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Early Childhood Education - ECE
The Creative Play Classroom
ECE 041

The emphasis in this course is on developing hands-on materials that enhance play in a creative learning environment. (Repeatable 3 Times)

Course Outline

Infant/Toddler Environment
ECE 051

This courses emphasizes the characteristics of high quality infant/toddler caregivers, curriculum, indoor/outdoor space and play equipment/toys vital for developmental learning. Course requirements include 20 hours of hands-on practicum in a community setting.

Course Outline

Heads Up! Reading
ECE 052

This course focuses on developmentally appropriate methods for enhancing literacy development in young children from birth through age five, analyzing and selecting literature for diverse groups, the teacher's role in promoting language and literacy, and applying these methods in early childhood settings.

Course Outline

Early Childhood Clinical
ECE 081

This course provides students experience in preparing and implementing developmentally appropriate activities. Students gain understanding of classroom management techniques and areas of focus when planning. The course includes 30 hours of practical experience in the on-site Child Care Lab.

Course Outline

Instructional Methods
ECE 083

This course enables students to do total program planning consistent with the developmental needs of children.

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Nanny/Family Relations
ECE 086

Focuses on specific responsibilities of the nanny as a profession, as well as interpersonal relationships and personal adjustment within the live-in family setting.

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Organization/Mgt of Preschools
ECE 087

This course focuses on state rules and regulations for operating a licensed child care facility. Room layout of an efficient facility, arrangement of outside playground areas, and the selection of furniture and equipment will also be discussed.

Course Outline

Creative Activities for Children
ECE 095

This course provides students an understanding of the value of and practical experience in preparing creative activities and experiences for children. The student is given many opportunities to explore, develop, and appreciate various types of creative media for preschool children.

Course Outline

Intro to Early Childhood Educ
ECE 100

This course focuses on an overview of early childhood care and education that includes basic values, professional disposition, program operation, historical influences, assessment, and structure. Includes 20 hours of practicum.

Course Outline

Health/Safety/Nutri/Yng Child
ECE 102

This course focuses on the health, safety, and nutritional needs of children in group settings as well as the personal health of the individual. Emphasis is placed on preventive health through education and the development of healthy habits.

Course Outline

Child Behavior Management
ECE 110

This course focuses on the use of positive redirective techniques in shaping behavior so children can learn self discipline and self control. Observation of discipline problems and analyzation of procedures are required of the student.

Course Outline

Field Experience Seminar
ECE 120

This course prepares the student for the Field Experience practicum (ECE125) and includes preparation of credentials for seeking employment.

Course Outline

Field Experience
ECE 125

Supervised practicum designed for Early Childhood and Child & Family Services and Paraprofessional Education majors to provide on-the-job experience. Practicum will include application of: program and classroom management skills, managing daily routines, curriculum development, agency policies and regulations, and enhancement of family involvement.

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