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English - ENG
Foundations in Composition
ENG 005

This course enables students to upgrade writing skills through a concentration on grammar and sentence structure. Areas included are parts of speech, parts of sentence and punctuation. (Repeatable 3 Times)

Course Outline

Composition Skills
ENG 007

Prerequisite: Must assess into ENG 007 or take ENG 005 with a minimum grade of "C".
Students will review the basics of spelling, grammar, and the components of the short essay. Students will, by the end of the term, produce thoroughly revised essays that are free of all major grammar and readability errors. (Repeatable 3 Times)

Course Outline

Conversational Sign Language
ENG 112

This course prepares students for signing conversations and stories with a focus on building narrative skills, moving from an informal setting to a more formal presentation by incorporating American Sign Language structure and grammar and exposure to deaf culture.

Course Outline

Writing for Industry
ENG 050

Students will learn strategies for writing essays, instructions manuals, proposals, reports, career documents as well as deliver oral presentations to prepare them for a profession in industry. Students will practice research strategies by using library resources and the Internet.

Course Outline

Business English
ENG 095

Using critical thinking skills, students will study and reinforce the basics of the English language as they apply to business communications. Emphasis is placed on grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, and sentence structure.

Course Outline

Communications I
ENG 098

Students will learn the principles of communications by listening, speaking, and writing. Emphasis is placed on communication skills related to the demands of the student's career area.

Course Outline

Communications II
ENG 099

Prerequisite: See Catalog
Students will continue to enrich the listening, speaking, and writing skills introduced in Communications I. Emphasis is placed on research, report writing, and communication skills for the upwardly mobile career student.

Course Outline

Manual Comm-Deaf
ENG 110

Instruction in methods of communication with the deaf through signing.

Course Outline

Advanced Signing
ENG 111

Prerequisite: Take ENG-110
A continuation of Manual Communication for the Deaf. Advanced vocabulary and signing.

Course Outline

Composition I
ENG 120

Prerequisite: Must assess into ENG-120 or take ENG-007 with minimum grade of "C".
Students will study the writing process by reading essays that illustrate a variety of rhetorical strategies, analyzing writing tasks and texts, and writing, revising, and editing short essays.

Course Outline

Composition II
ENG 121

Prerequisite: Complete ENG-120 with a minimum grade of "C".
Students will learn how to find, use, assess and document research sources, producing an extended writing project based primarily on library research.

Course Outline

Creative Writing - Poetry
ENG 224

Prerequisite: Take ENG-120
Students will understand the structure and elements of poetry and the writing process, produce fully developed works of poetry and demonstrate an understanding of the critical terminology of the creative writer.

Course Outline

Creative Writing - Fiction
ENG 223

Prerequisite: Take ENG-120 and ENG-121 advised
Students will understand the structure and elements of fiction and the writing process, produce fully-developed works of fiction, and demonstrate an understanding of the critical terminology of the creative writer.

Course Outline

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