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Building Bridges: Connecting faculty, Students, and the College Library

Author: McAdoo, Monty L.
Call No: Z675.U5M358 2010


College Libraries and Student Culture: What We Now Know

Call No: Z675.U5C6458 2011


Teaching Information Literacy

Call No: ZA3075.B87 2010eb


Media Shelves

Leisure Materials

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Author: Rowling, J.K.
Call No: PZ7.R79835Har 1999


Tony Bennett Duets

Call No: ML420.B46T66 2006


War Horse

Call No: PN1997.2.W37 2012


New Book Shelf


Botany For Designers: A Practical Guide For Landscape Architects and Other Professionals

Author: Turner, Kimberly Duffy
Call No: SB472.45.T87 2011


Crop Ecology: Productivity and Management in Agricultural Systems

Author: Connor, D. J.
Call No: S589.7.L66 2011


Fields of Learning

Call No: S533.F49 2011


Genetically Modified Crops

Author: Halford, N. G.
Call No: SB123.57.h35 2012


Allied Health

AIDS at 30: A History

Author: Harden, Victoria Angela
Call No: RA643.8.H37 2012


Beyond Humanity?: The Ethics of Biomedical Enhancement

Author: Buchanan, Allen E.
Call No: RA418.5.M4B82 2011


Cancer Causes and Controversies: Understanding Risk Reduction and Prevention

Author: Kwabi-Addo, Bernard
Call No: RC263.K89 2011


Care at the Close of Life: Evidence and Experience

Call No: R726.8.c36 2010


Critical Care Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

Call No: RT120.I5C766 2012


Davis's Drug Guide For Nurses

Author: Deglin, Judith Hopfer
Call No: RM301.12.D44 2011


Fluids & Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy!

Call No: RC630.F596 2011


Integrative Women's Health

Call No: RA778.W773 2010


Living at the End of Life: A Hospice Nurse Addresses the Most Common Questions

Author: Bell, Karen Whitley
Call No: RT87.T45B45 2010


Long Shot: Vaccines for National Defense

Author: Hoyt, Kendall
Call No: RA638.H69 2012


Medical-Surgical Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! 3rd ed.

Call No: RT51.M436 2012


Mosby's Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests

Author: Pagana, Kathtleen Deska
Call No: RB38.2.P34 2010


No Good Deed: A Story of Medicine, Murder Accusations, and the Debate Over How We Die

Author: Cohen, Lewis M.
Call No: R726.8.C64 2011


Paintracking: Your Personal Guide to Living Well With Chronic Pain

Author: Barrett, Deborah
Call No: RB127.B36165 2012


Patient Safety: A Human Factors Approach

Author: Dekker, Sidney
Call No: R729.8.D45 2011


The Making of Nurse Professionals: A Transformational, Ethical Approach

Author: Crigger, Nancy
Call No: RT85.C75 2011



Gallery of Best Resumes for People Without a Four-Year Degree : A Special Collection of Quality Resumes by Professional Resume Writers

Author: Noble, David F.
Call No: HF5383.N622 2000


It Started In Wisconsin

Call No: HD6517.W6B94 2011


No More Job Interviews! Self-Employment Strategies for People With Disabilities

Author: Doyel, Alice Weiss
Call No: HD7255.6.D693 2000


Our Black Year: One Family's Quest to Buy Black in America's Racially Divided Economy

Author: Anderson, Maggie
Call No: HD2358.5.U6A53 2012


Regaining the Dream : How to Renew the Promise of Howmownership for America's Working Families

Author: Quercia, Roberto G.
Call No: HD7293.Z9Q47 2011


Run to Failure: BP and the Making of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Author: Lustgarten, Abrahm
Call No: HD9571.9.B73L87 2012


Soap, Sex, and Cigarettes: A Cultural History of American Advertising

Author: Sivulka, Juliann
Call No: HF5813.U6S55 2012


Targeting the Job You Want

Author: Wendleton, Kate
Call No: HF5382.7.W46 2000


The Future Of Water: A Startling Look Ahead

Author: Maxwell, Steve
Call No: HD1691.M38 2011


Wired and Dangerous: How Your Customer Have Changed and What To Do About It

Author: Bell, Chip R.
Call No: HF5415.5.B43835 2011


Humanities and Communication

A Journey Through American Literature

Author: Hayes, Kevin J.
Call No: PS121.H39 2012


Advice to WritersL A Compendium of Quotes, Anecdotes, and Writerly Wisdom From A Dazzling Array of Literary Lights

Call No: PN165.A385 2000


Ayn Rand Nation : The Hidden Struggle for America's Soul

Author: Weiss, Gary
Call No: PS3535.A547Z975 2012


Babel's Dawn : A Natural History of the Origins of Speech

Author: Bolles, Edmund Blair
Call No: P107.B65 2011


Concise Oxford English Dictionary

Call No: PE1628.C68 2011


The Muses Go To School: Inspiring Stories About the Importance of Arts in Education

Call No: NX280.M87 2012


The One : the Life and Music of James Brown

Author: Smith, R. J.
Call No: ML420.B818S65 2012


Thomas Hart Benton: A Life

Author: Wolff, Justin P.
Call No: ND237.B47W6502012


Virginia Woolf

Author: Harris, Alexandra
Call No: PR6045.072Z693 2011


Vonnegut and Hemingway : Writers at War

Author: Broer, Lawrence R.
Call No: PS3572.O5Z555 2011


When God Talks Back : Understanding the American Evangelical Relationship With God

Author: Luhrmann, T. M.
Call No: BX8785.L84 2012


Juvenile Collection

The Boat

Author: Felix, Monique
Call No: PZ7.F3358Bo 1993


The House

Author: Felix, Monique
Call No: PZ7.F3358Ho 1993


The Plane

Author: Felix, Monique
Call No: PZ7.F3358Pl 1993


Leisure Materials


Call No: PN1995


Key States, High Stakes: Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and the 2010 Elections

Call No: JK19689469


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: A Novel

Author: Moggach, Deborah
Call No: Paperback


The Woman In Black

Author: Hill, Susan
Call No: Paperback


Math/Physical Science

Astrobiology: A Brief Introduction

Author: Plaxco, Kevin W.
Call No: QH325.P57 2011



Author: Goldstein, Natalie
Call No: QH541.15.B56G65 2011


Bioethics in a Cultural Context: Philosophy, Religion, History, Politics

Author: Barry, Vincent E.
Call No: QH332.B37 2012


Botany For Gardeners

Author: Capon, Brian
Call No: QK50.C36 2010


Climate change Denial: Heads in the Sand

Author: Washington, Haydn
Call No: QC903.W37 2011


Fishes : Teh Animal Answer Guide

Author: Helfman, Gene S.
Call No: QL617.H35 2011


Kinesiology: the Skeletal System and Muscle Function

Author: Muscolino, Joseph E.
Call No: QP303.M87 2011


Science in 100 Key Discoveries

Author: Parsons, Paul
Call No: Q180.55.D57P37 2011


Slow Light: Invisibility, Teleportation and Other Mysteries of Light

Author: Perkowitz, S.
Call No: QC355.3.P47 2011


The Good News About the Bad News: Herpes, Everything You Need to Know

Author: Warren, Terri
Call No: QR201.H48W37 2009


Social Science & Education

1493 : Uncovering the New World Columbus

Author: Mann, Charles C.
Call No: D228.M36 2011


A Brief Hisory of Justice

Author: Johnston, David
Call No: B105.J87J65 2011


A Convenient Hatred: The History of Antisemitism

Author: Foldstein, Phyllis
Call No: DS145.G643 2012


Aging With Grace: What the Nun Study Teaches Us About Leading Longer, Healthier, and More Meaningful Lives

Author: Snowdon, David
Call No: HQ1064.U5S5936 2002


Alcohol: Its History, Pharmacology, and Treatment

Author: Rose, Mark Edmund
Call No: HV5015.R67 2011


American Sovereigns: the People and America's Constitutional Tradition Before the Civil War

Author: Fritz, Christian G.
Call No: KF4881.F75 2008


Brand Aid: Shopping Well To Save the World

Author: Richey, Lisa Ann
Call No: HC60.R482 2011


Childhood in World History

Author: Stearns, Peter N.
Call No: HQ767.87.S73 2011


Co-Curricular Activities : A Pathway to Careers

Call No: LB3605.C66 2001


Constitutional Originalism: A Debate

Author: Bennett, Robert W.
Call No: KF4550.B377 2011


Debating the Ethics of Immigration : Is There a Right to Exclude ?

Author: Wellman, Christopher
Call No: JV6038.W45 2011


Effectual Entreneurship

Call No: HB615.E453 2011


Empire of Shadows: The Epic Story of Yellowstone

Author: Black, George
Call No: F722.b53 2012


Escape From Camp 14: One Man's Remarkable Odyssey From North Korea to Freedom in the West

Author: Harden, Blaine
Call No: HV9815.6.H3702012


Failing Liberty 101: How We Are Leaving Young Americans Unprepared For Citizenship in a Free Society

Author: Damon, William
Call No: HM681.D34 2011


Federalism and the Making of America

Author: Robertson, David Brian
Call No: JK311.R64 2012


Flagrant Conduct : The Story of Lawrence v. Texas

Author: Carpenter, Dale
Call No: KF224.L39C37 2012


From Age-ing to Sage-ing: A Profound New Vision of Growing Older

Author: Schachter-Shalomi, Zalman
Call No: HQ1061.S3165 1997


Geo-Information: Technologies, Applications and the Environment

Call No: G70.212.L46 2011


Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage : The Titanic's First-Class Passengers and Their World

Author: Brewster, Hugh
Call No: G530.T6B73 2012


God's Own Party: The Making Of the Christian Right

Author: Williams, Daniel K.
Call No: BR1642.U5W535 2010


Good Jobs America : Making Work Better For Everyone

Author: Osterman, Paul
Call No: HD5724.O764 2011


In the Arms of Elders: A Parable of Wise Leadership and Community Building

Author: Thomas, William H., M.D.
Call No: HQ1061.T4727 2006


Living " Illegal " : The Human Face of Unauthorized Immigration

Call No: JV6475.L58 2011


Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money and Community in a Changing World

Author: Parish, Billy
Call No: HM831.P375 2012


Navigating the New Pedagogy: Six Principles that Transform Teaching

Author: Halstead, Jeff
Call No: LB1025.3.H355 2011


No Undocumented Child Left Behind : Plyler v. Doe and the Education of Undocumented

Author: Olivas, Michael A.
Call No: KF4217.I46O43 2012


Regulators Gone Wild : How the EPA is Ruining American Industry

Author: Trzupek, Rich
Call No: GE310.T79 2011


Scapegoat: A History of Blaming Other People

Author: Campbell, Charlie
Call No: BJ1535.F3C36 2011


Sex, Genes & Rock'n'Roll: How Evolution Has Shaped the Modern World

Call No: GN281.B764 2012


Smart Thinking: Three Essential Keys To Solve Problems, Innovate, and Get Things Done

Author: Markman, Arthur B.
Call No: BF441.M277 2012


Student Relevance Matters : Why Do I Have To Know This Stuff?

Author: Kolis, Mickey
Call No: LB1570.K626 2011


Suicide: The Philosophical Dimensions

Author: Cholbi, Michael
Call No: HV6545.C46 2011


Ten things I wish I'd Known --Before I Went Out Into the Real World

Author: Shriver, Maria
Call No: BJ1661.S47 2000


The American Public School Teacher: Past, Present, & Future

Call No: LB2832.2.A45 2011


The Arab Spring

Call No: JQ1850.A91A74 2012


The Introverted Leader: Building On Your Quiet Strength

Author: Kahnweiler, Jennifer B.
Call No: BF637.L4K27 2009


The Myth of Choice : Personal Responsibility in a World of Limits

Author: Greenfield, Kent
Call No: BF448.G744 2011


The Podium, The Pulpit, and The Republicans

Author: Stecker, Frederick
Call No: JA85.2.U6S74 2011


The Rockets' Red Glare : An Illustrated History of the War of 1812

Author: Hickey, Donald R.
Call No: E354.H525 2011


Too Big To Know: Rethinking Knowledge Now That The Facts Aren't the Facts, experts are Everywhere, and the Smartest Person in the Room is the Room

Author: Weinberger, David
Call No: HM851.W4297 2011


Wasted World : How our Consumption Challenges the Planet

Author: Hengeveld, Rob
Call No: GF75.H45 2012


White Man's Water : The Politics of Sobriety in a Native American Community

Author: Prussing, Erica
Call No: E99.C53P78 2011


Why Nations Fail: The origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty

Author: Acemoglu, Daron
Call No: HB74.P65A28 2012



Books : A Living History

Author: Lyons, Martyn
Call No: Z4.L95 2011


Drift : The Unmooring of American Military Power

Author: Maddow, Rachel
Call No: UA23.M17 2012


Energy For a Sustainable World: From the Oil Age to a Sun-Powered Future

Author: Armaroli, Nicola
Call No: TJ163.2.A763 2011


Harvest the Wind: America's Journey to Jobs, Energy Independence, and Climate Stability

Author: Warburg, Philip
Call No: TK1541.W36 2012


Nuclear Energy : What Everyone Needs to Know

Author: Ferguson, Charles D.
Call No: TK9145.F47 2011


Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys From the Girls in America

Author: Paoletti, Jo Barraclough
Call No: TT630.P36 2012


Reinforced Concrete ; Mechanics and Design

Author: Wight, James K.
Call No: TA683.2.M34 2012


Why Calories Count: From Science to Politics

Author: Nestle, Marion
Call No: TX551.N3977 2012


New Media

Humanities and Communication

'Night Mother

Call No: PN1997.N54 2010


3 Women

Call No: PN1997.T474 2004



Call No: PN1995.9.W3C667 2010


Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould

Call No: ML417.G68G465 2011


Mozart's Sister = Nannerl, La Soeur De Mozart

Call No: PN1997.2.M6793 2012



Call No: PN1995.9.S67S42 2003



Call No: PS3572.O5S5 2004


Stand and Deliver: Tthe Dale Carnegie Method to Public Speaking

Call No: PN4129.15.S73 2007


The Battleship Potemkin = Bronenosets Potemkin

Call No: PN1997.P68 2011


Leisure Materials


Call No: PN1995.9.B55C37684 2006



Call No: PN1997.C38 2006



Call No: PN1997.2.D68 2009


Greedy Bastards

Author: Ratigan, Dylan
Call No: HC106.84.R38 2012ab


In Cold Blood

Call No: PN1997.I52



Author: Shaw, Bernard
Call No: PR5363.P8 2002


The Complete Metropolis

Call No: PT2615.A62M42 2010


The Illusionist

Call No: PN1995.9.S87I4587566578 2006


V for Vendetta

Call No: PN1995.9.S87V467 2006


[Astro] Turf Wars

Call No: JK2391.T43A88 2010


Social Science & Education

Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives

Call No: HM741.C46 2009b


Pity the Billionaire: The Hard-Times Swindle and the Unlikely Comeback of the Right

Author: Frank, Thomas
Call No: E907.F72 2011b




The American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants

Call No: SB403.2.A45 2004


Social Science & Education

Economic Report of the President Transmitted to the Congress February 2012

Call No: HC106.5.A272 2012


Illinois Court Rules and Procedure, 2011

Call No: KFI1729.A196 2011


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