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Electronics Engineering Technology - EET
Residential Wiring I
EET 069

This course provides students with an understanding of residential wiring. Topics include safety, planning, and installation of residential wiring systems according to the National Electrical CodeĀ®. (Repeatable 3 Times)

Course Outline

Photovoltaic Technician
EET 070

This course is designed to provide a technical foundation for system design, systems implementation, electrical codes, and hardware installation. Maintaining and troubleshooting systems are performed. (Repeatable 3 Times)

Course Outline

Linear Electronics
EET 078

A study of linear electronic circuits. Combines theory of passive and active circuits into operational units. Topics include amplifiers frequency response, feedback, oscillators, high frequency, operational and instrumentation amplifiers, linear and switching regulators.

Prerequisites: EET 052

Course Outline

R.F. Communications
EET 080

The study of electronic communication components and systems. AM, FM Single Side Band, commercial broadcasting and digital transmitters and receivers as found in two-way radio are studied. Transmission lines, electromagnetic fields and antennas are included.

Prerequisites: EET 078

Course Outline

Microcontroller Applications
EET 081

Principles of micro controllers. Topics include: Flow charting, Input-output devices and interfacing, Signal conditioning, Programming, and basic process control using a micro controller. Class stresses using the micro controllers to control I/O devices.

Course Outline

Basic Electronics
EET 040

Develops an understanding of the basic DC electricity concepts such as voltage, current, resistance, power and energy. The course covers resistive circuits through series-parallel circuits. Laboratory work includes use of analog and digital meters and circuit construction.

Course Outline

Active Devices
EET 045

Fundamentals of basic solid state components through the most common and popular devices and their applications are presented.

Course Outline

Video Systems
EET 047

Comprehensive coverage of all types of video systems from the standpoint of theory, operation, troubleshooting, alignment, and applications.

Prerequisites: EET 044, EET 046

Course Outline

Robotics Fundamentals
EET 049

Introduces the concepts of robotics, automation, and guided vehicles by looking at various applications, types, classifications and operation. Operator and safety precautions are stressed.

Course Outline

Electric Circuits I
EET 050

Introduces the student to the sin wave and the relative parameters such as frequency, period, rms and ave values. Capacitance and inductance are introduced and their effect in sin wave circuits are studied. Lab work includes familiarization with the oscilloscope.

Prerequisites: EET 040

Course Outline

A+ Technician Preparation
EET 053

Preparation for the Computing Technology Industry Association A+ Operating Systems. This course is designed to cover the Operating System Component of the A+ Exam. Some of the topics discussed are Operating Systems, System Administration Tools, Network Management, and System Maintenance. (Repeatable 2 Times)

Course Outline

Cabling Install W/Fiber Optics
EET 055

This course is designed to provide entry level cabling installers with the background, knowledge, and basic skills necessary to complete cabling installations.

Course Outline

Computer Hardware
EET 060

This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of computer hardware and give students hands on experience in assembling, upgrading and troubleshooting basic computer systems and hardware.

Course Outline

Cabling/Fiber-Optics & Lan Sys
EET 062

When a student completes this course that student should have a good understanding of; various connectors and copper cable systems used in the industry, blue print symbols and tools associated with networks and cabling, basic network topologies, fiber-optics, wireless networks.

Course Outline

A+ Computer Essentials
EET 064

Preparation for the Computing Technology Industry Association A+ test. This course is designed to cover both the Core and DOS/Windows modules. Some of the topics discussed are installation, upgrading, troubleshooting, hardware, networks, and DOS, Windows 3.X, and Windows 95.

Course Outline

Network Pro
EET 066

This course covers material needed to pass the Computing Technology Industry Association Net+ and Electronics Technicians Association CNST exam. Topics include an in-depth look at data transmission and covers basic telephony, LAN, Satellites, modems, error control and data security.

Course Outline

Industrial Control I
EET 072

This course provides the student with an understanding of industrial electrical and electronic power systems. Topics covered include three phase circuits, motors wiring, ladder logic, transformers, and electronical motor controllers.

Prerequisites: EET 050, EET 052 or instructor consent

Course Outline

Supervised Occupational Experience
EET 074

Designed to provide the student with work experience in field while maintaining contact with the occupational instructor for review and assistance. (Repeatable 1 Time)

Course Outline

HMI-Human Machine Interface
EET 075

This course covers basic HMI operation and programming using Wonderware - InTouch software. Topics include: Designing HMI windows, interfacing to the PLC, basic animation, using and creating logic scripts, using DDE, setting alarms, charts and trending, and security.

Prerequisites: EET 073 or consent of instructor

Course Outline

R.F. Communication Licensing
EET 079

Preparation for NABER, NARTE, SBE and F.C. - General Radiotelephone License tests. Radio low, R.C.C. rules and regulations related to licensing and review of basic electronics and radio theory pertinent to tests.

Prerequisites: EET 046 or concurrent enrollment in EET 080

Course Outline

Electronic Projects
EET 085

Instructor approved and student selected electronic project providing experience in design, fabrication and testing of an electronic unit. The project should coincide with student's occupational goal and area of electronic work interest. (Communications, computers, industrial, etc.) (Repeatable 3 Times)

Prerequisites: EET 076, EET 078, EET 081

Course Outline

Prog Logic Controllers I
EET 086

This course covers basic PLC operation and programming using Rslogix500 software and Allen Bradley PLC's. Topics include: Basic ladder design, Input Output, Timers, Counters, Batch Processes, Shift registers, Word compare, and Math.

Prerequisites: EET 072 or consent of instructor

Course Outline

Prog Logic Controllers II
EET 087

This course covers advanced topics of the Micrologix 1000 PLC operation and programming using Rslogix500 software and Allen Bradley PLC's. Topics include Analog I/O, Math and Data handling instruction, program flow, message instructions, and communication protocols.

Prerequisites: EET 086 or consent of instructor

Course Outline

Supervised Occupational Exp
EET 094

Designed to provide the student with work experience in the field of major while maintaining contact with the instructor for review and assistance.

Course Outline

Electronic Design and Fabrication
EET 056

Designed to present through actual practice the elements of electronics drafting and fabrication.

Course Outline

Computer Systems Architecture
EET 057

This course is designed to provide a technical foundation for system design, systems implementation, hardware and software procurement, and computing resource management.

Prerequisites: EET 076

Course Outline

Advanced Computer Hardware
EET 061

This course is designed to teach advanced concepts and architectural design of computer hardware. Students will examine and analyze the major PC components, study the different standards and platforms available and experiment with custom PC and peripheral additions and modifications.(Repeatable 3 Times)

Prerequisites: EET 060

Course Outline

Industrial Computer Systems
EET 063

Fundamentals of programming for industry, with emphasis in problem-solving industrial applications. Writing and modifying programs with industrial applications are completed. Connectivity using micro-controllers and interface logic boards are also demonstrated. (Repeatable 3 Times)

Course Outline

Digital Circuits
EET 048

Applications of digital circuits and devices to consumer products.

Prerequisites: EET 076

Course Outline

Solid State Devices
EET 052

Study of basic solid state devices and associated circuits. Devices included will be general purpose diodes, zener diodes, bipolar junction transistors, field effect transistors. Integrated circuits will be introduced. Circuit applications will include rectifiers, transistors, switching circuits, and linear amplifiers.

Prerequisites: EET 050, TEC 052

Course Outline

Routing & Switching Fundamentals
EET 071

Provides the student with practical skills needed to configure and connect routers and switches. It also discusses trunking, access list, and WANS. Connectivity to other electronic controls systems.

Course Outline

Digital Logic
EET 076

The study of digital systems principles and techniques. Binary, Hexidecimal, BCD, logic theory, AND,OR, NOT, NAND, and NOR gates as well as combination gate, Flip Flops and hardware are covered.

Prerequisites: EET 040, EET 050

Course Outline

Computer Servicing Techniques
EET 067

This lab is dedicated to advanced configuration and trouble shooting and is designed to simulate problems in home or business computers. Student will be given a description of the problem from an operators viewpoint and will correct the problems encountered.

Prerequisites: EET 060

Course Outline

Home Technology Integration
EET 065

This course is designed for students interested in the field of home technology integration. Focuses on background knowledge and hands-on skills to prepare for the CompTIA DHTI+ Exam. (Repeatable 3 Times)

Course Outline

Photovoltaic Systems
EET 068

This course is designed to provide a technical foundation for design, installation, and evaluation of residential and commercial photovoltaic systems. Concepts of system advantages and disadvantages, site evaluation, system design and sizing are assessed. (Repeatable 3 Times)

Prerequisites: EET 040 EET 050

Course Outline

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