consumer Health Information About Gynecologic Cancers and Other Cancers of Special Concern to Women Including cancers of the Breast, Cervix, Colon, Lung, Ovaries, Thyroid, and Uterus; Along With Facts About Benign Condit

Call No: RC280.G5C34 2010


Contemporary Concepts in the Diagnosis of Oral and Dental Disease

Call No: RK1.D368 2011 v.55:1


What is Mental Illness?

Author: McNally, richard J.
Call No: RC454.M326 2011



Banking on the Future: The Fall and Rise of Central Banking

Author: Davies, H
Call No: HG1811.D38 2010


Both Hands Tied: Welfare Reform and the Race to the Bottom in the Low-Wage Labor Market

Author: Collins, Jane Lou
Call No: HD8072.5.c656 2010


Real-Time marketing For Business Growth: How to Use Social Media, Measure Marketing, and Create a Culture of Execution

Author: Reece, Monique
Call No: HF5415.13.R367 2010


Humanities and Communication

A History of Islam In America: From the New World to the New World Order

Author: GhaneaBassiri, Kambiz
Call No: BP67.U6G43 2010


A Little Book of Languge

Call No: P112.C74 2010


Begin Again: A Biography of John Cage

Author: Silverman, Kenneth
Call No: ML410.C24S64 2010


Brave New Words: How Literature Will Save the Planet

Author: Ammons, Elizabeth
Call No: PS169.S57A44 2010


Greening Our Built World: Costs, Benefits, and Strategies

Author: Kats, Gregory
Call No: NA2542.36.K38 2010


Inseparable: Desire Between Women in Literature

Author: Donoghue, Emma
Call No: PR149.L47D67 2010


Little, Big

Author: Crowley, John
Call No: PS3553.R597L5 2002


Lost Lives, Lost Art: Jewish Collectors, Nazi Art Theft, and the Quest for Justice

Author: Muller, Melissa
Call No: N8795.3.E85M8513 2010


Mystery Cults of the Ancient World

Author: Bowden, Hugh
Call No: BL610.B69 2010


Representative American Speeches 2009

Call No: PS668.B3 2009-10


Singing Out: An Oral History of America's Fold Music revivals

Author: Dunaway, David King
Call No: ML3551.D83 2010


Starting Over: The Making of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Double Fantasy

Author: Sharp, Ken
Call No: ML420.L38S53 2010


The Anthology of Rap

Call No: ML3531.A57 2010


The Best Short Stories of Mark Twain

Author: Twain, Mark
Call No: PS1302.B47 2004


Theodor Seuss Geisel

Author: Pease, Donald E.
Call No: PS3513.E2Z794 2010


Understanding the Book of Mormon: A Reader's Guide

Author: Hardy, Grant
Call No: BX8627.H33 2010


Leisure Materials

New Moon

Author: Meyer, Stephenie
Call No: Paperback


Math/Physical Science

Ant Encounters: Interaction Networks and Colony Behavior

Author: Gordon, Deborah
Call No: QL568.F7G635 2010


Global Warming

Author: Black, Brian
Call No: QC903.B53 2010


Gravity's Fatal Attraction: Black Holes in the Universe

Author: Begelman, Mitchell C.
Call No: QB843.B55B44 2010


Inside the Juman Genome: A Case For Non-Intelligent Design

Author: Avise, John C.
Call No: QH325.A895 2010


The Ecology and Management of Prairies in the Central United States

Author: Helzer, Chris
Call No: QH104.5.M47H45 2010


Social Science & Education

"Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?" and Other Conversations About Race

Author: Tatum, Beverly Daniel
Call No: E185.625.T38 2003


Capital Punishment On Trial: Furman v. Georgia and the Death Penalty in Modern America

Author: Oshinsky, David M.
Call No: KF9227.C2O82 2010


Catherine of Aragon: The Spanish Queen of Henry VIII

Author: Tremlett, Giles.
Call No: DA333.A6T74 2010


Consuming Innocence: Popularr Culture and Our Children

Author: Brooks, Karen, Dr.
Call No: HM621.B766 2008


Effective Helping: Interviewing and Counseling Techniques

Author: Okum, Barbara F.
Call No: BF637.C6O54 2008


Griftopia: Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That is Breaking America

Author: Taibbi, Matt
Call No: JK2249.T35 2010


How the Economy Works: Confidence, Crashes and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Author: Farmer, Roger E.A.
Call No: HB95.F37 2010


Into the Viper's Nest: The First Pivotal Battle of the Afghan War

Author: Grey, Stephen
Call No: DS371.4123.M87G74 2010


Invitation to Law & Society: An Introduction to the Study of Real Law

Author: Calavita, Kitty
Call No: K370.C35 2010


It's the Little Things: Everyday Interactions That Anger, Annoy, and Divide the Races

Author: Williams, Lena
Call No: E185.615.W4825 2002 c.2


Karate-Do Nyumon: the Master Introductory Text

Author: Funakoshi, Gichin
Call No: GV476.F8414x 1994


Karate: The Complete Kata

Author: Kanazawa, Hirokazu
Call No: GV1114.3.K344 2009


Letters From America

Author: Tocqueville, Alexis de
Call No: E165.T535213 2010


Living Large: From SUVs to Double Ds, Why Going Bigger Isn't Going Better

Author: Wexler, Sarah Zoe
Call No: HC110.C6W45 2010


My Brain Mae me Do It: The Rise of Neuroscience and the Threat to Moral Responsibility

Author: Sternberg, Eliezer J.
Call No: BJ1451.S695 2010


Myths About Suicide

Author: Joiner, Thomas E.
Call No: HV6545.J648 2010


Neighborhood Rebels: Black Power at the Local Level

Call No: E185.615.N36


Newcomers, Outsiders, & Insiders: Immigrants and American Racial Politics in the Early Twenty-First Century

Call No: JV6477.N49 2010


Numbers Rule Your World: The DHidden Influence of Probability and Statistics on Everything You Do

Author: Fung, Kaiser
Call No: HA29.F845 2010


Our Army: Soldiers, Politics, and American Civil-Military Relations

Author: Dempsey, Jason K.
Call No: JK330.D46 2010


Out of Bopunds: When Scholarship Athletes Become Academic Scholars

Author: Mahiri, Jabari
Call No: GV351.M34 2010


Philosophical Perspectives on Gender in Sport and Physical Activity

Call No: GV709.P45 2010 c.2


Pinstripe Patronage: Political Favoritism From the Clubhouse to the White House and Beyond

Author: Tolchin, Martin
Call No: JK736.T648 2011


Political Economy, Capitalism, and Popular Culture

Author: Lipschutz, Ronnie D.
Call No: HM548.L56 2010


Queer Questions, Clear Answers: The Contemporary Debates on Sexual Orientation

Author: Serwatka, Thomas S.
Call No: HQ23.S457 2010


Red Familites v. Blue Families: Legal Polarization and the Creation of Culture

Author: Cahn, Naomi R.
Call No: KF505.C34 2010


Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think

Author: Ecklund, Elaine Howard
Call No: BL240.3.E25 2010


Seeking Justice In Child Sexual Abuse: Shifting Burdens and Sharing Responsibilities

Call No: HV6570.2.S44 2010


Stumbling on Wins: Two Economists Expose the Pitfalls on the Road to Victory in Professional Sports

Author: Berri, David J.
Call No: GV716.B466 2010


Sudan: Darfur and the Failure of an African State

Author: Cockett, Richard
Call No: DT159.6.D27C63 2010


Sudan: Darfur and the Failure of an African State

Author: Cockett, Richard
Call No: DT159.6.D27C63 2010


The Crusades: The Authoritative History of the War For the Holy Land

Author: Asbridge, Thomas S.
Call No: D157.A83 2010


The Essence of Karate

Author: Funakoshi, Gichin
Call No: GV1114.3.F86 2010


The Great Ocean Conveyor: Discovering the Trigger For Abrupt Climate Change

Author: Broecker, Wallace S.
Call No: GC190.2.B76 2010


The Hidden Brain: How Our Unconscious Minds Elect Presidents, Control Markets, Wage Wars, and Save Our Lives

Author: Vedantam, Shankar
Call No: BF315.V399 2010


The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen

Author: Appiah, Anthony
Call No: HM836.A67 2010


The Living Constitution

Author: Strauss, David A.
Call No: KF4550.S78 2010


The Presidency of George W. bush : A First Historical Assessment

Call No: E902.P695 2010


The Right To Be Out: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in America's Public Schools

Author: Biegel, Stuart
Call No: LC212.92.B52 2010


The Right To Be Out: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in America's Public Schools

Author: Biegel, Stuart
Call No: LC212.92.B52 2010


The Socialist Alternative: Real Human Development

Author: Lebowitz, Michael A.
Call No: HX73.L4167 2010


The Socialist Alternative: Real Human Development

Author: Lebowitz, Michael A.
Call No: HX73.L4167 2010


The Upside of Irrationality: The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic at Work and at Home

Author: Ariely, Dan
Call No: BC177.A77 2010


The Wind Doesn't Need a Passport: Stories From the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

Author: Hendricks, Tyche
Call No: HN79.A165H46 2010


The Wprld Almanac and Book of Facts 2011

Call No: AY67.N5W7 2011


Yes, We Did? : From King's Dream to Obama's Promise

Author: Fleming, Cynthia Griggs
Call No: E185.615.F56 2009



America's Army: Making the All-Volunteer Force

Author: Bailey, beth L.
Call No: UB323.B35 2009


Electric and Hybrid Cars: A History

Author: Anderson, Curtis D.
Call No: TL220.A53 2010


Space Flight: History, Technology, and Operations

Author: Erickson, Lance K.
Call No: TL788.5.E68 2010


The Myth and Mystery of UFOs

Author: Bullard, Thomas E.
Call No: TL789.B75 2010


New Media


Killing Us Softly 3

Call No: HF5822.K55 2002


Killing Us Softly 4

Call No: HF5822.K55 2010


Humanities and Communication

Grimms Grimmest: the Darker Side of Fairy Tales

Author: Heineman, Judith
Call No: PN685.H45G75 2010


The Anatomy of Hate: A Dialogue to Hope

Call No: PN1995.9.D6A538 2009


Social Science & Education

Spin the Bottle: Sex, Lies and Alcohol

Call No: HV5135.S66 2004


Ready Reference

Social Science & Education

The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2011

Call No: AY67.N5W7 2011




Hoover's Handbook of American Business 2011

Call No: HG4057.H66 2011


Illinois Services Directory

Call No: HC107.I3I62 2011


Humanities and Communication


Call No: PN44.M33 2011 v.1-12


Social Science & Education

2011 Higher Education Directory

Call No: L901.H46 2011:29th ed.


Atlas of the Wrold

Author: George Philip & Son
Call No: G1021.A7545 2010


Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court

Author: Savage, David G.
Call No: KF8742.W567 2010 v.1-2


The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2011

Call No: AY67.N5W7 2011



Illinois Manufacturers Directory 2011

Call No: T12.W5 2011


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