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Speech-Theatre Arts - SPE
Intro to Speech Communication
SPE 111

Focuses on the fundamental principles and methods of selection, analyzing, organizing, developing and communicating information, evidence, and points of view to audiences.

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Interpersonal Communication
SPE 200

Principles and practices of oral communication emphasizing message formation and delivery, listening, perception, awareness of verbal and non-verbal codes, and managing conflict.

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Intro/Group Discussion
SPE 213

Focuses on the principles and application of public and closed group discussions with emphases on purposes and common forms, critical analyses and participation.

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Persuasive Speaking
SPE 220

Studies audience attitudes, logical lines of reasoning, and emotional appeals used in causing an audience to accept different views or to adopt recommended courses of actions.

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Intro to Acting
SPE 244

Focuses on approaches to acting with emphasis on basic techniques and the development of character as it relates to the role.

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