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Education - EDU
Paraprofessional Test Prep
EDU 025

This course is as a refresher/review course for paraprofessionals that have learned the subject matter earlier in their educational experience in order to prepare for the Paraprofessional Certification test mandated by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.

Course Outline

P-16 Operating in Windows
EDU 011

An introduction for educators to the Windows environment.

Course Outline

P-16 Browsing the Internet
EDU 012

An introduction to navigating the Internet that gives participants skills necessary browse the Internet, learn about Internet services, searches, online databases, email, and other networking skills with Internet.

Course Outline

P-16 Digital Cameras/Scanners
EDU 013

An introduction for educators to using digital cameras and scanners to capture images on disk that are ready to edit and use in documents and on web pages.

Course Outline

P-16 Word
EDU 016

An introduction for educators to the word processing software package Word that includes document preparation, storage, editing, and printing.

Course Outline

P-16 Powerpoint
EDU 017

An introduction to the graphic presentation software PowerPoint, covering creating, editing, and formatting slides, adding clip art and pictures, and creating various charts and graphs.

Course Outline

P-16 Excel
EDU 018

Introduction to the Excel spreadsheet for Windows, including spreadsheet basics, formulas, functions, charting, data management, and practical classroom applications.

Course Outline

P-16 Access
EDU 019

An introduction to Microsoft Access, a database management application designed to operate in the Windows environment with a focus on classroom organization and application.

Course Outline

P-16 Image Composing
EDU 020

An introduction for educators to image composing to create and modify images to be used in webpages and other documents.

Course Outline

P-16 Webboard
EDU 023

A pedagogically-aimed look at a password-protected, conferencing system where students and faculty can hold discussion about classrooms topics, post papers and assignments, and chat in an internet chat room.

Course Outline

P-16 Web CT
EDU 024

An introduction for educators to WebCT, an internet-based program that allows an instructor to deliver content online.

Course Outline

P-16 Web Page Design
EDU 027

An introductory web page design course, focusing on creating and maintaining web pages with HTML and HTML editors, working with web page graphics, creating hyperlinks, creating tables and frames, and developing and working with forms.

Course Outline

P-16 Streaming Media
EDU 028

An introduction for educators to converting audio and video to streaming media to be used on the Internet.

Course Outline

P-16 Exp to Online Learning
EDU 035

A pedagogically-aimed overview of enhanced and online education, focusing on what is practiced in the traditional classroom, learning about technology that enhances and reinforces those practices, and incorporating those practices into the traditional and online classroom.

Course Outline

Introduction to Education
EDU 100

An overview of the American education system. Social, historical and philosophical foundations give perspective to an examination of current issues, policies and trends in the field of education, including cultural diversity. A 30 hours practical lab is required for this course.

Course Outline

Teaching/Learning W/Technology
EDU 103

This course features practical ways to use various types of technology for the K-12 classroom teacher. This is a basic course in microcomputers, their operation, and utilization in K-12 classrooms.

Course Outline

Introduction/Special Education
EDU 190

This course is designed to introduce the student to the study of exceptional children, including a survey of the child's developmental traits and examination of appropriate intervention techniques. A 30 hour practical lab is required in this course.

Course Outline

Educational Psychology
EDU 200

The application of psychology principles to education. Special emphasis on understanding growth and development, the learning process, motivation, intelligence, evaluation, measurement, creativity and the impact of culture on learning styles.

Course Outline

Diversity in Schools and Societies
EDU 210

This course is a study of how schooling is shaped by and ought to respond to the social contexts in which it occurs, particularly in multicultural and global contexts.

Course Outline

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